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S.C.S Chapter 50: Can we still be friends?

Johnny chased him from behind and shouted excitedly: “Brother Ian, you’re so smart! When someone eats and run, we have to take the opportunity to run away too! In this way, even if we were caught by the sheriff, that fellow would be the lead suspect!”

Yosaku echoed on the other side: “Yes, yes! It’s time to call him the leader’s loss!”

When Ian heard that, he shook his hand and said, “Shut up! Isn’t it just for a dine and dash, okay?”

Looking at the way the guy was running as soon as he leaves the store. They didn’t think about it. This guy is a habitual criminal. If Ian stopped to give the owner the meal money and then tries to chase Ace, at that time, he might lose track of Ace then.

It’s hard to find Ace here, how could Ian let him run away so easily?

In fact, Ian did not need to be so concerned. Although Garp commissioned Ian in exchange for the boat and handcuffs, he did not send anyone to supervise him. It is reasonable that even if Ian has seen Ace, he could act like he didn’t know him. Even if he did meet Garp again, he would say that he had not met him.

But that’s not the case. In the days after leaving Garp’s boat, Ian suddenly remembered something. Since Garp was a vice admiral, should he have more power? Moreover, he is also a good friend of Sengoku. He can, for sure talk with the world government. So, can he ask for help from them and introduce him to Vegapunk?

It’s not just to meet this mysterious scientist, but Ian wonders if this technological genius, who has surpassed mankind for 500 years, will be able to help him awaken Kuina! Vegapunk can even transform the human body. Would he know something about the soul?

If Ian doesn’t know about these people and things, it’s OK. But he’s a transmigrator. If he knows something about the world’s most famous people, he must try his best to do everything he can.

This fantasy world is indeed soulful, the most obvious example is the Yomi Yomi no Mi of Brook! If Vegapunk is really such a genius, then he could not have known such things as soul.

With this idea, Ian felt that the line between himself and Garp could not be broken! But Ian is not one of Garp’s men. At best, he just knows. The only thing Ian can rely on now is helping Garp. Naturally, it falls on the matter of catching Ace.

That’s why he’s in a hurry to catch up. He had already figured it out. Before Garp leaves the East Blue, no matter what, he must catch Ace once! Then send Ace to him.

But… F*CK! Ace is a fast runner!

Ian has been chasing him, looking at his glossy back. At this time, Ace has not joined the White Beard Pirate Regiment. Naturally, there was no tattoo on his back with the White Beard Pirate Regiment logo. After all, Ian went to Sea three years earlier. Some things have not happened yet.

He doesn’t know why Ace was in this town. Ian thought he was going to the Grand Line, so he stopped at Loguetown. But it made Ian wonder that the time was too coincidental. Just when his grandfather Garp left for Shells, Ace appeared…

“Stop!” Ian shouted to Ace: “Stop!”

However, he doesn’t know if Ace regards Ian and the three of them as the pursuers of the restaurant owner. Instead of stopping obediently, he put more effort under his feet and runs faster!

Johnny and Yosaku were running with Ian, but they were panting. At this time, when Ian was crying out to the criminal in front of them, they asked, “Ih… Brother Ian! You…*gasp.. You’re trying to catch that *gasp… guy?”

“Yeah!” Ian also had no time to pay attention to these two and answered casually.

Then Johnny and Yosaku did not talk anymore and just ran harder.

“Ace! Stop running away!” Ian continued to shout, this time, he used some of his Nen on his legs, speeding up again, and finally got closer to Ace.

But the weird thing was that Ian found out that the speed of this guy is just the same as his own, and now he is just barely on par with his rate of speed.

When Ace looked back and saw Ian approaching, he was shocked and said, “Don’t chase me, even if you do, I don’t have money to pay you!”

“It’s not about the dine and dash…” Ian chased him and said, “I have something to say to you!”

“What’s so urgent? That you have to chase me two streets for it?” Ace did not believe, he said: “And I don’t know you at all!”

Yes, in such a short period, Ian has been running two streets after Ace. It can be seen how fast their speed was. Along the way, countless pedestrians stared at them as they rushed past like a gust of wind, wondering what was going on.

On the contrary, whether Ian or Ace, both are real monsters. Ian’s condition is needless to talk about, and Ace, this guy who was trained from fighting with wild animals in the mountains and woods as a child, won’t lose to Ian. They had a lot of stamina, and they ran so freaking far at such a fast speed, and neither of them was breathless.

Knowing that this pursuit was not going to work, Ian turned his eyes and thought of away.

“Slow down Ace, do you want to know about Sabo!?” Ian shouted.

