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S.C.S Chapter 55: Fury!

Early the next morning, Ian woke up. It was a good habit formed in Frost Moon Village.

But when Ian woke up, he found that Ace, on the other side, was sleeping on the ground. This fellow made it really different for Ian to sleep, and because of handcuffs, Ian was dragged down.

Silently shaking his head, Ian woke up Ace, and they both left the room together. Then they got some water to wash their faces and went to the hotel to eat breakfast.

The breakfast served in the hotel was not delicious, but the two didn’t care so much, because they could eat a large quantity with the same price and fill their stomachs.

While eating, Ian checked his Nen value.

Ian is now level 6, his attributes increase and the addition of two cards, so that he now has a total of 112 Nen point. Yesterday, when he tried to cut the Kairōseki handcuffs with the Sword of the Darkness Flame, he almost consumed all of his Nen. However, because of his intermediate Level on the Nen skills practice, he can recover 5 Nen point every hour, so after a night of rest, he now recovered more than 40 points.

According to Ian’s estimation, this amount of Nen should be enough to break the chain.

The Nen has always been a major problem that restricts Ian. Although the Intermediate Level of the Nen skills practice can provide him with an additional percentage bonus of Nen, but because this skill is too cumbersome to exercise, it consumes so much Nen in order to increase a little proficiency, that is to say, even if Ian keeps practicing the Nen skills day and night. It can only increase proficiency by probably a hundred points in more than 20 hours.

He was still far from the Advanced Level of the Nen skills practice.

And Ian also found one thing, that is, he couldn’t produce Nen by himself! This can be seen from the basic attributes, when he was still level 1, the strength value, vitality value, and speed value were all a little basic value, but it was just that the Nen value was totally zero! All of his Nen comes from upgrading the Nen skills practice’s level and card bonuses.

Therefore, Ian has always been skeptical, what is the nature of the Nen, is it just to make him able to use the skills of the cards?

Ian was not yet aware of these profound problems.

After closing the system interface, Ian looked at Ace, his mouth was full with food, and his cheeks were bulging, and said to him: “After I cut the chain, you have to go to see Garp with me. After all, the chain will be broken, but the handcuffs are still on your wrist, and you have to find a way to open it.”

As a result, Ace shook his head and said, “No, no, no! I’m not going!”

“Why?” Ian said with a headache, “Why are you so tenacious about going to see your grandfather? Even if you don’t want to be a marine, just tell him face to face. You’ve been hiding like this for so long, are you going to avoid him forever?”

“You don’t understand!” Ace said: “The old man is a stubborn man. He only communicates with his fists. How many times have I said to him that I am not going to be a marine officer since I was young, but he Just won’t listen and beats me every time! It really doesn’t make sense to him!”

“…” Ian didn’t know how to answer that. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “Do you really want me to use force catching you?”

Ace tilted his head, looked at Ian a little strangely, and asked him, “Why do you have to catch me? Is it because the old man is a vice admiral of the marines, so you want to fawn him over? You want to be a marine?”

“I…” Ian hesitated and told Ace the truth, saying, “I need your grandfather’s power to help saving a member of my family!”

“Who do you want to save?” Ace asked curiously.

“My sister!” Ian said: “Although I have no blood relationship with her, I have always treated her like my own sister. She has been unconscious for a while now. I want to try to find a famous doctor through your grandfather!”

“Huh! It turned out to be like this!” Ace laughed, straightened his hat, and said, “That’s easy. I’ll write a letter to the old man. Saying that I’ve been caught by you, so that your task will be completed. Then you can ask him for the condition?”

“Is that all right?” Ian said somewhat uncertainly, “He told me about it, I have to catch you dozens of times, until you gave up being a pirate…”

“…” Now even Ace had nothing to say. The old man was as strict as ever. He had to be caught dozens of times!?

Afterward, Ace asked the hotel owner for a pen and paper, and he wrote the letter on the dining table. Whether he could or could not, he has to try. Besides, when he went to sea alone, he wanted to talk to Garp, so he took the opportunity to do it.

Ian couldn’t possibly look in while Ace was writing the letter, so while eating, he watched the hotel with boredom.

Just then, an original hotel guest ran in from outside and said with a panicked face, “Not good, something’s going on in town!”

A sentence immediately attracted the attention of many travelers who were having breakfast, and quickly asked the man, “What’s the matter? Did pirates show up?”

The hotel guest nodded and said, “It’s the Krieg Pirates!”

