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S.C.S Chapter 47: Who caught them?

Johnny and Yosaku were lying on the ground, their faces swollen like pigs’ heads, their hands and feet were twitching.

The reason is that they both rushed to help, just after some swings they were kicked down. It seemed that the gangsters feel that their opponent was too weak, so they were too lazy to use their weapons to kill them, so that group gathered around them directly and started kicking them while they were on the ground!

Ian watched this scene and felt terrible, he couldn’t help but cover his face and didn’t want to see it again.

His original thought was that Johnny and Yosaku dared to stand up to help someone even if it wasn’t their business. Then they should be kinda powerful, so Ian just got off their way. He should have known that they were so weak and should not have let them go at first, and should have solved it by himself.

The action of Ian covering his face was misunderstood by this gang. They thought that he was too frightened to see Johnny and Yosaku’s tragedy, so they laughed more arrogantly and loudly.

At that moment, Johnny, who was shaking up and trying to get up, said to Ian, “Oh… Damn it! We nearly won… Take advantage of this time and run quickly!”

Ian was stunned, ‘what do you mean?’ The two guys, Johnny and Yosaku, were not just pretending that it’s alright, but even they were trying to help Ian escape?

Otherwise, why would they tell him to run this time?

“Haha, you want to escape?” The man with the mustache burst out laughing, and his group surrounded Ian again: “Do you think you can escape easily? Hand over your weapon!”

Ian looked at them askew and asked, “You said just now that the thing you feared the most was a pirate hunter? Are you pirates?”

“Yeah, that’s right, we are pirates!” The thin man said proudly.

“Oh, that’s it!” “Ian understood now, and suddenly said, “I thought you are just gangsters! In that case, you’re supposed to be part of some big pirate regiment, no wonder you don’t take pirate hunters seriously.”

“That’s right! We’re…” The thin man wanted to keep talking, but Ian shook his head and interrupted him.

“Unfortunately, I have no time to listen to your bullshit!” Ian pointed at them with Samuro’s long sword: “Because whether you were afraid of pirate hunters, from today on, you must be afraid!”

“What… what do you mean?” The thin guy was stunned.

“It’s very simple, I am also a pirate hunter!”

When Ian finished talking, he directly struck the thin man’s shoulder with the back of his sword. Then everyone heard a terrible squeaking noise. Immediately, the bone on the thin man’s shoulder was crushed by Ian’s attack, and the thin man fell to his knees with a loud scream.

For these unruly pirates, Ian was too lazy to cut them with his blade. This place was full of people, which would make it bloody and ugly, so he used the back of his sword.

“Go! Kill him!” The horror of the thin man, did not scare these pirates, but inspired their fierceness. Twenty or thirty pirates came to Ian with their weapons.

Ian raised his sword and blocked the swing of a pirate’s axe in front of him. He lifted his leg and kicked him on his chest. With great force, the pirate was shot out like a cannon shell and crashed into the shop in front of him.

Too weak! These guys have no power except for these large number of people. They were not even as good as the pirates of Buggy.

Even if they attacked him, it would have no effect on Ian’s speed and reaction. The long sword in his hand waved and drew an arc. It was a precise knock at every pirate’s wrist. It knocked down the weapons in their hands. Then, when they were distracted, with the back of his sword, Ian again struck their shoulders. 

The noise of the fractured bones kept sounding continuous. The nearest circle of people from Ian were beaten like the thin guy. One by one fell on his knees and screamed loudly.

A one person may not be screaming that loud, but seven or eight people cried together, which was a little exaggerated. The remaining pirates were finally frightened and stared at Ian with weapons, wondering if they should continue to pounce on him.

They were stunned, but Ian didn’t stop. He rushed into the crowd and zigzagged around. Everyone he saw was knocked down with a hit of the back of his sword, breaking their shoulders and making them kneel on the ground.

In just over ten seconds, the group of twenty or thirty pirates was all kneeling down.

He didn’t even use his skills. It wasn’t worth it to these guys.

Although the people around the road have been hiding far away, they were actually watching secretly. When they saw that Ian had beat so many wicked men in a short time, they couldn’t help being shocked. They thought that the boy with the weird hat was so unlucky. How could they know that suddenly the boy had won against these guys?

‘This young man is really strong!’

Ian watched all of them lose their resistance. Then he put the sword back and went to Johnny and Yosaku. He bowed his head and asked them, “Are you all right?”

“Yeah… We’re alright!” Johnny and Yosaku stared at Ian for a while before they reacted and got up from the ground in a hurry.

Looking at the screaming pirates lying on the ground, Ian had some headaches and didn’t know how to deal with them. So he thought about it and asked Johnny and Yosaku, “Do you have a rope?”

