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S.C.S Chapter 60: Catch them all!

Originally in the Manga, Ace met Buggy only after joining the White Bearded Pirates. It was several years later, but now because of Ian’s involvement, Ace has met Buggy in advance and started a fight.

Unlike Ian, Ace fights with his fists and feet. Buggy was unlucky to face him. Although his split fruit can split his body into many pieces, no matter how he splits, these parts of his body were always venerable entities. This is a typical Feature of Paramecia fruit. He wasn’t afraid when facing Ian’s chopping. But when it comes to Ace’s fists, they were so easy beating him!

And most importantly, Ace now has a rudimentary grasp of the way to use the Kenbunshoku Haki. Even if Buggy’s split arm wants to attack him, it can’t be effective. Ace could always easily escape them.

So the battle between Ace and Buggy was basically be said to be no suspense. As for the duration of the battle, it depends on how much Buggy can resist Ace’s punches.

On the other side, Ian and Krieg, on the other side, had some trouble fighting.

When Ian met Garp, he fought Colonel Bogard, the intelligence officer, and he wounded him in his defensive state “Tekkai” by winding the Nen around his blade. But the Tekkai could not really turn the Human body into steel. Now Krieg wears an armor made of an alloy harder than steel.

The Kairōseki handcuffs must be opened. Otherwise, whether it was Ian or Ace, it would be so inconvenient for them to fight, but Ian has used all of his Nen and can only fight Krieg with simple swordsmanship.

He couldn’t break Krieg’s armor, which put a lot of restrictions on Ian when he started fighting him.

At this time, Ian, a samurai transformed into an assassin, he rushed forward to Krieg, jumped high, turned upside down midair, and while he got close to him, he swung the sword in his hand aiming at Krieg’s neck, trying to hit the uncovered part of his body, using his speed advantage to kill him as soon as possible.

However, Krieg couldn’t keep up with his speed, but the targeted area was his head, which was relatively small to protect. So he held his arms to his head and absorbed the blow. Ian’s sword could only pull a spark out of his arm’s armor.

That blow didn’t work! So, when Ian was in midair, he twisted his body and struck Krieg in the back of his neck with his sword.

As a result, Krieg took a sudden step forward and increased the distance between them. Therefore, Ian’s sword wasn’t able to reach him.

“Useless!” After Ian landed, Krieg turned and smiled at him. “I know you can only attack my head, so as long as I protect it, you can’t hurt me!”

Ian snorted, and he felt that Krieg was like a big turtle. As long as he narrowed his head, there was no good way to take him down.

“Bakudan!” Krieg raised his shield and aims at Ian.

Ian thought he was going to fire another shell, so he jumped out of place. In fact, a large number of iron harpoons, these darts also included Ian’s dodging range.

Shouting a skill name and using another skill! Krieg used this sinister trick to deceive Ian. Although Ian responded to it and tried to block those darts, he was damaged by a lot of them, leaving bloodstains on his shoulders and legs.

“Humph! See!” Krieg sneered: “I have an invincible defense, and countless weapons, I am the strongest, you can never defeat me!”

Ian shook his head and said, “I’m too lazy to talk with you!”

‘The Heck! I have a super card system, and I don’t dare to say that I am very strong, you are not even a Devil Fruit user, relying only on little weapons and equipment, and dares to call yourself the strongest?’

‘You can roar this in East Blue at most. If you dare to say that on the Grand Line, you will be killed in minutes!’

“You…!” Ian despised him again. Krieg couldn’t help it anymore. Suddenly, he took off his two shoulder shields and smashed them together to get his strongest weapon. He shouted, “Now I’ll kill you. I’m going to show everybody what it’s like to rebel against Krieg!”

Ian was gasping slightly, not answering his words, just thinking, ‘is it really necessary to use that trick?’

‘Forget it. Anyway, they have been calling me a monster, so a little weirder, it seems nothing at all…’

Just as both Ian and Krieg wanted to make their final blow, there was a sudden change in the field, and a lot of white smoke suddenly filled the square!

The white smokes seem to be consciously crossed the perimeter of the marine soldiers and went straight to the members of the Krieg and the Buggy Pirates who were fighting, and the pirates who were touched by the white smoke seemed to be tightened by ropes and could not move.

