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S.C.S Chapter 56: Grin

Walking in the street, Ian did not know that he and Ace had inadvertently done another Dine and Dash. He only noticed the huge commotion in the town. The children playing outside were forced to return home by their parents. Every shop closed its door.

There was no one on the street, but what Ian saw was people trying to escape with their suitcases. They were all in a state of panic and uncertainty. He often saw some people accidentally falling. As a result, they were trampled on by several people. The whole town was in chaos.

It was not until then that Ian realized the danger of pirates to the world, the reputation of the Krieg Pirates, which could cause people’s panic just by hearing them. Ian really didn’t know what a tragic scene these guys would create if they start killing and robbing. (T/N: Buggy: “Am I joke to you”)

There is a difference between pirates. From this point of view, Ian felt that Luffy’s crew the Straw Hat Pirates are not really pirates. To give them a precise definition, they should be called a group of adventurers who are wanted by the world government!

Yes, adventure group! Luffy’s crew are just a group of adventurers, not real pirates.

The real pirates are the Krieg Pirates, who act recklessly, burn, kill, rob, and commit all sorts of crimes!

Ian had no idea that the Krieg Pirates had caught Johnny and Yosaku. Judging from the stories of the passenger, they might have suffered a lot.

As for the fact that the Krieg Pirates would appear so high-profile in the square and throw Johnny and Yosaku on the floor while they were covered with blood, Ian thought a little and understood what was going on: the Krieg Pirates wanted to rescue the other pirates!

But what surprises Ian was that why don’t they just look for them, instead of appearing in this way? Are they just demonstrating to other pirate hunters to do not mess with them?

Or was it that Johnny and Yosaku didn’t say his name and location, so the Krieg Pirates could only use this way to get him hooked?

Ian couldn’t figure out the connection, but anyway, he decided to go with the last explanation!

Not only to save Johnny and Yosaku, but also because these pirates came and knocked at his door. Shouldn’t he fight back fiercely?

What’s more, Krieg’s head is worth a lot of money. For Ian, who has now been forced by the system to become a moneygrubber, that guy is a walking Berries symbol.

On the way to the square, Ian suddenly heard Ace’s cry from behind: “Ian! Wait for me!”

Looking back, Ian saw Ace running with his shoulder bag on his back.

“Why are you here?” Ian asked in surprise, “This is my business. What are you doing with me?”

“Haha, don’t try to show off!” Ace held his hat and grinned at Ian. “If I’m not mistaken, the flame that appeared on the sword is a drain on your strength, isn’t it? You tried it once yesterday. Now, in order to open the handcuffs, you used it again. The tired expression on your face can’t deceive me. Do you still have the strength to fight now?”

Exhaustion was certain, but this kind of exhaustion was mental exhaustion, but it didn’t consume his physical power. The sequelae of energy consumption have always existed. Although it was much better than the first strong headache, it can not be eliminated.

Ian intended to explain to Ace, but after he thought about it. He knew that Ace wants to help because of good intentions. So he can’t refuse it.

And Ian also felt that the number of Krieg Pirates was too large, although most of them were useless, and easy to solve, but too much would be very troublesome, and it was always good to have some help.

“Well, let’s go!” Ian didn’t say thank you. He was straightforward.

So the two rushed toward the square, and it didn’t take long before they returned to the Plaza where they fought yesterday.

The Krieg pirates were there, presumably because of the significance of the execution desk. They were supposed to want to deter other pirate hunters by punishing those who provoke the dignity of their regiment under the platform.

When Ian and Ace arrived, they saw only a large number of marines outside, holding up their guns and surrounding the members of the Krieg Pirate Regiment in the center.

There can be no ordinary people on the square now, no matter how bold they are, they can only peep at it from afar. The fierce confrontation between marines and pirates was a sign that war may happen at any time. If ordinary people get involved, it’s like they are looking for their death.