“Ah! Yes!” Johnny and Yosaku were stunned and quickly answered, “Yes, Oni-san!” (Big Brother with respect)

After seeing the battle Ian had just fought, the two guys finally realized that Ian didn’t need them to 

Meddle at all. The strength of this group was many times higher than that of these two guys. So when they opened their mouths, they Called Ian Big Brother directly.

Ian also knows the virtues of these two men. As long as he is better than them, they will call him “Big Brother”. So there was no accident while they tied up the pirates with ropes.

Johnny and Yosaku immediately took action and did not take long to complete Ian’s instructions.

“Let’s go to the marine base!” Ian said to them.

Then, a magical scene appeared in the streets of Loguetown. Twenty or thirty pirates were tied to their waists by a rope, while Ian was walking ahead alone, holding the rope and dragging them. Each of them had their right shoulder bones broken, whining as they walked.

If an uninformed person saw it, they would think it was human trafficking!

The pirate riots there were just reported to the marines. Just as Ian was walking with this group of pirates, the marine soldiers also came. After seeing this scene, they were shocked and pointed their gun at Ian.

Johnny and Yosaku raised their hands in horror. Only Ian said calmly, “I’m a pirate hunter. I come to the base to receive a bounty. These people are pirates, so you’d better not point your gun at me!”

A marine soldier, Mashikaku, was the leader of the team. He heard the words and looked at the group of people pulled by Ian in the rear. As a matter of fact, they really didn’t look like good men. He waved his hand and asked the marine soldiers to put down their guns.

“Young man, these pirates you caught look like third-rate pirates!” The Chief Petty Officer said to Ian, “Although their number is large, their reward is not necessarily high, or maybe they have none!”

“It doesn’t matter!” Ian shook his head. “These guys were just in my way. They wanted to rob me. I’m not here to receive their bounty!”

“Oh?” Mashikaku was surprised and asked, “Whose bounty do you come for? Do you have any supporting documents?”

“Yeah! Sure!” Ian took out the arrest certificate issued by Morgan and handed it to him. “I caught the Buggy Pirates!”

When Mashikaku heard this, he was very surprised. He quickly took the document and looked at it. After a while, he looked up at Ian with disbelief expression. “This document is not fake! So you’re Ian, the pirate Hunter mentioned by the 153rd branch? 

“Well, it’s me!” Ian nodded and asked, “I just came to Loguetown to get the reward!”

Johnny and Yosaku stood behind Ian, heard the whole conversation, and their eyes shone. They knew what kind of pirate group Buggy’s was. He is the Star Clown, Buggy, who has a bounty of seven million Berries.

They just saw the scene of Ian beating that gang, and they knew Ian was very strong, but they didn’t expect Ian to be so strong that he can even catch a pirate worth a seven million Berries bounty!

This time, Johnny and Yosaku were more determined to call Ian Big Brother!

When he heard that Ian was coming to collect the reward, the Chief Petty Officer was somewhat embarrassed. He said, “It is true that bounties with millions of Berries are collected from Loguetown, but unfortunately, you may need to wait for a little longer!”

“What do you mean?” Ian raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we won’t give you the reward!” Mashikaku waved hurriedly and said, “Because the person in charge of our base has been transferred! It’s also related to the Buggy pirates you caught. They were bold enough to attack the 153rd branch. So the Marine Headquarters felt that it was necessary to send a strong person to the East Blue. The order has been given, and Captain Smoker is already on his way. He’s crossing the Calm Belt, so he’ll be here in two days.

‘Captain Smoker?’ Ian was stunned. No way! Smoker was transferred to Loguetown to be in charge, and it was related to him catching Buggy.

He understood Mashikaku’s meaning. The large expenditure of the base needs the signature of the new person in charge to approve it. Fortunately, it’s only two days. 

But Ian had no money now, so he pulled the rope in his hand and asked Mashikaku: “Can these pirates get me some money? If their bounty is small, you don’t need his sign for approval, do you?”

“I don’t know about that. You can come with me to the base to check it out!” Mashikaku said.

So, Ian took the string of pirates and followed Mashikaku to the base.

“You’re amazing! Big brother Ian!” Johnny came up excitedly and said: “I didn’t expect that you caught Buggy with the bounty of 7 million Berries!”

“If only we could catch pirates with such high rewards in the future!” Yosaku looked forward to it. “So we don’t have to fish to maintain our lives!”

Despite the fact that these two men had acted justly in spite of their own safety, Ian acquiesced in their following. But… ‘What the Heck, How miserable are you guys? What! Fishing to sustain life? Aren’t you pirate hunters?’

Ian didn’t want to say a word, he just kept silence, and then he heard the man with the mustache behind him weakly saying. “What is the greatness of catching a seven million pirate? You’d better let us go! We’re Krieg Pirates, If you dare to hand us over to the marines, the Don Krieg will never let you go!” (E.N: Oh shoot, a big bounty is about to come)