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S.C.S Chapter 46: Best Friends

“Ah, that girl’s thighs are so beautiful! It’s probably a good fit to wear netlike stockings!”

“Wow! This girl’s very hot, look at her beautiful dress, from this site, I can see half of her chest!”

“Huh? This restaurant is so crowded, it looks like they have delicious food. Should I come and eat here when I get the money?”

“Oh, what kind of fish does that fishmonger sell? It looks strange. It’s an elephant’s trunk?”

Walking in the streets of Loguetown, Ian looked around and saw another world completely different from the tranquil and peaceful Frost Moon Village. It can be said that Ian came to this world for so many years. For the first time in the street, he saw so many people, and unconsciously he was so excited.

He not only looked at the beautiful women in the street, but also at all kinds of strange things. Anyway, the Marines’ base could not run away from the town, so he did not rush to it. He just looked fresh and strange all the way.

But what he didn’t know was that he looked like a bumpkin who had never been in a city. When some fashionable men and women passed him, they couldn’t help looking at him strangely, and then silently covered their mouths and laughed when they left.

Ian naturally heard some, but he was too lazy to pay attention to it. These people who laughed at others were shallow people. Ian did not have the time to be angry with these people.

While walking, there were two people ahead, a fat man and a thin man. The fat man was wearing a small leather jacket, his whole body and belly were exposing. But the skinny man had a Mohican’s hair. There were all kinds of shiny pendants all over his body. Both of them were armed, each carrying a machete, and at first glance, he knew that they were not good people.

When they came face to face, both of them walked slantingly, making it easy for passers-by to see them and quickly sneak out, for fear of getting into trouble.

Of course, Ian saw the two men, but he didn’t pay much attention to them. The route he made was originally staggered with the two.

However, what he didn’t expect was that when the fat man and the thin man were about to go in the opposite direction of Ian’s, the fat guy suddenly took a step in the way of Ian and wanted to hit Ian with his shoulder very stiffly.

Ian had already felt something was wrong when the fat man was going to bump into him, Ian used some of his strength to ram the fat man with his shoulder.

The fat man looked at his stocky body. He knew that they were about to collide, but he didn’t try to avoid that, and with a bang, he was knocked down by Ian when he passed by.

“Ah! Don’t you look where do you walk, Kid!?” Without waiting for Ian to speak, the other thin man spoke first, with an exciting look on his face, and said to Ian, “Look at what you have done, you’ve hurt my friend! Oh, you have to pay for that!”

On the other hand, the skinny man was wondering how his friend performed so well, just now, that fall looked so real.

What doesn’t he know was that fat guy was really knocked over, it’s not acting…

Ian looked at the two guys silently. What was the matter with him? When he first came to Loguetown, he met with racketeers?

He wanted to ignore the two men and left directly, but when Ian just lifted his leg, the thin man suddenly grabbed Ian’s shoulder and screamed, “Come on, man! This fellow wants to escape when he just bumped into someone! “

With this shouting, the surrounding passers-by rushed away, revealing a large area of open space, the residents of Loguetown have become accustomed to it, knowing that this is trouble, in order not to be affected, avoiding them was the best solution.

The scream of the thin man was supposed to be incompetent, but the strange thing was that the people on the road gathered up from all the corners as if they were concerned about the fat guy, and all of them were carrying weapons, and Ian found himself surrounded in the middle by them.

“What’s going on?” Among those who just ran out, a big man with a mustache said, “How can you run away when you hit someone?”

“Is that how to compensate for those you damaged!?” Others also echoed.

Watching these people trying to deduce the situation of “the brave spectators,” but when their acting skills were not in place, Ian thought it was really funny. At last, he knew that he had not only met racketeers, but it was a whole gang committee.

In fact, when Ian came ashore, he felt vague as if someone was stalking him. At that time, he thought that the person who was following might be the sheriff in the town, and he didn’t care. After all, he was armed, and those sheriffs were afraid of the pirates’ disturbances on the shore, so it was normal to monitor them. But when these people appeared in front of him, Ian discovered that the person who was stalking him was not the town sheriff, but he was one of this gang!

What he didn’t know was that it was these guys who were a local gangster in Loguetown or some pirate regiment. Ian was just wondering why these people were stalking him? What were they thinking, Ian, doesn’t look like a rich man!!

Just when Ian was still wondering, he heard the thin man says, “If you hurt someone, you don’t just walk away. Where is there such a cheap thing? I think your sword is good, so give it to me to pay for my friend’s medical expenses!”

Ian was surprised that they wanted the long sword on his back.

‘Does it mean that my sword is worth a lot of money?’

