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S.C.S Chapter 58: Wonderful Misunderstanding

Krieg was irritated and angry by what Ian and Ace did. How could he just watch them playing Jajanken to decide who’s going to fight him?

He raised his cloak behind him, on both shoulders, waist, and hands, a lot of guns appeared, and fired them directly at Ian!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Four bullets were fired at the two men, but Ian and Ace seemed to be joking, but in fact, they kept an eye on Krieg. When they saw him shooting, they immediately dodged the bullets.

Ian shielded the bullets with his long sword while dodging, so he was all right, but Ace was slightly injured. As he rolled over, a shot flew across his face, leaving a line of blood on his face.

“Oh, he’s so dangerous!” Ace wiped the blood on his face and said to Ian: “Forget it, this guy is handed over to you!”

After that, he left Ian and Krieg, turned around and ran back, and lifted Johnny and Yosaku, who were still lying on the ground.

Ace also recognized the two men and knew that they were two guys who he had been beaten down yesterday. Although he did not understand their relationship with Ian, he saw that they were seriously injured, and he took them away from the scene.

At this time, Ian and Krieg started the battle. Ian rushed straight ahead and tentatively stabbed him. However, Krieg did not evade it and let Ian’s long sword pierced his waist.

With a tinkle, the tip of the sword touched Krieg’s golden armor and couldn’t penetrate it.

“Don’t waste your energy!” Krieg sneered: “My armor is not made of ordinary steel, but of special alloys! Swords can’t damage it!”

On hearing this, Ian was disappointed, looked scornfully at Krieg, and said, “What the heck! Looking at the glittering gold, I thought your armor was really made of real gold! I did not expect it turned out to be an Alloy, you made me happy for nothing. I thought that you had no money to act as a local tyrant. This golden color won’t be painted on by you, is it!??”

“You…!” Krieg wanted to pretend to be pushy, but Ian hit him directly in the face, and for a while, his blue veins popped out on his forehead.

Taking advantage of his height, he punched Ian in the head from above. Ian tried to resist it by his blade, but Krieg hit him on the top of the sword and almost shocked the sword in his hand and made it flew out.

Krieg’s fist was studded with hard diamonds, and it had a strange power. If he hits a man’s head with such a fist, it will break his skull directly.

When Ian received Krieg’s attack, he immediately realized that he was underestimating this fellow. With this strength alone, Krieg was no less than him. He did not know how to use his skills without the Nen. He has to rely on his sword alone, fearing that it would be so difficult to break his armor.

So Ian shifted his attack position and suddenly accelerated his sword and chopped it at Krieg’s leg!

Krieg, with a subtle smirk on his face, raised his leg, and kicked Ian.

Ian’s sword fell on the calf kicked by Krieg, but the familiar metal noise rang again. Krieg hid under his trousers the same armor! Ian didn’t expect this at all, and his blade couldn’t be cut in. Instead, he was kicked in the face and flew out.

“Ha-ha-ha!” Krieg walloped him and laughed wildly. “Do you think I’m going to leave that obvious flaw?”

The pirates, who were watching, immediately cheered loudly. It was that kid who killed so many of them, but he had no chance to touch their leader.

Ian got up from the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. He felt that his cheeks numb. He looked at the position of Krieg’s leg where he chopped him. Although his trousers were damaged, they showed the same golden reflection. Krieg really wrapped himself up in his armor.

‘How insecure are you?’

Ian raised his head and looked at Krieg’s head. Now it seems that this was the only place where he had no protection.

However, before Ian struck again, he suddenly felt a dangerous sense and jumped out of place unconsciously.

Just as he jumped away, a vast explosion had happened in the place he had just stayed.

Boom! The blast of the explosion struck, so that Ian, who was in the air, was directly blown out, the force wrapped in the airwaves made his whole body has been squeezed.

He understood that the explosion just happened was definitely a shell! Someone attacked him with a cannonball!

But it’s absolutely impossible to be the guy, Krieg. He just kicked him down, and Ian didn’t see him make any movement!?

Just as Ian got up gray-faced, a familiar laugh rang out: “Gyahahahaha! Boy with bear ear cap, the shells taste good, right?”

Turning his head, Ian found a group of people at another street corner behind him. The leader, wearing a captain’s cap, had a gray-white bone Pattern crossing his forehead and a round, big red nose underneath the Pattern.

