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S.C.S Chapter 61: He’s mine!

When Smoker gave the order, the marine soldiers immediately took action.

Ace had already beaten Buggy and made his nose and face swollen. He had just stooped to pick up the Seastone key that had fallen from him. Suddenly, a marine soldier opened fire on the ground in front of him. Ace was shocked. He looked up and found several marine soldiers pointing their guns at him.

“What are you doing?” Ace was stunned. He was helping Ian fight these pirates. Wasn’t he supposed to be on the right side?

“This is Colonel Smoker’s order!” A marine soldier said to Ace, “Although you are a pirate hunter, we have to catch you all!”

Ace was surrounded by them, so he pulled his hat and shouted at Ian, “I’m sorry, Ian, the marines are going to catch me! I’m leaving! You can find the letter to the old man at the hotel, go and pick it yourself!”

“Let’s meet again in the future.”

Ace finally dropped this sentence and ran out!

The marines never thought that Ace would run. They were totally confused. Ace was not a pirate hunter, but a pirate. How could he be willing to be arrested by the marines? It’s strange not to run!

When they reacted and wanted to catch up, they found that Ace’s speed was beyond their expectation.

But just then, a cloud of white smoke floated over and wandered toward Ace. Smoker stared at him and Ian, when he saw that Ace was about to run, he made his own move.

“What is this?” As he watched himself entangled in a burst of smoke, Ace had not understood at first. When Smoker tightened up, he was suddenly strangled at the waist.

“Oh… Sh*t!” Ace reached out and tried to open the white smoke, but his hand was passed through it.

“Don’t resist, it’s useless!” Smoker looked at the scene from afar and laughed, “I’m a Logia Devil Fruit user.”

As a result, Smoker did catch him, but in his struggle, the Kairōseki handcuffs on Ace’s wrist suddenly touched the white smoke, which immediately made Smoker unstable and venerable, then Ace broke out easily!

“Huh!” Ace was somewhat surprised that the handcuffs still had this effect, so he was not afraid at all, and continued to run forwards and headed to the harbor.

Smoker didn’t realize that there were Kairōseki handcuffs on Ace’s wrist. He knew that he might not be able to catch him at this condition.

“Who the hell is that guy? How can he have Kairōseki handcuffs on his hands?” Smoker was puzzled, but could only watch Ace leave.

In addition to Ace, many of the Krieg and Buggy pirates were also desperately fleeing. The sudden intervention of the marines prevented the two groups from fighting. The pirates’ natural fear of the marines made them want to escape unconsciously. Smoker could not only stare at Ace leaving, because the marines were not enough there. He does not know how many pirates will run away if he does not grasp them with the help of his Devil Fruit ability.

On the other hand, Ian and Krieg had not started fighting, because many marine soldiers were shooting at Krieg. In order not to be injured by stray bullets, Ian could only open a little distance, but did not expect that at this time, Ace shouted to him and told him that he was running away!

“Hey, wait…”

Ian wanted to talk to Ace, but before he could finish, a blade suddenly came toward him.

Ian waved his sword, but found a girl with a sword standing in front of him.

“Kuina!?” As soon as he saw the girl, Ian’s eyes almost popped out!

“Huh, What?” The girl who attacked Ian with a sword was also stunned and asked subconsciously.

Ian responded by saying that although she looked like Kuina, she was wearing a pair of rimmed glasses, which should be Tashigi, who was following Smoker everywhere!

“Why are you attacking me?” Ian asked angrily.

“You can’t go!” Tashigi said, “If you hadn’t brought these pirates here, Loguetown wouldn’t be in such a mess?”

“So you’re going to catch me?” Ian stared at her and said, “Are you crazy!? I’m not a pirate!”

“But you’re not a marine!” Tashigi retorted, “You have no right to enforce the law. Who told you to kill them so recklessly?”

When Ian heard this, he laughed. “I don’t have the right to enforce the law? You mean, pirates seek revenge from me, and I have to obediently let them kill me?’

“Aaah…” Tashigi was not able to answer the question for a while.

Tashigi was only an 18-year-old girl (two years older than Zoro in the original story). That is to say, she was about the same age as Ian and Kuina. Although she was already a marine sergeant at a young age, she still knows little about the world. She accepted the concept of marine justice from an early age, which made her think Ian was wrong by killing these pirates like this, but when she heard Ian’s question, she thought Ian was right when the two ideas clashed, which made her stunned.

“I don’t care!” Finally, she gritted her teeth and said, “Colonel Smoker’s order is to catch you. I’m just executing the order!”

After that, she rushed up again with her sword and swung it toward Ian.

Ian and Tashigi clashed several times, but Ian just perceived her strength, seems to be because Tashigi received the guidance of the marines swordsman instructor, so her swordsmanship seems a bit rigid, but she doesn’t know much about flexibility.

On the contrary, Ian has been practicing swordsmanship all the time, although it was only basic swordsmanship movements, but when it comes to a battle, it was handy. Tashigi’s swordsmanship wasn’t better Ian, but not much worse than Kuina.

So very quickly, Ian grabbed one of her flaws and hit her on the handle, knocked on her wrist, slamming her sword to the ground.

It seemed unexpected that she should be so easily defeated. Tashigi looked at Ian with a blank face, while holding her right wrist.

“You can rest assured!” Ian sighed and said, “No need for catching me. I won’t go. Now that Smoker is here, I still want to get my reward!”

“What reward?” Tashigi asked in a daze.

“Krieg’s head bounty!” Ian answered her, then turned around and suddenly shouted, “Krieg!”

