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S.C.S Chapter 49: Dine and dash

As the three men spoke, the restaurant owner served the principal food. (E.N: The principal foods of an animal population are those which it eats in greatest quantities)

The reason why this restaurant is so popular was that it operates like a big stall in the impression of Ian. All the food is famous for its large quantity. This time, the principal food was no exception. It was a large piece of barbecued meat, and they had no idea what kind of animal it was. It presents a nice pink color with all kinds of spices. It feels fragrant as soon as it comes up.

There was not only a barbecue on the plate, but also rice, which seems to be watered with the gravy of barbecue, wrapped in a green vegetable leaf, increasing people’s appetite at first sight.

When Ian saw the vegetable leaves, he remembered that his Den Den Mushi hadn’t been fed in the past two days, so he quickly took off his hat.

Inside the hat, the little guy was hanging steadily upside down on the top of the hat. It was sticking to his body. His big eyes were huddled inside his shell. Ian pulled him and found that he was still stuck from stickiness. No wonder, even if Ian has often fought with people in this period, this little fellow had no problem with falling off or rolling and slamming all over inside the hat.

So Ian had to tap on the shell gently. When he heard the noise, his big eyes came out of the shell and looked at Ian with a happy look.

Huh! Animals in this world give people a sense of refinement, so spiritual.

Den Den Mushis are lazy creatures. They not only rarely move, but also seldom have the idea of foraging themselves, so they like to be raised by people. In that case, they can have a stable source of food, and their food intake is not large. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if they don’t feed them for a few days.

Unfortunately, this Den Den Mushi is a kind of creature, not an industrialized product. Their quantity was not that much in the world, so it is impossible to popularize it like a mobile phone. With this Den Den Mushi, Ian can talk to Master Koshiro in Frost Moon Village and Zoro at any time.

Of course, If he couldn’t make the call that does not mean that he was unable to write letters. That’s what the cruise ships parked at the port of Loguetown do. Letters and documents can be sent by cruise.

After pulling off the leaves from the plate and putting them in his hat to feed the Den Den Mushi, Ian ate his own meal. After so many days on the boat, he basically only ate cold food. Now he could finally eat a hot meal. Ian felt that it was delicious, like never before.

Johnny and Yosaku, both of them, were also busy chewing. All three of them kept eating all kinds of food. Then they cried out. In a short time, they had piled up a bunch of plates in front of them.

When he finally got full and looked up, Ian was shocked after seeing the pile of dishes: ‘how did we eat that much!?’

He only has 50,000 Berries in his pocket now. If that wasn’t enough to pay for the meal, then this will be terrible! It’s a shame that a pirate hunter should wash dishes and pay off his debts in the restaurant.

“Are you pigs?” He couldn’t help knocking Johnny and Yosaku hard on the head. These two guys, their stomachs almost became round, while still eating! Their posture was like they have eaten all the food for a lifetime!

“Brother Ian, didn’t you say that we are your guests?” Johnny covered his head and kept chewing his food. He hesitated and said, “You aren’t taking back your words, aren’t you?”

“Sh*t!” Ian lowered his voice and said, “I only have 50,000 Berries. What if we had eaten too much and didn’t have enough money?”

“Then we run!” Yosaku whispered, “Anyway, it’s not the first time we’ve to dine and dash!”

“…” Ian found that what he said was reasonable, and for a while, he didn’t know how to answer that.

Just then, the three suddenly heard a loud noise coming from behind.

This restaurant with food stalls has been busy and noisy before, so Ian didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but it was unexpected that the noise was much louder than usual. So the three couldn’t help turning around and looking over.

That thing happened on the other side of the dining table. A group of people was there, looking like all the customers in the restaurant, no less than twenty people. They gathered in a semicircle, and they were pointing and arguing about something with each other.

 “What’s the matter? Why did the man suddenly collapsed?’

“Yes, he was eating just now!”

“Wouldn’t he be dead? His face is buried on the food, and he is still motionless! “

“Look, he still has food in his hand, which means he died suddenly from eating!”

“Hey Chef!, there might be a problem with your stuff, it’s food poisoning!?”

A group of customers guessed the reason, and then gradually pointed at the restaurant owner. The restaurant owner didn’t dare to take this spot! So he waved his hand in a hurry and said, “Impossible, so many people have eaten the same food, why did no one else got poisoned?”

Hearing this conversation of the customers, Johnny said, “Brother Ian, it seems that someone died suddenly!”

