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S.C.S Chapter 62: Compensation

“Ca… Captain!?”

Gin turned his head and saw the scene of Krieg kneeling down.

Members of the Krieg Pirate Regiment, who were captured and tied up in the square, were still vigorously shouting at the marines, but when they saw this scene, they were all in a state of stupefaction.

“The Captain… is dead!?”

No one wants to believe it, but it’s just like that. The upper half of Krieg’s body slowly slid down under the eyes of all the pirates.

The invincible leader, in the eyes of his Pirates, was killed when he was trying to flee…

To say that Krieg was quite successful as a leader, he did establish authority in the pirate regiment, but when he died, the chain effect appeared. As if at that moment someone had pressed a strange kind of a bottom, all the Krieg pirates, who were fighting the marine soldiers, were no longer able to resist, and their weapons fell to the ground with clatters, making it easy for the marine soldiers to knock them down and tie them up.

This has virtually reduced the casualties of many marine soldiers.

Tashigi fell on the ground and felt an urge to vomit. Although she had seen the bodies of the pirates before, she had not seen them killed. But now, it was different from that, she watched Krieg die.

At the same time, however, she looked at Ian in surprise. She had no idea that the young man who looked about her age was such a strong swordsman!

Although there are a lot of odd cannons and guns in this world, many people use cold weapons. Among them, swords were the most commonly used weapons.

The higher level the swordsmen could reach is the Tobu Zangeki, which is commonly known as the Flying Slashes.

Yes, people here don’t like to call it spiritual projectile, but they call it Flying Slashes, because this kind of attack was not necessarily used only by a sword, the Rankyaku one of the six techniques of “Rokushiki” also emerge in the same way.

The attack that Ian just made, in the eyes of Tashigi, was undoubtedly a Flying Slash, so naturally, he was attributed to the rank of the strong swordsmen.

The principle of this flying Slash was simple. Ian used his Nen to make this projectile, while the other swordsmen chop out with their Haki. The Haki is inherent in human life, and it needs constant exercise to make it appear.

In the process of exercise, people will gradually generate a sense of energy, which is the primary form of Haki. Although the sense of power is not too strong in the early stage, it can not be materialized, but it can also be used (like Zoro’s blow 108 Pound Phoenix).

Others people were surprised, Ian himself was shocked, it was completely unconscious behavior, the huge Nen was about to get out of control, he just wanted to consume some, but he unintentionally launched such a powerful projectile.

Because it was sent out with the Sword of the Darkness Flame, Ian released these Nen he gained by the Evil Eye Expert, and this considerable amount made it tends to solidify. It’s just like cutting steel by welding air, Krieg’s armor can not produce any protective effect in front of this chopping.

Ian was surprised, first, because of the effect of chopping, and second, because he had never thought about it himself, the thought that the Nen could be used in this way! ‘Can the Nen be released from my body!’

Most of his previous use of Nen was entanglement, attachment, or welding himself. He also imagined that it could be materialized or spread, but he really did not think about releasing it. He always believed that the Nen could only be used on him.

Undoubtedly, this eye-opening experience made Ian see a new door.

At this time, Ian heard the system talking, suggesting that his advanced sword skill level has improved!

Ian was stunned and quickly checked it, and he found that it was true. The bottleneck of swordsmanship skills that had been stuck for a long time had broken through at this time, and it had risen to expert-level swordsmanship skills.

[Expert-level Swordsmanship]: Swordsmanship speed + 40%, destructive power + 40%, you can use sword projectile attack, proficiency (0/100000000).

The improvement of swordsmanship skills means that Ian’s speed of swordsmanship and the power of chopping have increased accordingly, but Ian has always felt that the most important role of these basic skills should be to use some card skills.

However, the breakthrough of swordsmanship bottleneck was caused by a mistake while he chopped off the Flying Slash. This made Ian wonder whether these basic skills are not only breakthroughs in a certain way after they reach the advanced level.

Just like the breakthrough of the current swordsmanship skill, the simple sword technique has not much room for improvement. Instead, it combined with the use of the Nen to make a breakthrough. So in the future, the advanced practice skills should break through to the expert level with the same way. Should he also use other basic skills to break through the comprehensive application?