He couldn’t do it without shouting, Krieg, a cunning fellow, was thinking of slipping away!

Not only him, but also Buggy was quietly taken away by his cadres Mohji and Cabaji. When Smoker appeared with his elite soldiers of the marine headquarters, they were so afraid, so naturally, they had to find a way to leave.

The marines’ bullets couldn’t break through Krieg’s armor, but he couldn’t challenge the marines. Although he claimed to have more than 3,000 troops, he has not brought much to Loguetown. After all, he still has to leave some men behind, most of the fellows he brought were caught by the marines. If he didn’t go now, he was afraid that he won’t be able to getaway.

He’s the leader of the Krieg pirates. He can’t be stuck here.

When Ian was entangled with Tashigi, Gin, the Man-Demon, shuddered and climbed up. Although he was wounded by Ian, he only opened his abdomen and did not die. Seeing the chaotic scene, he got up and said to Krieg, “Ca… Captain… You should go. First, I… I’ll block the marines…”

Gin, the Man-Demon, has always been loyal to Krieg. He opened his arms to block the bullets of the marines. Even though he has been seriously injured, he has not forgotten to cover Krieg.

However, Krieg was a ruthless and unjust person. When he saw Gin trying to cover him up, he didn’t even say a word. He turned around and walked away.

When Ian turned his head, he saw this scene!

Hearing Ian’s roar, Krieg turned to Ian with a smirk and sneered, “What do you want to do, boy? I’ve to let you go today. Don’t you know how to be grateful?”

“What are you talking about?” Ian pulled his hat and said disdainfully, “Do you remember what I said before? I’m going to get your bounty!”

“Hahahahaha!” Krieg laughed at Ian’s words and shouted, “You want my reward? What are you relying on? Your swordsmanship? Don’t forget, you can’t even scratch my armor!”

The conversation between the two men was very loud, so naturally, it was heard by many marine soldiers, as was Tashigi and Smoker, who have been paying attention to this.

“What is he going to do?” A marine looked at Ian with a silly expression and said to his companion, “Even our bullets can’t penetrate Krieg’s armor!”

“Yeah, did he really think that he could use his sword to cut that armor?” the other marine nodded.

Tashigi and Ian have fought, and although she admitted that Ian was better at swordsmanship than she was, she also doesn’t think that he could break Krieg’s defense.

“Is that kid an idiot?” Smoker held his cigar in his mouth and thought, “There’s nothing I can do to break Krieg’s armor even with my devil fruit. I can only catch him at most… Why is he so confident that he could take him down?”

Just when everyone thought about it, Ian erected the sword in his hand and smirked: “Who told you… I can’t cut it!?”

The next second, an extra eye had suddenly appeared on his forehead!

Tashigi was right next to him, and she was stunned when she saw it. She thought it was her myopia. She could not help rubbing her eyes.

Smoker, along with other marine soldiers, also saw it and their chins were dropped to the ground: what is that?

In fact, this sudden extra eye wasn’t just an illusion, because Ian used the Evil Eye Expert skill of Hiei’s card.

The Evil Eye Expert is a skill that can roughly perceive the strength of the opponent in its passive situation, but when it was activated, it can increase the Nen value of the host, Ian, by 100%!

This increase is temporary and takes 10% of Ian’s vitality per second. That is to say, Ian can only use this skill for 9 seconds at most!

If he isn’t done within 10 seconds, Ian’s life value will become zero, and he might actually die.

Although only 9 seconds, but this skill is very powerful. Ian did empty his Nen value, but at this moment, it was filled up, and also doubled!

Now he has 224 Nen point!

It was also the first time for Ian to use this skill. Originally, he just wanted to fill up his Nen and kill Krieg directly with the Sword of the Darkness Flame. Although his armor was so solid, the Sword of the Darkness Flame can break even the Kairōseki. There was no reason why he can’t cut his armor.

However, when Ian launched this skill, he found out that he was a little out of control. At this time, the huge amount of Nen made his brain bloated and in pain.

Nen is a very strange thing. When it is dry, it will cause mental exhaustion. When it exceeded its normal value with a large amount, it will also cause headaches. Ian did not expect this, so although he launched the Evil Eye Expert skill, he later found that he could not control the output of the Nen.

The blade of the sword burst out into flames. “The Sword of the Darkness Flame!” This was the reason why Ian just wanted to use the Evil Eye Expert. However, with the continuous Nen winding around his blade, Ian noticed that the temperature of the flame was getting hotter and hotter. The color gradually turned to a pale blue color, Ian was afraid that this might be a sign of getting out of control.

‘No, wait until I release this entire amount of Nen!’

Ian thought so, subconsciously roared, and slammed his sword forward!

Then, Tashigi, Smoker and a large number of marine soldiers, who were present, saw an amazing scene!

A blade with an incendiary flame and with Ian swinging his sword, a massive flame projectile was launched out. The flame flew so fast that when Krieg saw it, he didn’t have enough time to respond, it went straight through his body, and it didn’t stop there, the frame cut through the wooden bench behind Krieg, and once again it passed through. After hitting a building on the edge of the square, it finally disappeared!

Huh! On the stone of that building, there was a long cut mark and a strange kind of smoke…

A squeaky sound came, the Execution Platform slowly distorted, the position of the bracket cut by the sword projectile left a neat cut edge, and the uneven force caused the Execution Platform to collapse suddenly!

And Krieg, with a shocked expression, slowly fell to the ground. The hard alloy armor in front of his chest had cracked, and blood was flowing out.

When Krieg knelt down, half of his body began to slide askew to the ground. Ian’s blow divided his body in two!