“Buggy!!??” Ian was shocked. Although he had heard about Buggy’s escape when he met Garp, he never expected that he would appear here!

Buggy was surrounded by cannons. It seemed that the shell had just been fired from the biggest cannon. He was followed by Mohji and Cabaji, and the lion Richie was also there.

Krieg was also surprised by the explosion, when he heard Ian screaming, he turned to look at Buggy.

Although he has not yet met with Buggy, he also knows the name of the Buggy Pirates. As some of the more famous pirate regiments in the East Blue, their leader was on the wanted list of the marines.

But he did not know why did the Buggy Pirates had appeared here and what do they want, so he kept silent for a while and watched the development of the situation.

The marine soldiers on the periphery, however, were sweating even more. That’s bad. The Krieg Pirates came to the town. Now even the Buggy Pirate has appeared. Because of the escape of the Buggy Pirate two days ago, Buggy’s reward amount has been updated. He has also become one of the pirates who have more than 10 million bounties. Now there were two pirate groups with a high bounty. This won’t end well, isn’t it!?

“Captain, what shall we do?” A marine soldier asked the captain Mashikaku quietly.

The captain did not know what to do. The marines in Loguetown had a hard time dealing with the Krieg pirates. Now, with Buggy’s group, the marines had no chance to win against them.

“Listen, don’t shoot!” Mashikaku’s forehead was covered with sweat, and he whispered: “It seems that both regiments of pirates have come to seek revenge from the pirate hunter. Now we can only hope that they will retreat voluntarily after taking revenge!”

The soldier gazed at him and said: “Is that … Is that right? That man is a pirate hunter. Why don’t we help him?”

Mashikaku grabbed his collar while gritting his teeth. “Help him? Can you tell me how can we help him? Make all the soldiers press them together? Have you ever thought about the consequences? If we fail, the whole town will be ransacked by these two groups!”

The soldier immediately understood the situation and started sweating too.

Mashikaku let go of him and said in dismay, “Now we can only pray for the pirate hunter. I hope he doesn’t die here…”


“It’s a surprise! Kid!” Buggy laughed for a while, then suddenly revealed a black lacquered key in his hand and said, “What do you think is this?”

Ian didn’t recognize it at first, but then he remembered his lost Seastone key and said in surprise, “That’s my key. How did you get it?”

“You really want it?” Buggy proudly said, “But I just won’t give it… Eeehhh!!!?????”

Before he had finished his sentence, Buggy suddenly saw that Ian was standing there alone, with his eyes popped out and he kept screaming. At the same time, he grabbed the skinny pirate and put his big red nose on the pirate’s face. He gritted his teeth and said, “Didn’t you say that he was handcuffed to another man?!”

The skinny pirate, who had just promoted, was so frightened that he was about to wet his pants that he stammered, “Bu… Captain Buggy! I really didn’t… I’m not mistaken!”

“Not mistaking!!!” Buggy roared, spitting: “Then where’s the other man!!??”

How would he know that, until this morning, Ian and Ace were still together, but because Ian cut the chain with Sword of the Darkness Flame, so that problem was solved. When Ian was bombarded with a large shell from afar, Buggy did not notice whether Ian was alone or not. But now after he realized that, the first reaction was that he was deceived by his man!

But fortunately, Mohji came out to solve the problem. He said to Buggy, “Captain, look at that kid’s wrist, it seems that the handcuffs are still there!”

Buggy covered his eyes with his hands and looked at them carefully, as if that were the case.

Buggy covered his eyes with his hands in the shape of scope and looked closely, and he finally found it right!

Without the key, although the chain can be cut off, but that wrist part can not be damaged because the Seastone there was thicker. Buggy was relieved to see that. He laughed again with his hands on his waist. “Boy, I know you have Kairōseki handcuffs on your hand. You are a devil fruit user, so what can you do while you’re handcuffed with Kairōseki?”

The Buggy Pirates also laughed and said, “Yeah, That’s right! Where is your flame?”

Krieg listened with amazement and stared at Ian strangely. If Buggy did not say that he wouldn’t know that Ian was a devil fruit user. With that in mind, Krieg’s mouth showed another rapacious smirk!

Ian scratched his head. ‘How did that happen? I have just used all of my Nen. Why does Buggy think that I can’t use my flame, is it because I’m handcuffed by the Kairōseki?’

He didn’t know how to tell him. If he was told that it was a wonderful misunderstanding, would Buggy lose confidence in his IQ?