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S.C.S Chapter 53: I Forgot Something!

“Shit… I can’t find it! What can we do now?”

After more than half an hour, Ian and Ace had almost searched the whole place, but they could not find the key.

“Look in your pocket again?” Ace suggested.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve looked there. No, no!” Ian said angrily.

At that time, he was regretting the moment he crossed over to this world. Since he went to the sea, he met Buggy first, Johnny and Joseph, and finally Ace. It was said that staying with teasing people would be contagious for a long time. On the contrary, the teasing attributes of these three people were very high. They made themselves unconsciously infected. This guy, Ace, was fighting like a kid on the ground, and now he has lost the keys!

What the heck! These funny things were really terrible!

He found that the handcuffs couldn’t be opened, and this guy Ace was laughing and said, “That’s just right, now you and I will go out to sea as pirates! I’ve just set up the Spade Pirates Regiment. Now I’m Alone. Come with me, and I’ll give you the rank of the deputy captain!”

“Get out of my way!” Ian listened and shouted: “Then why don’t you just come with me to see Garp?”

After saying that, Ian was suddenly stunned, yeah, the key has fallen, so why won’t they just go to see Garp, he can find a way to solve this problem, or he may have a spare key or something.

As a result, when Ian excitedly said this to Ace, Ace directly punched him in the face. Ian was almost out of control and said angrily, “What the hell are you doing? Don’t You want to open the handcuffs?”

“As I said, I’m not going to see that old man!” Ace shook his fist and said, “Although I know he wanted me to be a marine for my own good, that’s not my intention. If the handcuffs won’t open, then cut off my wrist!”

When Ian felt the determination in his words, Ian couldn’t help but have a headache. Garp really gave him a good task. How could he think that Ace was so stubborn?

“Forget it!” Ian was discouraged, “Let’s leave the idea of seeing Garp for now, and find me a way to open these handcuffs first. It’s inconvenient for me, and it’s also inconvenient for you!”

He asked Ace to sit on the floor together. After they put their handcuffed hands close together, Ian picked up his long sword and aims at the middle part of the handcuffs. He wanted to cut them off.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” Ace suddenly yelled, “You’re all right, aren’t you? Your hands don’t shake, do you? What if you cut me?”

Ian almost fell to the ground and roared, “Didn’t you just say that if you couldn’t open it, you would cut off your wrist? Why are you afraid at this time?”

Ace scratched his head and said: “But that is a last resort situation! Since you won’t take me to see the old man for the time being, why should I chop off my wrist?”

“You…” Ian didn’t know how to say it. He found that talking to this guy gives him a headache. He just turned around and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t cut it off!”

After that, Ian slashed the handcuffs with his sword as hard as he could.

Clang!! A metal humming sound came, and the blade falling on the handcuffs splashed a spark.

Ian practiced the sword for so many years. When the blade touched the surface of the handcuffs, the sense of the touch made him feel that something was wrong. The Kairōseki was harder than he had imagined. It can be said that it has exceeded the hardness of ordinary steel.

Sure enough, although sparks broke out, there was no trace on the surface of the handcuffs.

“Huh!? I don’t believe it!” Ian frowned and raised his sword again. This time, he wrapped some Nen around the blade.

Another cut, this time it seemed to be a bit of use. There was a small dent in the chain of handcuffs! That was really strange!

“No way!” Ian cried out in surprise. It didn’t work even with the Nen?

If he wants to destroy the Seastone handcuffs, he must concentrate all of his Nen before he can do it?

“Hahaha, this is difficult!” Ace started laughing.

Ian turned to look around and found that many tourists were still staring at them. At the beginning of their fight, maybe because only two people were fighting, so no one reported the fight to the town sheriff or the marines… Well, it might be reported, but people there just didn’t bother much.

Up to now, no one has interfered with them, just watching them in the bustle.

But Ian knows that in the next moment, maybe it will really attract people’s attention.

“Listen Ace!” Ian said to Ace, “Wait, let me try again, whether I did it or not, we must leave the place first!”

“Oh! All right!” Ace seemed to understand and nodded.

Ian held the long sword in his hand and sighed with a long breath: “Sword of the Darkness Flame!”

Then, the top of the blade burst into blazing flame!

“Oh! Wooh!” When Ace saw this scene, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “It turns out that you and Luffy are the same…”

But the tourists who were still watching the bustle start screaming in surprise: “Mon… Monster!!?!”

For the sailors, they can understand and know what the Devil Fruit is, but for ordinary people, it’s too far away from them. This is the East Blue, after all, It’s not a place where the devil fruit users are as much as on Grand line, so when these tourists saw incredible phenomenon occurred, they immediately treat Ian as a monster! The same has happened to Smoker, who will be staying there in the future…

After they reacted, they suddenly screamed and fled in horror, then Ian and Ace knew that it will not take long for the marines of Loguetown to come.