With a squeak, Ace in front of him suddenly stopped. Ian was caught off guard and collided with him. The two of them fell to the gourd.

Ian felt dizzy, but when he recovered, he found his collar caught by Ace.

“What did you say just now?” Ace grabbed Ian anxiously and asked, “How do you know Sabo? He… Isn’t he dead!?”

“Let go first!” Ian patted Ace’s hand away in a bad mood.

“Sorry, I’m impulsive. Gomen ne!” Ace said in a hurry. “Tell me!” (E.N: meaning sorry)

Ian picked up his hat, looked at his Den Den Mushi inside, found that the little guy was okay, put it on his head, and said to Ace, “Who told you Sabo was dead?”

He just wanted to stop Ace from running, but if he pronounce Garp’s name, and Ace heard that name, it was expected that he would run even faster, so Ian had to bring up Sabo’s. He knew that Ace would stop.

He didn’t mind letting Ace know about it. In fact, Ian knew from the time he saved Kuina that because of his involvement, the history of the world had inevitably changed. In that case, it was no big deal to tell Ace that Sabo was not dead.

As for whether Ace would go to look for Sabo after he knew this news, it was beyond his control. Historically, Ace could not see Sabo again until he died. Perhaps his appearance could make up for this regret of him.

“He… he isn’t dead!? Great… That’s great!

After listening to Ian’s words, Ace burst into tears and repeated this sentence: “If Luffy knows, he will be very happy…”

Ian did not speak, but looked at Ace quietly. He understood the sentiment between the three brothers, and naturally understood Ace’s feelings at this time.

After crying for a while, Ace suddenly remembered something. He grabbed the corner of Ian’s clothes and wiped his face. Tears and runny nose were directly left on Ian’s clothes.

Before Ian lost his temper, Ace suddenly sat on the ground, bowed down to Ian deeply and said, “Thank you! That’s the best news I’ve heard since I went to the sea, but please tell me. Since Sabo is not dead, where is he now?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know where he is now!” Ian shook his head and said, “That was many years ago, when I was only a ten-year-old, the ship that saved him docked in our village. That’s why I knew about him! If I remember correctly, the one who saved him should be the revolutionary army! “

“Really? Was it the Revolutionary Army?” Ace smiled and said: “In that case, I would like to thank one more person besides the benefactor who saved Luffy in the future!”

Ian was a little bit confused when he heard this. He quickly reminded him: “Hey, the revolutionary army is an organization, not a person! Don’t make a mistake!”

“Really? No wonder I said the man’s name was so strange…” Ace said in a daze: “Where can I find the revolutionary army?”

“How do I know?” Ian sullenly glared at him. Suddenly he had a bad idea. He asked him in a low voice, “I said, you would not think about joining the revolutionary army, do you?”

“No! I still want to be a pirate!” Ace laughed.

Ian was relieved. It would be really bad if Ace joined the Revolutionary Army, because of his appearance, Instead of becoming a pirate. By then, the old man, Garp would kill him. He was determined to make Ace and Luffy become a marine…

The two of them just sat in the street and chatted, and the pedestrians who passed by all looked at them with a strange expression.

Just then, Ace suddenly thought of something, looked at Ian with a crooked head and a question mark on his face, and said, “Weird, why can’t I remember, I don’t remember seeing you! What’s your name? Why do you know about Sabo and me?”

This problem, Ian definitely didn’t have any easy way to explain it, it was impossible to say that he is a transmigrator! So he had to say vaguely: “You don’t need to care so much, just think of it as a fateful arrangement! We’re about the same age. Just call me, Ian!”

“What a profound appearance!” Ace laughed. “Since you don’t want to say it, then I won’t ask you!”

Ace was just occasionally amused, but it doesn’t mean he’s stupid. He wondered why Ian, a stranger, knows his story. He didn’t only know his name, but also knows about Sabo. But he could see that Ian was not deceiving him, and that was enough.

He reached out to Ian and said, “Nice to meet you, Ian, from today on, we are friends! Thank you for the good news!”

“Don’t thank me!” Ian held out his hand and shook them, and said, “Look just wait! And please don’t yell at me!”

“Huh! Why?” Ace asked inexplicably.

“Because of this…” As Ian spoke, his left hand pulled out the Kairōseki handcuffs from behind, closed them, and handcuffed Ace’s wrist!

“…” The wind has changed a little bit, and Ace’s face was muddled: “What… What do you mean?

“It’s very simple, because someone commissioned me to catch you!” Ian shrugged. “It’s your grandfather, the old man, Garp!”

“Huh!!! WHAAAAAAAAT!!!!???”

Ace’s astonished cry rang through the entire Loguetown…