The marines pointed their guns at the pirates, and the pirates took out their weapons, but nobody dared to start the war.

On the Marines’ side, it was because the intention of the Krieg Pirates has not been clarified so far, and the other hand does not seem to be robbing. Even if the marines have an obligation to catch the pirates, it has to be divided into different situations. At present, the strength of the marines was not as good as the pirates. How can the marines dare to start first?

The same was for the Krieg Pirates, who had been informed by Krieg before they came to do not start the fight with the marines, because once the marines soldiers suffered huge casualties, they would bring the wrath of Vice Admiral Garp who was still in the East Blue, and would be destroyed even if they run the end of the world!

Although Krieg was arrogant, he was afraid of the legendary marines soldier, Garp.

The marines couldn’t move forward, they can only choose to shout first. A Captain-ranked marine, holding a megaphone, shouted to the pirates, “You have been surrounded, immediately put down your weapons!”

When Ian arrived, he just heard this shout. It was a strange feeling. The police seemed to act like that when they shouted at the criminals in the movies, but he never saw any criminals surrender after this shout.

Sure enough, as soon as the words were shouted out, the pirates on one side of the Krieg Pirate Regiment immediately answered.

“Go away! We’re not coming to trouble you!”

“Yeah! If you want to stay alive, leave the place! “

“So what? We know you’re the marines! The Krieg Pirates have never been afraid of you!”

The pirates did not buy it, and the captain of the marines was very embarrassed. The head of the base in Loguetown had just been transferred, but Colonel Smoker had not arrived yet. As a result, a big event happened suddenly. The highest rank of the base was him, but he can do nothing to them. He gritted his teeth and wanted to order his soldiers to attack. But he was afraid that he could not afford the consequences, so he hesitated for a while.

In this eerie atmosphere, Ian and Ace squeezed out the marine soldiers and walked into the encirclement.

A marine soldier found them and quickly grabbed them back and said, “What are you doing? Get out of here immediately, it’s not something ordinary people can get involved in! Are you just going to die to see this event closely?”

“Rest assured!” Ian patted him on the shoulder and said, “These pirates are looking for me, and we are not ordinary people!”

In the eyes of the marine soldier, Ian and Ace squeezed out the crowd and stood in the field.

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes concentrated on two people.

“Who are you?” A pirate asked foolishly.

Ian grabbed his hat and pressed it down tightly. Then he smiled and said, “Aren’t you looking for me? So I’m here!”

“Looking for you? You…” the same pirate who spoke did not respond, but somehow, he looked at the smile on Ian’s face and suddenly had a cold sweat, and then he couldn’t speak anymore.

Ignoring the stunned pirate, Ian went to Johnny and Yosaku lying on the ground and squatted down to see their situation.

Johnny and Yosaku were badly beaten. If they hadn’t breathed weakly, Ian would think that they were dead. When Ian tapped Johnny gently, he heard Johnny whisper, “I’m not going to say…I won’t say…” (T-T)

He was completely unconscious, but he still said such words unconsciously, which made Ian’s eyes more and more gloomy.

Seeing Ian’s action, the pirates finally realized that this kid wearing the bear’s ear cap was the third pirate hunter that Don Krieg had asked them to look for!

“Go! Kill him!”

The pirates burst out all of a sudden, shouting and rushing to Ian.

However, when the nearest pirates rushed to the front of Ian, they suddenly saw several cuts flashing. The next second, the fastest pirates, suddenly disintegrated!

Some of them were divided into two halves from the top of their heads vertically. Others were cut from their lower and upper bodies. No matter what kind of situation, they all had one thing in common. They were all cut into two parts by Ian!

The fleeting blood sprayed out in an instant after the disintegration of the pirates. The scene was like a blood rain. The dripping blood stained Ian. He raised his head with his long sword and looked at the pirates with a grin.

“I’m in a bad mood today, so your bounty… I don’t want it!” (The End! I’m not translating anymore ^^)