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S.C.S Chapter 59: 2VS2

Buggy did not know what Ian was thinking about in his heart at that moment and saw that he did not speak and thought he had poked pain in his critical point, which made him laugh more happily.

“Boy!” Buggy smiled and said, “You know what? Being confined in the marine base for those two days, I have been thinking about my revenge on you all the time. Now the opportunity has finally come to see you handcuffed by the Kairōseki. How can you take me now?”

After that, he took out a shell and stuffed it in from the cannon. Then he pointed to Ian’s position and shouted, “Fire!”

A member of the Buggy Pirates, holding a torch, ignited the fuse of the cannon’s stern, ‘boom,’ and the shell flew out!

Ian had left when he saw the ignition, but the shell still landed accurately where he had just been. That was why Buggy moved his cannons to the land. Without the shaking on the ships caused by the sea waves, the shell fired by the Buggy’s pirates was very accurate!

“Go on! Kept firing!” Buggy did not stop, commanding his men to continue their attack on Ian, and there were some violent explosions in the square of the execution platform.

The sound of the cannonballs spread far and wide, and people in the whole town could hear it. It caused people to panic more and more. Those who wanted to escape were running to the dock, but those who could not escape were shivering around their relatives at their houses.

The two ports on Loguetown, East and West, were filled with people who wanted to flee. They huddled together in a panic. Every boat was crowded with passengers. Even so, there were still people waving Berries bills in their hands, begging for a place.

These residents and passengers were all focusing on the escape, and did not notice that there was a huge warship on the sea at this time!

This was a marine headquarters with three-mast, the ship was painted with blue and white camouflage stripes, the huge sails were painted with the marine’s flag pattern.

A man with messy hair was standing at the bow of the warship, holding a telescope to watch the riots at the port of Loguetown. He put two cigars in his mouth for a few times, puffed out a huge cloud of smoke and said: “Am I wrong? Is this the Loguetown where I’m supposed to take charge? There are a lot of people fleeing, and explosions in the town, what is the matter?”

No one could answer him, but just then, a short black-haired female marine soldier rushed out of the cabin. She was wearing a tight black jacket with a sword at her waist and a pair of glasses on her face but pushed them over her forehead. If Ian and Zoro were there, if they saw this swordswoman, they would be surprised when they see her because she looks so like Kuina!

As soon as she came out, she immediately saluted a man and said, “Colonel Smog, you have contacted the navy in Rogge Town by telephone…”

As soon as she came out, she immediately saluted a man and said, “Colonel Smoker, I have contacted the marines in Loguetown…”

Before she finished speaking, she heard Smoker saying, “Sergeant Tashigi, put on your glasses and talk!”

Tashigi quickly put on her glasses and immediately found out that the person who she reported to was wrong. Standing in front of her was a marine soldier with a dumbfounded expression.

“Oh!… Excuse me!” Tashigi stood in front of Smoker and said, “Colonel Smoker, there are now two groups of pirates in Loguetown. One is the biggest pirates’ fleet in the East Blue, the Krieg Pirates, and the other is the Buggy Pirates who escaped from prison two days ago. These two groups of pirates are now making trouble in the town, The riots in the town are caused by them!”

“What about the marines in Loguetown? Why don’t they catch these pirates?” Smoker asked.

Tashigi hesitated a little and answered, “The… The town’s marines reported that they are not strong enough…”

“Huh, our army is not strong enough?” Smoker snorted coldly, “Wouldn’t it be that they are afraid of these pirates? Such soldiers call themselves marines?”

Before he came ashore, Smoker had a bad impression of the marines of Loguetown, but he knew that there was no one to reprimand here, so he ordered, “Speed up! Go to Loguetown Immediately!”

“Hai Sir!” The marine soldiers standing on the deck immediately responded in unison.

Though there was only one ship, Smoker was going to take charge there, so he brought dozens of good former subordinates. There was more than 200 person on the warship, all of whom were elite soldiers of the marine headquarters!

This time, Loguetown was going to be more heated…


Ian was constantly avoiding the shells fired by Buggy. Although the cannonballs were very accurate, he could move freely after all. It was impossible for him to stand still on the same spot and be bombed foolishly. Buggy fired several shells and failed to hit him.