“What… What is this?”

“Ah, help! I can’t breathe!”

The pirates screamed as soon as the thick white smoke appeared, they couldn’t fight anymore. After seeing the tragedy of others, they quickly tried to avoid the smoke.

However, it was still useless. More and more pirates were surrounded by these white smokes, and then they were tightly tied together.

“What’s going on?” Krieg also noticed the scene.

Ian knew what was going on, but he was equally surprised: “White Hunter Smoker? Isn’t he supposed to arrive tomorrow? How could he suddenly appear here?”

Sure enough, the marine soldiers on the peripheral were suddenly separated in the road, where they could see a man with a cigar, and his arms had turned into rolling smoke.

Behind him, a large number of marine soldiers were rushing in. These were the elite soldiers brought by Smoker. As soon as they enter the square, they immediately catch the pirates trapped by Smoker and tie them together with ropes.

The marines from Loguetown’s base recognized Smoker and saluted him immediately, but Smoker said angrily, “Look at you guys! Where are the marines!? Watching pirates make trouble, Are all the guns in your hands furnished?!”

No one dared answer, a lot of them bowed their heads in shame, but somehow, all the soldiers in Loguetown, including the former captain, were quietly relieved.

The new supervisor has come, and he has brought support, so Loguetown should be saved now!

After two sentences of scolding, Smoker went silence. He also saw the situation in the field. The number of pirates was much more than the marines. Naturally, he also understood the difficulties of the town marines. So he did not embarrass them anymore. He said, “Aren’t you going to help catching these pirates!”

“Ah! Hai sir!” The marine soldiers of Loguetown hurried to a standpoint, and then went behind to help the other soldiers.

The sound of gunfire began to ring, and the marines finally fired, killing any pirates who dared to resist directly.

Smoker noticed the sharp bloodstains in the middle of the square. Even he couldn’t bear to look straight at the bodies. He turned his head and asked, “What happened to those people?”

The former captain answered, “Colonel Smoker, the young man with the long sword, is a pirate hunter. Both the Krieg and the Buggy pirates came to him for revenge, and the pile of corpses on the ground was made by the pirate hunter!”

Smoker stared at him and said, “You mean, he killed so many pirates by himself!”

“Yes!” The captain nodded.

Smoker went silent and stared closely at Ian in the field. When he saw his hat, his heart suddenly struck.

“What does this guy have to do with that tyrant Kuma?” For the first time, Smoker thought, “So rude to pirates, this behavior is exactly the same as Kuma!”

As a colonel of the headquarters, Smoker naturally knows about Bartholomew Kuma, so naturally, he has heard about this “tyrant” of Shichibukai. Although he was a pirate, Bartholomew Kuma was a nightmare of many pirates. He seems to really hate pirates, and almost all the pirates he meets were killed and shipwrecked. He’s the person who has the ability to keep the atmosphere compressed and burst out in an instant. It’s a terrible trick called “Ursus Shock.” The destructive power is from the first-class. The scene where Kum has fought is usually as if being torn by a hurricane, not to mention the ships, or even the huge rocks can be destroyed by him easily. The worst thing that a pirate can encounter in the sea was HIM.

It was for this reason that Kuma won the title of “tyrant.”

Smoker knew about Kuma, but what he didn’t expect was that he saw a young pirate Hunter wearing the same hat as Kuma, who treated the pirate in the same brutal and cruel way.

Smoker didn’t see what happened before, so he didn’t know what made Ian so angry at that time. It might not be enough to have the same hat, but even his behavior was a bit like Kuma, it’s not a coincidence. So at first glance, when he arrived, he equated Ian with the tyrant Kuma!

Turning around, Smoker also saw Ace and Buggy, and then asked about Ace’s identity, but for Ace, the marines in the town did not know much. After all, Ace has just got out to the sea. He was the only member and the creator of The Spade Pirate, so the marines there could only classify him as Ian’s friend, they thought that Ace was also a pirate hunter.

“Catch them all!” Smoker thought and made a decision.

The marine soldiers were stunned and asked carefully, “Should we catch those two pirate hunters?”

“All of them!” Smoker nodded affirmatively and said, “Even if they were pirate hunters, they caused the riot after all, so they had to give an explanation!”