Yosaku said while closing his arms. “I think it’s probably a heart attack, and suddenly it happened when he was eating!”

Johnny was reluctant and said, “You haven’t seen that person. How can you be so sure?”

As they spoke and argued, they did not notice the expression on Ian’s face.

How to say it, the expression on Ian’s face was very strange, there were some doubts, as if he had noticed something and couldn’t believe it. In short, his face was extremely weird.

This scene feels so familiar!

So Ian got up quickly and walked towards the dining table surrounded by the customers. He squeezed in the crowd, walked inside and saw a man sitting on a chair with his back to him. He was holding a knife and fork high on the table, and the food was still poked on them, but his whole head was hanging down, and his face was plunged inside the plate.

The suspected victim wore a pair of black shorts with an iron chain, but he had no clothes on his upper body. He wore an orange Jean hat on his head, a tattoo on his left arm and four letters of “ASCE”, the letter “S” was crossed out!

At the sight of the tattoo, Ian realized that it was really him!

Just now, he heard the customers saying that someone was eating, and then dropped dead, Ian had a bad feeling. When he sees that person, Ian‘s thoughts were in place…

He had the impression that the person who could dress up like this, is without a second thought Ace!

The reason why Ian was so surprised was that although Ian promised to help Garp in catching his grandson Ace, he never thought that he would meet Ace so soon!

As he said before, what are the chances of meeting a specific person in such a vast world?

Now Ian’s experience can tell everyone the result: Very, very big!!!

It was so big that he doesn’t know how to spit it out!

Vice admiral, Garp, did he have a prophecy? Just after he entrusted the task, he met with Ace. He was sure that he will meet Ace, wasn’t he?

In particular, Ian was speechless. He was just talking about the topic of “Dine and dash” with Johnny and Yosaku. Then he turned to meet Ace, the lord of “Dine and dash!

What the heck! This world is so wonderful that ordinary people can’t understand it at all.

Just as Ian was in a mess, Ace, who was buried on the dinner plate over there, suddenly raised his head abruptly.

This made the surrounding circle of customers who thought he was dead, so shocked that their chins fell down to the ground!

Little did he know how much disturbance he had just caused. With a “Puha!”, Ace gasped for a long time and began to chew the food in his mouth again. People around him said with a lingering palpitation, “It’s dangerous! He Fell asleep accidentally and almost died of suffocation!”

As soon as this was said, the customers and the owner of the restaurant surrounding him suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground.

He fell asleep!

Though often some odd people come to Loguetown, but this was the first time that people have ever seen such kind.

After chewing for a while and eating the food on the plate, Ace overlapped the plate onto the already tall stack of dishes, which he ate. The food of that one person was catching up with Ian’s group. 

“Ah, I’m full! I’m really full!” Ace patted his belly, turned around and revealed his freckled face. Ian was the two sad and smiling circular badges on his cowboy hat. Two long orange side straps hung downsides of his hat and met at a large medallion of a bull’s skull with orange tassels.

Seeing a group of people surrounded him, Ace was somewhat surprised and asked, “What happened?”

The crowd could no longer hold back, and screamed at him fiercely, “What do you mean!!??”

Everyone was worried about him, and then it turned out that the man was just sleeping, and he dared to ask what happened!?

Ace didn’t care, or he didn’t even understand why these people were screaming at him. He just stood up, put his shoulder bag on his back, bowed to the restaurant owner and said politely: “The meal was delicious. Thank you for your hospitality!”

The restaurant owner was stunned by his sudden courtesy, and subconsciously responded. “My pleasure! I’m pleased to hear that you are satisfied!”

“Good-bye then!” Ace bowed again.

“Okay, take care, and visit us again!” The restaurant owner answered subconsciously.

When Ace walked out of the store, the restaurant owner felt as if he had forgotten something. Finally, the waiter cautiously reminded him: “Boss, the man has not paid yet…”

The owner of the restaurant finally regained his consciousness and rushed out to the entrance of the store. As a result, he found that Ace had already run away. So the owner shouted, “Catch that runner!”

When Ian walked out to Ace, he was refreshed. He thought of Garp’s task. He couldn’t take so much into account. He took up his hat, buckled it on his head, and followed him out of the store.

Johnny and Yosaku looked at each other and immediately followed him.

So in the end, Ian heard the roar of the restaurant owner at the entrance of the store and turned into, “Catch those guys who ate without paying!!”