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S.C.S Chapter 57: Jajanken

Not to mention the pirates, even the marine soldiers in the rear were frightened by the sudden bloody scene.

Five pirates rushed up and fell down into ten pieces. The bright red color on the scene was so demolishing to the spirit that some marine soldiers who’re psychologically weak stooped and vomited.

Even Ace was somewhat uncomfortable. He frowned at Ian. He only thought that Ian was horrific at this time, because when they were fighting, Ian was completely like another person.

However, it was not over yet. Ian actually took the initiative to confront the Krieg Pirates.

Even if he was mentally exhausted and unable to use his Nen or skills, but Ian was still a swordsman who has been practicing the sword for so many years. Every time he pulls his sword, he practices it for thousands of times, refined it to the extreme, and he also has the power and speed bonus brought by his cards. At this time, he acted as a bloodthirsty beast among the pirates. Every move, every time the sword flashes, will bring a pirate’s scream, while letting the blood of his wound spill out!

Before Ace had followed him, Ian had cut down dozens of pirates in an instant, and all of them were killed with one blow. At this time, the sword of the Blademaster Samuro finally exerted its power, the brutal style of chopping, which was vividly displayed by Ian at this moment, every enemy who dared to stand in front of him has fallen in two halves!

The blood was the prelude to killing, and the screaming was the note of fear. At this time, Ian, who is walking in the Plaza, showed no mercy at all, and slaughtered every pirate in his vision. Regard who he was, just slashed them all!

In fact, Ian doesn’t really want to kill people. After all, he was a person who travels through peaceful societies. Besides, he has been staying in a quiet village-like Frost Moon Village. So Ian has always had his own moral bottom line. For the pirates he caught, the most usual thing was just wounding them. Even for Cabaji who he hated, Ian was kinda merciful with him. Otherwise, Cabaji would be cut in half by now.

But not willing to kill doesn’t mean that he was unable to do it. After seeing the tragedy of Johnny and Yosaku, Ian finally could not help but burst out in a fury!

Yeah, Johnny and Yosaku were like nobody. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, they are only indispensable characters. If they didn’t interfere when the pirates wanted to rob Ian, they would not even have intersected with him.

However, it was these two little guys who were reluctant to give Ian’s information because of their loyalty, which led to the tragic Revenge of the Krieg Pirates.

‘Isn’t it natural for a pirate hunter to catch pirates?’

‘They just stick to their beliefs. What’s wrong with that, and they didn’t need to be treated like this? Is it just because they are weak and you are strong that they can abuse others so badly?’

‘In that case, I’m stronger than you all, and I don’t need compassion for you either!’

In this pirate world, everyone has his own goal. Zoro and Kuina live for their dreams, Buggy lives for his treasures, Ace lives for his freedom, and Ian!? When he came to this world, he once lost his mind looking for it, but he could not find his goal. But today, just at this moment, Ian finally realized that he wanted to live for his strength!

By the time, Ian, who was immersed in killing and thinking, came back to the world, and found that the square was full of corpses. The more than 500 pirates, who had gathered here by Krieg’s orders, in such a short time, 140 men were killed by Ian!

The red blood, like a brook, was enough to flow in the square, but the sun has risen at this moment, and the rising temperature made the bloody smell on the square more intense.

The few pirates who fell in front of Ian were so frightened that their legs were weak and knelt down that they thought they were going to die. But when Ian suddenly stopped, their spirit was relaxed, they could no longer hold themselves, several pirates even wetted their crotch.

The violent action made Ian’s stamina was rapidly depleted. He gasped, twisted his long sword, and looked around at all the pirates.

Every pirate he watched trembled in unison. They had been stunned by Ian’s killing spree before they finally recovered.

“De… The Devil!!!!”

The rest of the pirates gave a loud scream, and immediately dispersed!

When they fled, tears and snots ran down. Although they were also pirates licking the blood from their swords, how had they ever seen such a brutal slaughtering? No one could stop this devil’s sword in the field, and all who dares to face him turns into pieces and dies immediately, so the remaining pirates have only one thought, that is, to escape! Escape from this devil as far as possible!

However, at this time, a loud roar stopped them from escaping.

“Where are you going?”

As for the voice of their leader, the members of the Krieg Pirates were naturally familiar with it. Krieg’s long-standing majesty prevented the pirates from fleeing and looked in the direction of the voice.

On the other direction of the square, the hegemonic pirate of the East Blue, Krieg, appeared, dressed in golden armor, followed by several cadres of his pirates, and finally, with hundreds of men, they appeared in everyone’s eyes.

He crossed the marines’ encirclement, but no marine soldier dared to attack him. Instead, they were frightened and stepped back, allowing him to pass easily.

