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S.C.S Chapter 51: Execution Platform

“You… Are you a marine? Are you one of my grandfather’s men?”

Ace stared at Ian in surprise. He never thought that Ian would come with another familiar name.

“Ah, no, don’t get me wrong! I’m not a marine, I’m a pirate hunter!” Ian successfully handcuffed Ace’s hand, so he was very proud, he began explaining, “I’m not one of your grandfather’s soldiers, I’ve just made a deal with your grandfather!”

“He commissioned you to catch me?” Ace asked curiously, “What is he going to do with me?”

“What else does he want?” Ian shrugged and said, “He wants you to be a marine! So I have to go drag you to see him!”

Ian quickly tightened the other end of the handcuff for fear of Ace’s escape, but found that his power was beyond his imagination, so he couldn’t help wondering, “How can you still have the strength? Aren’t you a Devil Fruit user?”

Ace was stunned: “Devil Fruit? The kind that Luffy ate? No! I am not!”

Huh! He was mistaken! Ian couldn’t help but have a headache. He thought that Ace had already eaten the Flame-Flame Fruit. That’s why he handcuffed him with the Kairōseki. Didn’t he know that this fellow has not become a Devil Fruit user yet?

Well, it seems that this was the case, Ace has not yet entered the Grand Line, and his flame fruit appeared on the Grand Line. So Ace was just a normal person!

So the Kairōseki Handcuffs will not be of much use to him, just a relatively stronger handcuff.

“Hey! Let me go!” Ace shouted at Ian, “Otherwise, I’ll beat you up!”

“I can’t let you go!” Ian shook his head, and at the same time, his hands began to exert more force, so the two began to compete with each other through the Seastone handcuffs.

However, at that moment, Ian suddenly heard a shout coming from behind.

“Brother Ian!”

This was Johnny and Yosaku catching up, just to catch up with Ace, Ian accelerated so much, Johnny and Yosaku were left behind. Ian almost forgot them.

The two men panted in front of Ian and Ace, and said: “You… you can run really fast!”

After that, Johnny and Yosaku discovered the dispute between Ian and Ace, and then saw the handcuffs on Ian’s hand. They immediately understood what was going on, so without waiting for Ian to talk, they quickly entered the mode of coercion!

Standing back-to-back, Johnny clutched his fist to his chin. “Hey, Yosaku, Brother Ian’s target doesn’t seem to be unwilling to let go!”

Yosaku held his cigarette in his arms. “Johnny, look at the situation we can’t help!”

After that, they jumped left and right at Ace, trying to hold him and pushed him to the ground.

But they forgot that Ace was only handcuffed with his right hand, but his left hand and feet were free, and Ace did not know them. When he saw them coming, he immediately fought back!

Lifting his leg, Ace kicked Johnny on his face, then turned around, and with left fist, he punched Yosaku’s nose, and then they fell down.

Originally, Ace always take it seriously in the face of the enemy. As a result, Ace was stunned to see that his opponent was so easily defeated.

After Johnny and Yosaku fell to the ground, they did not forget to utter their words: “We… We almost won…”

“Are they fools?” he asked, looking at Ian with a big sweat on his head.

Ian covered his face and said, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know them…”

Taking this opportunity of Ian’s carelessness, Ace suddenly pulled the other end of the handcuffs out of Ian’s hand and ran away!

“Don’t run!” Immediately Ian reacted and began chasing him.

“The fool who doesn’t try to escape!” Ace did not look back, and his arms swung wildly and flew forward.

The two directly sprinted, one chasing and the other escaping, leaving Johnny and Yosaku lying on the ground. Johnny had a big shoe print on his face, and Yosaku had a half-swollen face.

After getting up from the ground, Johnny said with emotion, “It’s a man who is really worthy of Big Brother Ian. Sure enough, he’s terrific!”

“Yeah, but we almost won. What a pity!” Yosaku echoed.

Just sighing, Johnny and Yosaku suddenly found someone behind them. When they looked back, they found that a large group of people had surrounded them!

“You should worry about yourself first!” A weird man with a round iron shield on his chest, looking at them with a grin at the corner of his mouth…


Ian chased Ace all the way and soon reached the center of Loguetown.

This is a very wide square. Quite a lot of people were there, and most of them were tourists because a lot of them were holding cameras, Ian just did not pay attention to it until Ace suddenly stopped. He discovered that the middle position of the square had a tall, wooden platform.

Ian suddenly understood what it was, this is the most famous place in Loguetown, the Execution Platform!

Nineteen years ago, Gol.D.Roger, the Pirate King, was on the top of the platform and was sentenced to death. It was on this high platform that he shouted out the words that made the world go crazy.

“You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you’ll just have to find it!”

Though he grew up in a remote village like Frost Moon Village, Ian also heard many stories about Roger. The oldest people in the village always talked about the legend of the Pirate King. So when Ian saw the execution platform, he suddenly felt a little dazed.

Ace also stopped far ahead of the execution desk. He looked up at the top of the platform and said nothing.

When Ian saw this scene, he sighed. He finally knew why Ace had come to Loguetown. He also preferred Garp’s absence. It was not because Loguetown was close to the entrance of the Grand Line, but because Ace wanted to come and see the nominal of his “biological father” Roger. Where he was executed.

Ian could understand his feelings at the moment because he hated his biological father. Roger, the pirate king, did not fulfill his fatherly duty. Instead of bringing any honor to Ace, he brought endless pursuit by the marines, and in order to avoid this pursuit, Rouge was pregnant with him for 20 months before he was born, and then she died.

As a child, he had no father or mother, and was also burdened with the “sinful” blood of Roger, the Pirate King. What Ace heard from the people was the hatred and disgust of the Pirate King, which made him once wanted to die.

If it weren’t for the appearance of Luffy and Garp, and given the care of his family, Ace might have ended his life long ago.

For Roger, Ace was resentful. He never wanted to admit that he was Roger’s son, but even so, he wanted to see where the man died…

This is a very complex psychology, it is estimated that even many psychologists may not be able to describe it.

In fact, Ace is really a poor person…

Walking up from behind, Ian came to Ace and patted his shoulder. “Want to go up and have a look? I will accompany you!”

Ian was also a little kind at this time, a rare impulse. He has considered going up with Ace to the platform. What kind of disturbance will cause, he just thought that maybe he really should let Ace go and see it.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Ace was calmer than he had imagined at this time, pulling down the brim of his hat a little and covering his eyes, then said, “No, looking from here is enough!”

Strangely enough, Ace did not ask Ian why he knew his feelings. Perhaps after hearing so many familiar names from Ian’s mouth one after another, Ace had subconsciously assumed that Ian knew a lot of things about him from Garp, and felt that Ian has a deep relationship with him.

Sure enough, the next second, he heard Ian shrugged his shoulders and said, “Whatever you want, but if it’s Luffy, he will definitely go up!”

Ian was originally talking about Luffy’s climbing to the execution platform three years later, but it turned out to be the proof of his conjecture. He laughed and said, “Yeah, if it were my stupid brother, he will definitely do it!”