Buggy did not use the special Buggy shells, but Ian was also surprised by the power of these shells. This kind of solid shells seemed to be low-tech. At first, Ian mistook it for a medieval pirate thing. But when Ian came into contact with it, he found out that was not right. Look at these round shells were not noticeable, but in fact, apart from some shrapnel, the power of the explosion was quite fierce!

There wasn’t a good way to hide from them, Ian kept thinking about what should he do. After dodging some shells, he suddenly moved and ran to Krieg.

Krieg had just been watching the event. Since Buggy started, he was not in a hurry to fight Ian. But when Ian suddenly came to him, Krieg was stunned for a moment…

“No… Not good!” Krieg suddenly remembered, turned his head, and sure enough! That guy Buggy fired a shell in his direction!

Krieg wearing the golden armor, although its protection was enough, but the disadvantages of heavy armor were obvious, his speed was not good enough! When the shell came, Ian escaped easily, but Krieg could not run away. The shell fell at his feet and exploded!

Fortunately, Krieg held his arms to protect himself during the explosion, so although he was blown out, he was fine.

He stood up and yelled at Buggy, “What are you doing?”

Buggy sneered and said, “I’m bombarding that kid with cannonballs! What are you doing standing there?? I didn’t know you were hiding!?”

As soon as this was said, the Buggy Pirates laughed aloud. It was normal that these group of pirates were not satisfied with each other. Although the Krieg Pirates were known as the hegemony of the East Blue, the Buggy Pirates had never admitted it. Now their captain, Buggy, was also a ten million class pirate, and his reward was no worse than Krieg’s. So naturally, the Buggy Pirates won’t take Krieg Pirates into account!

“You Bastard! A clown-like fellow!” Krieg gritted his teeth, waved his hand, and shouted to his men, “Teach them a lesson!”

Members of the Krieg Pirates Regiment, who had been watching the fighting between Krieg and Ian, received orders from their leader, immediately shouted and rushed towards Buggy’s Pirates. They had been only watching the battle between Krieg and Ian, but now they finally got something to do.

“Teach me a lesson?” Buggy sneered, “Guys! Let them see how powerful the Buggy Pirates are!”

So, the two groups of pirates immediately started clashing!

Ian, as well as the marines around them, were a little dumbfounded at this time. How did this happen? How did he start a fight between these two groups of pirates?

What about their revenge?

They felt weird, but Krieg and Buggy didn’t feel anything. That’s what pirates do. They also look forward to the death of their fellow pirates. Sometimes they want to rob each other’s treasures, let alone fight. It was simple, “I kill you, or you’ll kill me.”

The people under them were fighting together, then Krieg and Buggy looked at each other from afar, and the two leaders knew what to do, so they all looked at Ian.

Buggy said: “Let’s get rid of this kid first, do you agree?”

Krieg nodded: “I agree!”

As for the marines around, both of them had selectively forgotten that they had been deterred by the way the soldiers cowered and dared not shoot.

Krieg took out a large round shield and held it in his hand. On the shield marked by the skull of the Krieg Pirates. Suddenly, that shield turned to a machine gun-like fashion. The next second, numerous large sharp javelins were fired from the gaps and headed straight for Ian.

“Needle Machine Gun!”

Ian’s eyes were condensed, and he blocked these dart with his sword. These javelins were shot down one by one, but Krieg was really insidious. When the harpoons were fired, they were mixed with a small shell, Ian accidentally cut a shell, and it suddenly blew up.

On the other hand, Buggy also aimed his cannon at Ian, who had fallen to the ground. Everyone under his command went to fight with the Krieg pirates. Buggy could only operate the cannon himself, but before he could ignite it, a fist suddenly reached out beside him and struck him on his big red nose!

It was Ace who smashed it. He said angrily, “Heyyyy, have you forgotten me?”

“Who are you?” Buggy’s nose was sore, and tears flowed out quickly, and he asked Ace with anger.

Ace raised his thumb and pointed to Ian’s position behind him. Then he gestured to Buggy about the handcuffs he had left on his wrist and said, “I’m his friend. We’re together! You have the key to these handcuffs. Sorry, I have to get it back! “

“Want to get the key? It depends on whether you have the strength to do that!” Buggy roared: “Bara Bara Ho Kirihanashi!” (“Split Split Cannon Dismember”)

With his wrist detached, his fist with four knives flew towards Ace.

The battles on both sides have begun, and the two-to-two fight has already taken shape…