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S.C.S Chapter 48: Ships Problem

“Well? Who did you say will come for you?” the man with the mustache had severe shoulder pain, he talked a little leaky, and Ian didn’t hear him clearly.

Johnny and Yosaku heard him, and they suddenly exclaimed, “You… What did you say? K… Krieg Pirates!?”

“Yes!” the man with the mustache and several other pirates laughed fiercely and said, “We have already said that although we are pirates, we are not afraid of any pirate hunter! We are the biggest hegemony in the East Blue, the Krieg Pirates! In the East Blue, no pirate Hunter dares to interfere with us!”

The voice had not yet fallen. Suddenly, a foot came out and kicked him directly in the face.

Puff! The man’s face was slammed, and teeth sprayed out with blood and nerves dangling on each tooth…

What kicked him in the face was naturally Ian’s foot. While everyone was looking, Ian calmly retracted his foot, and said: “Shush! Didn’t you say that? Let’s get out of here and shut up!”

“You… Are you crazy?” Another pirate screamed, “You dare to do that after we told you that we’re Krieg Pirates!?”

Ian didn’t get angry again, he walked to the pirate’s side and poked his head, “So what if you’re one of Krieg’s Pirates? I told you all, I am a pirate hunter! How dare you say in front of my face that no one dares to interfere with you? What the f*ck! Are you kicking me?”

After that, Ian directly kicked him against the others and kept them moving forward while maintaining their silence.

The soldiers in front of them turned back and watched Ian kicking the pirates. When they saw this scene, they finally recognized that he was really a seventeen years old boy who caught a bunch of pirates.

Many marine soldiers shrank their necks in awe of Ian’s fierce temper…

Finally, Johnny and Yosaku dragged Ian. Johnny took out some wanted posters and showed them over to Ian. He said, “Brother Ian, listen to me. The Krieg Pirates are not comparable to the Buggy Pirates. Their leader, Admiral Don Krieg, is a strong pirate with more than ten million bounty. He’s really a famous and vicious pirate on the East Blue! It’s really troublesome to get involved with him!”

Ian took the poster and found that Krieg’s reward was the same as he remembers, 17 million Berries. (T.N: LOL! did he remembers all the bounties in the world XD?)(E.N: nope, only the famous and big bosses that Luffy faced)

In fact, Ian was going to the sea three years earlier than Luffy. Even Buggy’s bounty was only 7 million. He didn’t expect that Krieg had the same reward!

What Ian didn’t know was that the main thing about the bounties was the government’s attitude towards the pirate. Krieg, who stole a Marine ship and, under the guise of a Marine flag, he approached towns without suspicion In order to let people relax their vigilance, and then he takes the opportunity to attack many villages and ships. For this, the government and the marines were so outraged by this group. Constantly smearing the marines, so they belonged to the enormously threatening Pirates.

This can explain why Krieg’s bounty surpassed ten million. But Buggy who was keen on looting treasures and doesn’t provoke the Marines easily, and most of the time, he kept the low-key affair, but Krieg was notorious. The two didn’t have the same terms of reputation.

He also gained some advantages of this notoriety. The Krieg Pirates was the recognized hegemony in the East Blue, and many pirates have chosen to join him. With Johnny and Yosaku’s explanation, Ian finally figured out why they were so afraid of him. It is said that the Krieg Pirates had developed very well now. He has more than 30 ships and 3,000 pirates.

Even some small marine branch couldn’t emulate to such a force…

Ian turned to Mashikaku and said. “Is it normal that the Marines sits and watches the Krieg Pirates expand?”

Mashikaku spread out his hands helplessly and said. ”What can we do? The marines’ elites are concentrated in various branches in the Grand Line. That goes not only in the East Blue, even the South Blue, the North Blue, and the West Blue. The marine forces of the four major oceans are weak, and we have no intention to do anything. After hearing that captain Smoker is coming, it will be better…”

Ian shook his head when he heard this. Even the marines were afraid of Krieg. But Ian knew very well that Krieg isn’t that strong, he’s incomparable to Buggy. At least, Buggy has a devil fruit, but Krieg was just an ordinary man, and he isn’t even as stratagem as Captain Kuro. It can only be said that this fellow is just cunning. His so-called strength is nothing more than an illusion. Perhaps it is because of his inner weakness that this fellow always likes to arm himself with some external equipment.

