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S.C.S Chapter 54: Convergence

The reason why Ian didn’t think about where Johnny and Yosaku went, because he thought that Johnny and Yosaku lost him when he was chasing Ace. After all, there were so many people in the square, and it was normal that they could not find him.

What’s more, Johnny and Yosaku followed him at that time. Ian just felt that these two guys had a sense of justice and were able to stand up for the innocent, so he invited them to dinner as a thank you. They didn’t really have a deep friendship.

So after they disappeared, Ian did not think too much.

But he forgot that Johnny and Yosaku were there when he caught the Krieg pirates!

It wasn’t a coincidence that members of the Krieg pirates appeared in Loguetown. With the current size of that group, attacks on ordinary villages can’t meet their needs, so they still need to buy supplies in big cities, but when Garp was in Loguetown, the Krieg pirates did not dare to land at all. During this time, Garp left, and the Krieg Pirate Regiment, which got the news, took the time to replenish from the town.

The pirates Ian caught were actually members of the Krieg pirates sent out to purchase supplies, but it was unexpected that they were caught when they intended to rob Ian!

There were twenty or thirty people, and there must be more. After the group was captured by Ian and sent to the marine base, the other members of the Krieg Pirates scattered around the town got the news naturally. So, led by the cadre “Iron Wall” Pearl, the Krieg Pirates immediately wanted to find Ian to retaliate.

But at that time, Ian just ran after Ace to the Plaza of the Execution Platform, so that the Iron Wall Pearl finally caught the two guys who were slower, Johnny and Yosaku.

This was why Johnny and Yosaku appeared on Krieg’s ship, Pearl brought them.

After hearing Krieg’s question, Johnny and Yosaku hardly looked up and said, “Did… Didn’t we say that! We caught your guys…just the two of us…no one else…” (T\N: I love these guys XD)

As a result, next to them, the iron wall Pearl, lifted his hand and hit Johnny in the face with his round iron shield!

Johnny screamed, and a lot of blood flew out of his mouth, splashed on the wall next to him, and dyed it with a bright red color.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” Krieg said gloomily, “My men told me that there were three pirate hunters who caught those guys, and you’re telling me that there was no one else?”

“It’s true… there really isn’t!” Johnny couldn’t speak, so Yosaku said, “We both did it….”

Standing up with anger, Krieg was really worthy of his title the hegemonic pirate in the East Blue, Krieg was very tall and mighty, and he wore a majestic gold armor on his body. He was really very domineering. He stood up and said to the two men: “First catching my crew, and then think it’s okay to lie to me and take responsibility? Since you refuse to give up who is the third pirate Hunter, then my guys will beat you until you say it!”

At Krieg’s command, the pirates around him again flocked up and started beating Johnny and Yosaku.

The pirates did not stop until Johnny and Yosaku had a large pool of blood under them.

“Well now, won’t you say who was he?” Krieg looked at them with a grin.

Nevertheless, Johnny and Yosaku, who had been screaming, were still grinding their teeth and refused to open their mouths. Even Yosaku trembled and reached out to his pocket with his right hand. He pulled out a crumpled cigarette and held it in his mouth. “Although… We’re… Very weak, but… But… Don’t underestimate our… loyalty!”

“You…” Krieg’s veins jumped out violently on his forehead, because Yosaku’s words undoubtedly irritated him. Feeling defiant, Krieg roared, “Beat them! Beat them to death!”

Next, Johnny and Yosaku have brutally beaten again, and finally, they couldn’t bear it and fainted.

But from the beginning to the end, they did not ask for mercy, let alone give Ian’s name…

“Captain Krieg, they fainted! What to do?” Asked the iron wall, Pearl.

Krieg thought for a moment and said with a sneer, “Take some men with you and throw them in Loguetown overnight. They don’t want to tell us anything, so let’s send them to the door of the third pirate Hunter!”

Soon, a few pirates came up, picked up the two guys who were drowning in their blood, put them on a boat, and rowed the boat to Loguetown.

“Get everyone ready! Tomorrow, as long as the remaining pirate Hunter appears, catch him and bring him to me!” Krieg ordered his men again.

“Aa~… Captain, the brothers who are locked to the marine base, shall we save them?” A pirate asked carefully.

“What!? Save them!?” Krieg chuckled and sneered: “I lost the reputation of the Krieg Pirates because of them, so let them stay in prison for a lifetime!”

Hearing Krieg’s words, all the pirates around shivered, but they dared not say anything at all.