“Captain Krieg, you are finally here!”

The pirates who wanted to escape just now wept bitterly and felt that their leader had appeared in time. Their thoughts of running away faded. At the same time, they shouted, “Captain, you have to avenge us! That kid is demonic!”

“Shut up!” Krieg roared again, so his pirates did not speak.

When he came to Ian, Krieg naturally saw the bodies on that place and said to Ian with a gloomy face, “Did you do this?”

He was not worried about his men, feared that they had been in conflict with the marines, so he intended to come and see. However, as soon as he arrived, he saw that his men wanted to run away.

The fear of running away was naturally derived from this kid in the bear’s ear hat…

Ian didn’t answer him, looked askew at his gold armor, and then at the diamond glove in his hand. Suddenly he smiled and said, “Your head, I want it!”

After that, Ian went straight to Krieg.

However, at that moment, an iron shield suddenly came out from the side, blocking Ian’s chopping. Ian looked over and saw a funny-looking fellow, “Get out of the captain’s side.”

The man had two large iron plates covering his front and backside, plus some smaller same shields in his left and right hands, and a round Pearl-shaped hat on his head. The whole person was dressed weird.

Needless to say, this man was naturally the cadre of the Krieg Pirates, Pearl the Iron Wall!

“How dare you attacking our leader!” Pearl crooked his mouth and laughed, “Let me deal with you!”

The members of the Krieg Pirates also cheered him up in time, shouting the name of the Iron Wall Pearl!

Pearl slammed two shields in his hands and made a squeaky metal noise. He said, “My defense is invincible. So far, I have never been hurt in battle!”

However, before Ian spoke, a foot suddenly flew over and kicked Pearl directly in the face, knocking him down.

Ian turned his head and found that it was Ace who kicked him. He picked his nose and said to Ian, “I thought you were going to finish them all by yourself, but I didn’t expect that there would time for me to fight!”

Pearl got up from the ground, felt a pain in his cheeks, spit out a bloody tooth, and he was shocked.

“Blood… Blood!!!” Pearl’s whole body trembled, the most unfortunate thing he had seen was that he was bleeding!

“Pearl’s dangerous, dangerous!” He shouted to himself, then suddenly burst into flames and shouted at Ace, “I’m going to kill you!”

Ian was too lazy to look at the fool and said to Ace, “You handle him!”

“No problem!” Ace leaned over and held his hat. “But it’s fire again. Am I so related to fire?” (T/N: You didn’t say XD)

When Ace had already hit Pearl, Ian did not expect Krieg to come forward. Indeed a man came up with a short hair, a gray headband with blue stripes design, holding a special pair of Tonfa weighted with metal spheres, and looked at Ian with a bloodthirsty, exciting smile on his face.

“Wow! It’s Gin the Man-Demon! Ah Gin, he’s going to fight him!” The Krieg pirates cheered.

Ian naturally knew who Gin was. He looked up at the tall Krieg and jokingly said, “Are you going to let your men come out one by one and fight for you like this?”

Krieg’s mouth twitched and laughed: “Many of my men are really powerful, aren’t they?”

During the conversation, Gin, the Cold-Hearted Demon, made a move. The heavy metal Tonfa suddenly came to Ian’s chest, and even made a whistling sound. Obviously, the power attached to it was not weak.

Gin seemed to be very confident about his attack, but it did not occur to him that Ian did not evade from it at all, but he cut off the metal Tonfa with a swift swing of his sword!

Ian was faster than him, stronger than him. After cutting Gin’s weapon with one blow, Ian immediately slipped behind Gin and crossed his waist and abdomen with the long sword in his hands.

Gin looked unbelievably at the huge wound cut in his abdomen. Ian’s movements were so fast just now that he couldn’t respond to it!

(It has recently become a popular word used by game players, meaning defeating your enemy in seconds.)

And when Gin fell while clutching his belly, Ace and Pearl also separated the outcome. Pearl was beaten down black and blue by Ace and then fainted. After all, Ace fought with his fists and feet, but he did not kill him.

This time, Krieg was muddled. He never thought that his two most competent cadres could not even sustain them for a while!

Whether it is Ace or Ian, their strength was higher than Luffy and Zoro when they went out to sea. The so-called cadres of the Krieg Pirates were not much better than the average ones in front of them.

“Now there’s only one left. Are you going to finish him or am I!? I just fought for a little bit…” Ace went up to Ian and asked.

Ian thought for a moment and said, “Shall we play Jajanken?” (Rock Paper Scissors)

“Good idea!” Ace gave a thumbs-up compliment.

Then the two of them played it in front of countless pirates and marines. They didn’t take Krieg seriously as the overlord of the East Blue. (You can support me on my Patreon page and read more chapters on