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S.C.S Chapter 52: the real fight

It seems that because of the mention of that idiot, Luffy, Ace’s mood has improved.

Turning his head to the bustling tourists around him, he watched them gather in twos and threes, taking pictures of themselves with the execution platform as a background. Then he said ironically: “Look, if the Pirate King knew that the place where he dies would turn into a scenic spot after so many years, and then be used by some small businessmen to make money. Don’t you know what he’s going to think?”

“Maybe he’ll charge protection fees for these small businessmen!” Ian shrugged his shoulders and answered, prompting Ace to laugh.

Ian himself felt that his answer was cold and humorous, so he couldn’t help laughing.

In the eyes of the visitors around them, Ian and Ace laughed under the execution platform without restraint…

After a while, Ian finally stopped laughing, coughed, and said, “Well, after we have seen it, and also laughed about it. Now you have no regrets? So the right thing to do is still in need to be done. Come with me and see Garp, obediently!”

“No!” Ace shook his head sternly and said. “I have vowed that I must live freely in this life and without regret! I want to be a pirate, I don’t want to be a marine, so I can’t go with you!”

After that, Ace clenched his fists, and he still has the Seastone handcuffs hanging on the right hand, but he opened his stance against Ian. It was obvious that if he wanted to take him down.

Ian shook his head. It seems that Sabo’s experience had a profound influence on Ace. Even now, he knew that Sabo was not dead, he could not change his mind. Although he hated his father, he did not hesitate to take the same road as his father…

“It seems that it is still necessary to have a real fight!” Ian pulled out the sword behind him.

Ace’s persistence was similar to Ian’s. Now that there was a conflict between the two persistence, then only the weak have to compromise to the strong!

The atmosphere between the two men became more and more serious. Many tourists in the square discovered the two arrogant people. They saw Ian holding a long weapon and had sharp eyes, and some sheepish women even screamed.

They knew that this might be the beginning of a private battle between two pirates.

Sure enough, the next second Ian and Ace suddenly moved, both of them popped out at the same time with a tremendous explosive force, and rushed toward each other!

Ian slanted his sword and cut it down toward Ace. At that moment, he did not care whether he would hurt Ace or not, he chopped him directly with the blade. Although Ace had no weapon, Ian could see the pale yellow light of his aura with the help of the passive effect of the Evil Eye Expert. This means that Ace and he were equal in terms of strength. Faced with such an opponent, if he didn’t fight seriously and attack with the back of his sword, that would mean that he was disrespecting his opponent, and even disrespecting himself!

Seeing Ian’s attack, Ace did not back down. He suddenly waved his left arm and hit Ian’s wide blade from the side!

A tremendous force came down, and Ian’s sword involuntarily changed its trajectory, and passed by Ace. With this opportunity, Ace’s right fist smashed Ian’s face.

When the blade was deflected by Ace, Ian understood that Ace’s punch was more powerful than he thought, so Ian did not dare to let Ace’s right fist hit him. Then he took advantage of that moment, and started a flash skill!

He instantly moved to the right side of Ace, and Ian slashed his sword toward him, but something strange happened. Even though he flashed very fast, Ace seems to have predicted his attack in advance. Suddenly, when Ian rolled over, Ace kicked his heel.

Ian felt that there seems to be a similar wave of energy fluctuations in Ace, so he suddenly understood that it was Haki!

This guy, Ace, has mastered a bit of Haki! What’s more, it was Kenbunshoku Haki!

From his kick in the wrist, Ian’s flash natural couldn’t go on. The sorrow and sensation on his wrist reminded Ian that Ace’s physical skills were quite powerful!

In fact, as long as a slight association to understand, Garp’s physical skills are really interesting, as Ace and Luffy’s grandfather, when he was training them, he must be focusing on the physical training.

The first attack failed and aroused Ian’s curiosity, so he raised his speed to the extreme, and disappeared instantly in place. Even if he could sense his attack, Ian wanted to see if he could react at that speed.

“Not good!” When he found that Ian had disappeared in place. Ace was shocked. Although he could sense the position of Ian’s movement, he discovered that Ian had made an attack of seven-cuts on him in an instant. The speed of his hands was faster than his feet!

Ace knows he can’t escape, so he tightened his muscles and hardily took Ian’s seven chops!