What Ian doesn’t know was that these gangsters look down for people, but they have a great eye for things. The style of Ian’s long sword is totally different from the weapons commonly used by people in this world. It has a different kind of beauty. Moreover, it really belongs to good swords just in terms of the texture of its blade. If we want to make a comparison, this long sword is at the lowest level of the good sharp swords, but it’s considered price is a million Berries!

A teenager who looks seventeen or eighteen years old, carrying a weapon worth a million Berries, and who has never seen this world before, walked around in the street and was curious about everything. This group looked at Ian as an easy target!

Ian was not a fool. When he heard the other party’s idea of taking his sword, he suddenly understood it. He couldn’t help but sigh. A bustling city is like this. Although it is prosperous, there are also people of all kinds. Compared with the quiet life of Frost Moon Village, it is really annoying to encounter such an event.

So he lowered the brim of his hat and looked up at the group. His eyes were hidden in the shadow of his hat. He coldly said, “Come on, kids, get good!”

As soon as this is said, it made the group around Ian all stunned. In their thoughts, this bumpkin, who had never seen the world before, should be panicking at such a situation, right? There were so many people on the other side, and with a little acquaintance with each other, so they thought they won’t need their weapons in order to get what they want?

‘There is something wrong with this kid! Why is he so arrogant?’

At this time, the fat man who had just been knocked down by Ian’s shoulder opened his mouth and said: “Be careful, this boy strength is good! Oh, it hurts me!”

“Huh! How strong is he?” The thin man reacted disdainfully: “I don’t believe he can beat us all alone, twenty or thirty people!”

The man with the mustache also seemed impatient with acting, and spoke directly to Ian: “Boy, hand over your sword, that’s all! Or we’ll kill you!” (T.N: It’s easy if he gave them the sword and then take it off in the system! “Surprise them by its disappearing”! Problem solved ^^’)

‘if they can’t get it with racketeering, will they change it into a robbery?’ Ian can’t help feeling pity for their INTELLIGENCE. There are always people who think that their large number will undoubtedly have higher power…

These guys are simply gangsters, and their entanglement is a waste of time, so he was lazy to talk nonsense with them, so Ian directly pulled his sword and prepared to fight them!

However, at this time, a voice suddenly sounded from the rear, saying: “So many people bullying a kid, we really can’t stand it anymore! What do you think, Yosaku?”

Then another voice replied: “Of course, we can’t turn a blind eye to such evil things, do you say so, Johnny!”

Was there anyone who dares to meddle? The gangsters immediately turned their heads and looked over.

Ian also felt the same thing. Although these little guys were not a problem for him, but in this case, the passers-by were hiding far away, but there were people who dare to stand up for justice, and also these two names were familiar, which made Ian somewhat concerned.

Looking back, Ian saw two men standing behind, on the left, a man was wearing cool black sunglasses and had a black tattoo on his left cheek that reads “sea,” his right hand was crosswise, and his left hand clenching his fist on his chin.

The one on the right, however, was wearing a red headgear, carrying a cigarette, a green coat and yellow plaid shorts over his unshaven legs. Both of them had large swords on their waists, but one on his left and the other on his right.

Ian watched the two men in silence and said to himself. ‘Aren’t these Johnny and Yosaku who were the keenest friends.’

The two men still looked young and immature, but their strong manners are already in place, so that the group of gangsters was also frightened by them. Looking at them vigilantly, they said, “Who are you? I advise you that you should not meddle in our business, you better leave!”

“Who are we? Hum!” Johnny pushed his sunglasses, pulled out his large sword at his waist, and pointed to the group: “I’m Johnny!”

“I’m Yosaku!” Yosaku did the same thing as Johnny and said his name.

Then the two said together: “We are pirate hunters!”

“Pirate Hunters?” The gang looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing.

“Haha, Pirate Hunters? The ones we’re afraid of are Pirate Hunters!, but you guys?” The man with the mustache laughed and said, “Not to mention that we have never heard of you two!”

“Huh!!” Johnny was in a hurry and shouted at them, “Don’t underestimate us. Although we’ve just started out, but we are very powerful!”

“It seems that we have to teach them a lesson!” Yosaku said to Johnny.

“Alright!” Johnny nodded: “Exactly, catching this gang will make both of us famous!”

After that, Johnny told Ian, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you solve this problem, but you’d better hide in case you’re scared and don’t want to be splashed with blood!”

Ian was silent, got off the way. Then Johnny and Yosaku rushed towards the group opposite with their swords, and they kept screaming all the way.

After this screaming, Johnny and Yosaku were quickly… settled by the group opposite!

Beaten black and blue, with no resistance whatsoever to the group.