Ian was not afraid, but Ace was a pirate. If the marines knew his identity, they would definitely catch him.

That’s why Ian told Ace that they must leave after this try. He would not let the other marines catch Ace. Ian was the only one who must catch him.

“Not enough!” Feeling the ensuing power in the flame, Ian gritted his teeth and continued to increase the output of the Nen.

The flame on the blade, with the output of the Nen, became loose from the beginning and solidified gradually. Then the orange flame turned to light blue gradually. This was due to the color change caused by the rising temperature of the fire caused by the increase of his mental energy.

In such a short time, Ian has used almost one hundred points of his Nen value, which he has just recovered in these two days.

After reaching the max of the attack, Ian raised the sword and chopped the chain of handcuffs!

It was thought that the Kairōseki could be melted by high temperature, but unexpectedly, there were bursts of energy fluctuations on the handcuffs, which was offsetting the flame on Ian’s blade a little bit.

This strange offset went on very quickly. Ian only cut half of the chain, and he couldn’t go any further. The flame on the sword was extinguished!

Effective! But not enough!

Looking at the Seastone chain cut out a dent, but it was still a little connected, Ian and Ace pulled it hard together, but they could not break it!

“No, it looks like we’re stuck!” Ian was panting. In such a short period, he used so much Nen at once. The exhaustion reappeared on him. So Ian said to Ace, ” We can only wait for tomorrow!”

“OK!” Ace nodded and said, “Let’s get out of here first!”

Before the arrival of the marines, the two men got into the crowd and left the plaza of the Execution Platform.

By the time, they returned to the central street, the sky had slowly darkened, and Ace’s belly made a loud noise, he was obviously hungry.

“Let’s go eat!” Ace looked around for restaurants in the street.

Ian asked with a low voice, “Eat? Do you have any money?”

“No!” Ace said and laughed.

‘So, you’re going to carry on with your habit “Dine and dash,” aren’t you!?’ Ian, who had known him so well, said with a headache, “Don’t look for a restaurant, just find a hotel to stay in. If you want to eat, let the hotel prepare food for us! I still have some money here, which should be enough to pay for… Ok?”

In the end, Ian suddenly lost faith because he remembered the amazing amount of food Ace could eat…

So, they found a clean hotel in the town. It was a double room. There were two beds in one room. In order to avoid being seen with the handcuffs, Ian took off his clothes and covered the cuffs with them. The food he ordered was also brought to the room by the hotel owner. However, the two young men walked together everywhere, which inevitably attracted the attention of the hotel owner, he kept looking at them with a strange expression…

‘What the heck! What’s going on here!’ the hotel owner thought they were not straight… (They looked like they were holding hands)

Ian had dinner with Ace in this headache and then laid back in bed. He was glad that it was his right hand handcuffed with Ace’s left hand, not their two right handcuffed together… Otherwise, it would cause a sleeping problem! He doesn’t want to be squeezed into a bed with Ace.

He has been drifting on the sea these days. Ian hasn’t touched a soft bed for a long time. He just lay down for a while and then went into a state of confusion.

At this time, he felt as if he had forgotten something, ‘Johnny and Yosaku? Why haven’t I seen them all this time?’

‘Forget it, no matter what, those two guys should take care of themselves…’ With that in mind, Ian fell asleep while Ace has already started snoring.

What he did not know, however, was that at this time, on the sea outside the Loguetown, dozens of large ships were anchoring there.

This was a huge fleet. Every ship was a large sea vessel, and the type of ships varied. At first glance, it may be thought that it was a merchant fleet.

However, the black pirate flags hanging on the top of each ship’s mast shows the identity of the fleet, which was a pirate regiment! A very large pirate group!

On the black pirate flag, there was a standard Jolly Roger with two hourglasses to the sides, to show to their victims that their time is up. A slightly knowledgeable navigator will cry out at once when he sees this pirate flag!

This was the flag of the largest pirate regiment in the East Blue, the Krieg Pirates!

By this time, the night was dark, and every pirate boat had lights on, while on the largest ship in front of the fleet, screams came from the cabin.

That ship was Krieg’s ship. At this time, in the cabin, a bold and powerful man was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar leisurely and looking coldly at two people being beaten up by a group of pirates.

After the pirates had enough and dispersed, Krieg said coldly, “Will you speak now?”

The two men who were beaten were already unable to stand up from the ground, their bodies were swollen and bloody. Their mouths were full of blood, and their miserable appearance was almost beyond recognition.

Only one of them had a tattoo with the word “sea” pierced on his cheek, which was still vaguely visible.

If Ian were there, he would probably identify them, because these two beaten men were Johnny and Yosaku!