There are actually two ports in Loguetown. This one on the East is the largest port. The direction of the Krieg’s Pirate Regiment was there. At the same time, there was also a pirate boat at the West Port on the other side.

It was Buggy’s ship, “Big Top!”

At this time, Buggy was in the cabin of the Big Top, holding a key and laughing loudly. (LMAO, I thought Krieg’s pirates has the key)

“Gyahahahaha! This… Isn’t this the key to the Seastone handcuffs?” Buggy laughed so hard that he could not straighten his waist. After a while, he wiped away his tears and asked the skinny pirate in front of him, “Do you really see it clearly? Is that kid Ian was really handcuffed?”

“Absolutely! I’m not mistaking!” The skinny pirate, a member of the Buggy Pirates, was swearing: “I was in the square at the time, and Ian, the pirate hunter, was fighting with a guy. As to whom he was fighting, I don’t know, it may be a pirate he wants to arrest. But, when I saw the key falling out of him, and I quietly stepped on it and picked it up. Then squatted out!”

“Haha, well done!” Buggy patted the skinny pirate happily and said, “This time you’ve done a great job, you will be promoted to the captain of the sailor!”

The skinny pirate was overjoyed and thanked him repeatedly.

But Buggy had no time to pay attention to his thanks. He touched his chin, looked at the key in his hand, and started thinking about it.

The keys of the Seastone handcuffs are specially made. They have the ingredients of the Kairōseki itself. Buggy is the devil fruit user. So when he got the key, although he was surprised that Ian had the Seastone handcuffs on him, when he heard the report of the skinny pirate, Buggy was determined. ‘Here comes my chance.’

After escaping from the marine’s prison in Shells town, Buggy contacted his crew who fled with the ship. In a pirate group, the captain was the authority. Generally speaking, without the permission of the captain, members of the regiment could not escape without authorization. At that time, the pirates, who fled in the Big Top, knew that their captain might escape, so they didn’t dare to touch Buggy’s treasures or run with his ship, but returned faithfully.

Though he escaped smoothly, Buggy still gritted his teeth with hate. The experience of being arrested brought shame to him.

If he was caught by the marines, he could consider it as an ordinary thing, but who caught him was an unknown pirate Hunter boy. Buggy was a pirate who has returned from the Grand Line. How could he swallow that?

So the first thing that Buggy thought of when he escaped was to get revenge on Ian. Big Top was a big ship. After he set up the sails, he was naturally faster than Ian. So even if he left Shells town two days later, he made a special detour on the way because he had evaded Garp’s warship, but he did eventually caught up to Ian.

However, he was somewhat afraid of Ian’s strange abilities, so although he had been searching for Ian’s traces, he had never dared to show up in front of him.

He was wondering what kind of Devil Fruit Ian has.a

This is the case when confronted with Devil Fruit user. If he didn’t know what fruit the other party ate, he could only judge and guess in the battle.

He carefully questioned his men and confirmed that Ian did swim in the sea when he first climbed on the Big Top, but when Ian caught him, the flames on his fist and sword were real, which was the part that Buggy’s brain burned the most.

‘A Devil Fruit user, but can swim?’

‘Not possible!’ Buggy would like to believe that when Ian swam from the sea to his ship, he used a special move! But, It’s impossible to eliminate the drawbacks of the Devil Fruit.

So Buggy laughed so loudly when the skinny pirate who was in charge of tracking brought him back the key of the Seastone handcuffs and told him that Ian was handcuffed.

Even if there were special means to soak water in the sea, but there was absolutely nothing allowing him to avoid the effect of the Kairōseki handcuffs?

“My crew!” Buggy stood up and shouted, “Get ready, tomorrow we’re entering Loguetown, the opportunity of our revenge has come!”

“Hai-Hai!!” The Buggy Pirates immediately shouted aloud.

Two groups of pirates, both searching for Ian at the same time, and they wanted to get revenge on him, but was that all?

No! It’s not over yet! At this time, in the Calm Belt, a marine warship was sailing. Although it was at night, the watcher on the watchtower saw the outline of an island through the dim starlight.

“Colonel Smoker! We can already see the island of Loguetown!” Looking down, the watcher shouted: “If everything goes well, it’s expected that we’ll arrive at Loguetown early tomorrow morning!”

“I see!” Above the deck, a man with two cigars in his mouth responded with a smoky voice. Then he continued smoking, and the ember flickered in the dark night.

Krieg Pirates, Buggy Pirates, and Colonel Smoker of the marines, plus Ian and Ace, Loguetown was destined to have a great event after dawn…