Upon hearing this name, the people in the hotel suddenly screamed. Some coward travelers even got up busily and ran outside. Others, even worse, went straight under the table.

For a while, there were chickens and dogs jumping in the hotel.

Seeing this scene, the person who came in with the news hurried and said, “Don’t be nervous! Don’t be nervous! The Krieg Pirates didn’t come for a fight! They just appeared in Central Street Square! It doesn’t seem that they have come to rob us!”

The travelers were a little relieved.

Ian looked at the scene in the hotel in some surprise, but he didn’t realize that the Krieg Pirates had such a great reputation that it was just news that frightened the people in the hotel like this.

Under the question of the crowd, the person who came in with the news told them in detail, said: “I got up earlier this morning, so I went out for a walk, only to find out that the marines in the town suddenly moved out and headed for the square. I was curious and thought about taking a look. When I got there, I found that more than 500 pirates were standing in the square!”

“Five… More than 500 men!?” The travelers were shocked when they heard the number.

“Yeah, what a big rush!” The passenger was also shocked and said, “Almost all the marines in the town were out, confronting the pirates, but strangely, the Krieg Pirates did not want to fight with the marines. They laid down two men blood-covered on the square and then hold their hands and hold them aside. That’s all!”

“No fighting?” The travelers were surprised and asked, “Didn’t they catch them?”

“Don’t be funny! The number of marines is not as large as their!” The passenger retorted, “Don’t you know the size of the Krieg Pirates? Five hundred people appeared. Wouldn’t there be more people lurking in the town?”

“Yeah!” The travelers were terrified and said, “The marines in Loguetown were afraid of these 500 pirates. If they start fighting, no one knows which side is going to win?”

“There’s going to be a big battle in town! Otherwise, let’s leave fast!” Someone suggested.

This suggestion aroused many people’s approval, so they hurried back to their room to pack their bags, but there were also some bold travelers who were still questioning the passenger: “You said that the Krieg Pirates had laid down two persons covered with blood? What is going on?”

“I don’t know!” The passenger shrugged his shoulders and said, “But it looks like they’re displaying the two people on the square, as if… It’s a form of revenge!?”

“Revenge? It’s really possible!” The crowd talked in abundance: “Who the hell are those two unlucky guys? Who dare to provoke the Krieg Pirates?”

“I don’t know, but I seem to hear that those two men are pirate hunters…” The passenger said.

Hearing this, Ian’s heart suddenly quivered. He doesn’t know why, on hearing the words “pirate hunter”, Ian remembered Johnny and Johnny, who had disappeared yesterday.

He couldn’t help thinking otherwise. After all, he just caught some of the Krieg Pirates yesterday.

Immediately, Ian realized what was going on. He stood up, due to the handcuffs, Ace, who was writing, his hand suddenly got pulled, and left a big mark on the paper. He looked up at Ian in surprise and said, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ian did not speak. He pulled out the sword from behind. The blazing flames burst out, and then he immediately swung it down at the chain of handcuffs!

More than 40 points of Nen was used, and he struck at the same position as yesterday, which immediately buckled the other half of the chain. After all, the chain wasn’t broke yet and a quarter of it was still connected, but even if the rest was very hard, the pulling force was reduced by half. Ian struggled hard and finally broke the chain.

Ian’s Nen value was completely emptied. Ian felt exhausted and said to Ace, “After you write the letter, give it to the hotel owner. I’ll pick it up later. If you want to leave by then, go, you are free. This time I’ll let you go.”

“What are you going to do?” Ace asked strangely.

“I’m going to kill them all!” Ian lowered the brim of his hat, put his sword in his back, turned, and walked out of the hotel.

The guests in the hotel, who had just noticed the flames on Ian’s sword, were stunned and watched Ian walking out, and when they recovered their consciousness, they screamed and fled in horror.

The murderous words left by Ian before leaving made all the passengers realize that something really was going to happen! Not only pirates did come to this town, but also the monsters!

Only when Ace scratched his head for a moment, turned around and sealed his letter, handed it to the hotel owner hiding behind the cabinet, asked him to keep it for him, and then politely bowed to thank him for the hospitality, then he walked towards the door.

The hotel owner quickly shouted, “Hey, boy, where are you going?”

“I’m going to help him killing those people!” Ace turned around and smiled.

The hotel owner stared at Ace dumbly and did not know how to reply. It was not until Ace had gone away that he suddenly shouted loudly.

“Hey!!! You haven’t paid for your accommodation yet!!!”