So two years later, when Krieg wanted to challenge himself and go to the Grand Line, he tragically encountered Dracule Mihawk, who defeated his whole fleet by himself, and returned miserably after only seven days on the Grand Line.

For this so-called Krieg Pirates, Ian was not very concerned about them. He can roughly feel his own strength. He knows that he is much better than Zoro when he goes out to sea. If Krieg really dares to give Ian troubles, then It’s time to kill him.

As for his so-called thousands of subordinates, he could see what kind of pirates they were. Their means were blocking roads, racketeering to rob things. Could this be called pirates?

So Ian didn’t take the threat of the pirates seriously at all and took them all to the marine base.

Mashikaku, with his men, asked for the names of the pirates one by one in order to find out if they were wanted.

The result almost made Ian want to kick them all again. He had a hunch that these guys were not pirates at all. The result of interrogation confirmed this. Almost none of them was wanted by the marine, that is to say, there was a little reward…

Except for the man with the mustache, who used to be a mountain bandit, he was badly wounded when he was robbing someone. Then he ran to the sea and joined the Krieg Pirates. He was the only one who had a bounty, but he was not wanted by the Marines, the family of the victim offered a reward on him, and it was only 50,000 Berries…

If it weren’t for the bounty of that man, the pirates would have suffered another harsh beating from Ian.

Buggy’s seven million bounty won’t be received until Smoker arrives in two days. So the fifty thousand reward for the man with the mustache was the only money Ian has made at present. Fortunately, the Marines paid him directly.

With these 50,000 Berries, Ian shouldn’t have a problem staying these two days in Loguetown, which made Ian feel better, so he said to Johnny and Yosaku: “Come on, I will invite you to dinner!”

“OH! Sugoiii!” Johnny and Yosaku immediately raised their hands and cheered.

Despite their weakness, they were still righteous, and Ian found that even though they had just started out, but they were like snakes, knowing many things. So Ian wanted to take the opportunity and ask them about something while eating.

They had arrived at a lively restaurant, they had seen on the street. Before the waiter came and took their order, Johnny and Yosaku were slapping the tables and shouting, “Beer! Three large beers!”

It seems that those who go out to sea are basically good drinkers. Ian didn’t mind, either. When the beer was served, he bumped his cup into Johnny and Yosaku’s glass and said, “Cheers!”

After drinking a large glass of beer, while waiting for the waiter to refill the cups, Ian asked the two young men. “Do you know if there is a shipyard in Loguetown that sell large ships?”

“Why, Brother Ian, do you want to buy a ship?” Johnny asked curiously.

“Well! To be precise, I want a medium-sized ship. I’m going to the Grand Line!” Ian replied.

On his way to Loguetown, he had already thought about it. He was thinking that he really had to go to the Grand Line. There were hardly any Devil Fruit in the East Blue. Even Buggy’s Fruit was from the Grand Line.

So in order to find a Devil Fruit, he must go to the Grand Line.

Kuina has been lying in bed for so many years, presumably, even if he wakes up, It won’t be easy for her. As her brother, she might accept or refuse his help. Even though, he thought he’d better get Kuina one of the strongest Logia Fruit.

Although the devil fruit is related to the exercise of users, the Logia-type Devil Fruits are still recognized to be stronger. As long as the user of this type of fruit doesn’t fight one of their counters, the Logia fruit users are usually untouchable, or unless they encounter someone with Haki. The Logia-type Devil Fruits is destined to have a higher starting point than that of the Zoan and Paramecia.

In order to find Devil fruits, he must go to the Grand Line, but to there, Ian’s current boat can’t resist the tide, so Ian felt it necessary to change to a bigger ship.

Nevertheless, a ship too big can’t be operated by one person, so Ian carefully considered that a medium-sized ship is the most suitable one. 