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ian’s sword had cut Ace’s body, but he found that the sword encountered a strong resistance when it was cutting down. Although Ace’s body was suddenly covered with seven bloodstains, but the wounds were not deep. Just after Ian finished the chopping, Ace ignored his injuries, seized the opportunity to hold Ian, and knocked him down on the ground with an elbow blow on Ian’s face.

This time, Ian’s nose was bleeding from that hit, and he struggled to get up, but he is crushed by Ace, who punched him down again.

Ian was very angry. He found out that this fellow Ace had used the usual method of fighting with bears, and it worked on him, so under that pressure, his swordsmanship could not be carried out at all! 

So Ian threw his sword, and with his right hand, he punched Ace on the face. And this time, Ian used the Fist of the Mortal Flame, and attacked Ace with a burning flame on his hand!

Ace was shocked by the fist of Ian, and quickly turned his head away, letting Ian’s fist sweep from under his chin, and almost burned him!

Taking this opportunity, Ian suddenly used his force to get up, and in turn, Ace was thrown down on the ground, and Ian pressed against him.

“You’re kidding me!” Ace shouted when he was pressed on, and tried to stretch his legs and attacked Ian’s back with his knees.

“Sh*t! I didn’t want to hurt you with the flame!” Ian got revenge by punching Ace in the face, but this time, he didn’t use the Fist of the Mortal Flame.

After being hit, Ace also counterattacked, punched Ian’s waist, while Ian was suffering, Ace turned him over.

In this way, the two kept punching each other and rolling over, scuffling on the ground, while they cried: “You’re kidding me!” “You fart!”

The surrounding tourists hid far away and watched this scene. They were frightened at the beginning, but now they started to laugh a little.

The original serious confrontation, in the end, it turned into street fighting…

They didn’t know how many laps they rolled. Both of them were bruised and bleeding, but none of them refused to surrender. Although their way of fighting changed, it seems to them that it was also possible to distinguish between the two. It’s not that they really want to kill each other, so the way of fighting was equally acceptable.

At that moment, however, the two men fighting suddenly heard a clicking sound.

They were stunned and looked down, only to find that the light noise just now came from the Seastone handcuffs on Ace’s hand, but it was not unlocked, it was buckled!… Ian’s left hand was manacled! (E.N: meaning Shackled)

It is estimated that the fight was too fierce. They didn’t know how the Seastone handcuffs got there. The other end was opened, and after a strange move, it was just attached to Ian’s left wrist, and then suddenly occluded.

This… How did this happen? The two looked dumbly at the two arms that were handcuffed together, and for a while, they didn’t move.

Now their two hands were tied together. How can they fight?

“Oh, Shit!… Let’s stop for a moment until I unlock these handcuffs and then continue?” Ian asked Ace.

Ace nodded: “Okay, just do it!”

So they got up, endured the pain of their whole body, and picked up their hats that fell in the fight and put them on separately.

“Your hat looks ridiculous!” Ace did not forget to mock at this time.

Ian gave him a white look and said: “Yours is no better than mine!”

Then he began to look for the keys in his trouser pocket. When Garp gave him this handcuffs, he also gave him the keys. Ian kept them always in his trouser pocket, but when he groped, he found that the keys had disappeared!

“Oops… that’s bad!” Ian was anxious, and quickly checked it again, but he didn’t find them.

“No way!” Ace was also anxious. He didn’t want to be tied up with Ian all the time or ever. He quickly asked, “Is the key missing? Would it have fallen out when we were fighting?”

“Probably!” Ian slammed his head and said: “Let’s hurry and look for it.”

So the two were in a hurry, they wanted to look for them separately, but they forgot that their hands were still handcuffed together. When they separated, they were pulled back.

“Look here, first!” Ian said.

“No, look this way first!” Ace’s opinion was different: “It must be here just where I rolled you over!”

After a little dispute, they decided to look in the same direction together, because there was no one around them when they fought, they were all hiding, so they did not need to be too urgent. If it fell out, it should be easy for them to find the keys on the ground.

But what they don’t know was that when they were wrestling, the rolling distance they made was actually a little far. The first place was occupied by some tourists. They all came to see what was going on.

In the crowd, a thin man looked like a pirate was quietly stepping on a key on the ground, pretending to bend down and pick it up as if nothing had happened, and then looking at his movements, he squeezed out the crowd and left the scene in a slip of smoke…


Mysterious pirate “Hehehehe let me see you suffer under the gaze of the people, looking at the both of you like married couples, hehehehehehe.”