Of course, these problems were still too early to discuss, and Ian’s guessing is useless. Now the demand for expert-level swordsmanship skills has increased ten times. It takes one hundred million to be full. The harder it is to upgrade basic skills, the longer it will take.

Putting back the sword in his hand, Ian could not help feeling released when he looked at the empty value of the Nen again. The chop he just launched made him discharge all his Nen. Although it was only a few seconds, that feeling was not good. After the Evil Eye Expert’s skill was actively opened, the loss of life value was unexpectedly reflected in his body. He was extremely weak and tired. It’s different from the mental exhaustion of consuming the Nen. This time it was a real physical pain. It’s like a person who has been seriously injured. It’s a loss of physical strength and pains all over. It was so difficult for him even to move a finger.

This situation made Ian very vigilant, he realized that the attribute of life value was not simply a data, more like a chart reflecting on his physical condition, with the decline of his vitality, various symptoms will appear on the body. The cards brought their life value bonus, not really to increase his own vitality, on the contrary, is more like an anti-strike shield. Once the host suffers too much damage, he will die!

Gin fell on his knees, and his face was covered with tears and blood. Ian was watching him in silence for a while. He was really loyal to Krieg, but he was faithful to the wrong person. Krieg did not treat the man under him as human beings, but as dogs, sacrificing them at the critical moments. But they did not hesitate at all. It was not worthwhile to be loyal to such a person.

Watching a marine soldier coming over, tied Gin up, and took him away, it was estimated that he would be treated. Ian really hoped that he could find a better master than Krieg if he survives. As for whether he will seek revenge for him later, Ian didn’t care much.

Ian had no regrets for killing Krieg. He was even grateful for killing him so quickly. Don’t forget, Krieg’s weapon, the Deadly Poison Gas Bomb: MH5. Once this guy releases it, it will cause demonic chaos.

The marines in the square had come to their senses and started to clean up the mess, but whether they were marine soldiers or pirates they had captured, they all watched Ian with fear and silence, and sometimes they took a look at the collapsed execution platform.

Everyone understood that this time things were really big, and so many pirates have died, even the tyrant of the East Blue, was killed on the spot. The scenic spots of Loguetown, the Execution Platform has collapsed. Although it was not deliberate, when the residents of Loguetown comes and sees it, how would the marines explain?

When Smoker came towards Ian, he looked down at the Kairōseki handcuffs on Ian’s wrist and knew he might have made a mistake. The young pirate hunter in front of him did not seem to be a Devil fruit user. Smoker thought at first that he was one of them, but after seeing him launching that horrific blow while he was handcuffed with Kairōseki, he had confirmed that he was not a Devil Fruit user.

Smoker had been at the marine headquarters on the Grand Line for a long time, so he was well-informed. Although he knew that Ian was not a Devil fruit user, Smoker was not surprised by the flame on his sword. There were too many strange people in this world. It is not that those who did not have a Devil fruit won’t be able to use such an ability.

On the contrary, he was curious about the illusion of the third eye on Ian’s forehead when Ian was on the move. As soon as he came to Ian, he asked, “You don’t have three-eyed lineage, do you?”

This question made Ian stunned. Of course, he could not see the illusion that he had when he used the Evil Eye Expert skill. He did not know what was happening on his forehead, so he felt puzzled about Smoker’s question and said: “What three-eyed lineage?”

Smoker understood that Ian didn’t know his background, (LOL!) so he opened his mouth and explained, “I’ve heard that in the second half of the Grand Line, the New World, there is an island with three-eyed people.”

“Oh, and!?” Ian asked. (For the love of God XD)

Of course, he knows about the existence of the Tri-Eye race. There were not only Tri-Eye race, but also Giant race, Dwarves race, Snakeneck race, Fish-Men race, and so on. He just didn’t know why Smoker mentioned this.

“…” The conversation between the two men was irrelevant, and Smoker did not know what to say. Finally, he pointed to the collapsed execution platform and said, “Okay, put the rest aside, what are we going to do about this?”