Johnny took a big sip of his beer, wiped the corners of his mouth and said, “With all respect, Big brother Ian, even if you get the seven million reward, it’s still very difficult to buy a ship!”

“No!” Ian asked. “How expensive is a medium-sized ship?”

“It’s not a question of the price!” Yosaku shook his head and said, “It’s about booking it. A ready-made ship can’t be bought at the shipyard at all. It can only be booked. But after booking, a ship will be ready after five or six Months short and a year long. Can you wait, Big Brother Ian?”

“That long!” Ian was shocked.

“Of course, it’s not that easy to make a ship!” Johnny said, “Wood needs to be dried, then it needs to be painted, and then re-dried. There are many processes before and after. I’d like to say that if you buy a new boat with it, you’d better ask if someone in Loguetown will sell their old boat, which is not only cheap but also you won’t wait for a thing!”


“Is that so?”

“I guess we have no choice, let’s go and steal a pirate ship!”

Ian and the 2 brothers went straight to the port in search of a pirate ship.

While looking for a ship, they saw a medium pirate ship with a cross shape bone with a skull in front of it and 2-hour glass on each side.

Ian remembered that the pirate flag belongs to Krieg’s pirates!

“That must be the ship of those pirates we captured earlier, Yosaku and Johnny! we are taking that ship, let’s go and take care of any pirates still onboard.”

Yosaku and Johnny both respond with “Hai!”

Ian and the 2 brothers went and sneaked in the ship, looking for any pirates that remained.

Ian saw a few pirates lounging around waiting for their companions to comeback but unbeknownst to them, their life has just ended.

Ian slowed his breathing and went to full focus.

He used his skill and flash past all the pirates, instantaneously slashing them all falling to the ground collapsed.

“Oy! Yosaku, Johnny! go and dumb them all of the ship, we’re leaving!”

“So awesome! Big brother! Let’s go, Yosaku!”

“Hai! Johnny”

The 2 brothers dump the bodies off the ship, and the 3 of them went and started to sail.

“Let’s head to, the grand line!”





A few hours later, the sea starts to form massive waves, dark clouds had begun to form, and lightning strikes with thunder ringing in their ears.

Ian and the 2 brothers grew tense as they grew closer to the grand line.

“Pull in the sails! Secure all loose items of the ship! Don’t let the ship sink! we are almost there in the grand line!”

“Hai!” said the 2 brothers.

As the weather worsens and the sea rages on, visibility worsens for the worse.

Their sights grew dim with a great challenge to see what’s ahead.

The crew struggled with the storm, trying to find the path to the grand line for a few hours.

Surviving the crisis is their utmost priority.

(End of music)

The rain gradually lessens, and the sea slowly went into a calm, their view grew clearer and in their sight a beautiful island so out of this world can be seen.

“No way, is there really such an island in this world?”

“Am I dreaming brother Yosaku? That can’t be possible even to exist!”

“I think we’re not dreaming johnny, that looks so unreal but seems like a dream come true!”

“””It’s a candied island!”””

Ian and the 2 brothers went straight towards the island, as they grew closer, they can see that the sea had turned into lemonade.

The 2 brothers went to fetch a clean bucket and scoop a bucket full of water.

They both took a sip, and it truly is made of lemonade.

“Amazing brother! it tastes so good!”

“Big brother Ian! Try this seawater! It’s made of lemonade!”

Ian tried the lemonade and amazed from the tasty sweetness of this sea.

They went and docked at the island to explore the great sweetness of the island itself.

They found flowers made of candy, sand made of sugar, trees made chocolate, and sweet candy fruits.

They found a waterfall made of creamy white chocolate, grass made of licorice!

It was like heaven for them.

A few days past and they kept eating in a sugar frenzy.

Forever trapped in the candied island in sugar addiction from the goodness of the candies.

Slowly they turned into candies themselves and became a true candyman in just 3 days of irresistible eating.

The island is known as the cursed candied island, A single bite of candy will make you crave for more, for eternity!