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S.C.S Chapter 65: Doubtful background

He frowned doubtfully. Ian felt quite surprised. In fact, it didn’t matter where he was born. Whether it was the East Blue or the West Blue, it was just a place. He didn’t feel much about it at all…

Then Ian looked at it and kept reading: “When Kuina was born, her mother and I decided to return to the East Blue to live there. On the way back, when we were on our ship, we suddenly found a broken boat floating on the sea. At that time, we didn’t care much about it, but when we were about to leave, we suddenly heard a baby crying coming from that boat.”

“My wife gave Kuina to me and jumped into the sea to save you. Regardless of the weakness of her postpartum. I will never forget the smile on her face when she rescued you. She said it must be a miracle.”

“It was only later that we realized that the boat carrying you had been drifting at sea for quite some time. It was indeed a miracle that you survived in a dangerous sea.”

When Ian saw this, he only felt a cold sweat. Yeah, a broken boat was drifting on the sea. Not only did it not capsize because of a storm, nor did it encounter an attack of sea beasts or sea kings, but it also met Master Koshiro’s boat smoothly. Finally, he was rescued. It was no longer a miracle, this was fate.

However, from the letter between the lines, he can see that maybe the death of his wife may also have something to do with her. It was not long after Kuina was born that she dared to jump into the cold sea to save a baby. This is not what an ordinary person will do. Perhaps it was this act of saving people that caused her disease.

Ian was also the first to hear about these things. He could understand why Koshiro did not mention these things to him, face to face. Instead, he chose to write it in a letter because he just didn’t want to see his guilty expression.

“The place where we rescued you was more than one hundred miles away from an island. We inquired about it and learned that it was called Bamroll. It was said that there were people living on the island. So my wife and I wondered if we should go to the island and take you to find your relatives? However, when we got near the island, we found that it was blocked! “

“We are not allowed to approach, and soon, a great event happened in the West Blue. We can’t stay in the West Blue, so we can only take you away and settle down in the East Blue.”

“Ian, you’re an adult now. I thought it was necessary to tell you this. If you think you’re capable enough and want to find your own relatives, then go to the West Blue and look for them there.”

The letter ended here, but Ian was very puzzled. Some of the things mentioned in Master Koshiro’s letter seemed obscure and unwilling to explain directly, which gave him some bad presentiment.

When Kuina’s mother picked him up, he was a baby. Although she could not determine his age, he was not expected to be over one year old. Now he is eighteen years old. That is to say, what happened in the past should be about 17 years to 18 years. Before and during this time, what happened to the West Blue?

Ian thought about it, and suddenly he had a strong heartbeat: No way!

The most important thing that happened in the West Blue is the Ohara incident! Master Koshiro didn’t mean this, did he?

It’s true that during this period of time, Ohara, the small island researching history, was erased from the map by the world government in the form of a demon slaughter decree. Although the world government tried to cover it up afterward, there was no reason for such a big thing to get any information from the other side of the West Blue, Master Koshiro probably heard about it, so he suspected that Ian’s life was related to Ohara.

‘But what about the Bamroll Island mentioned in his letter?’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll check it again.’

Ian carefully put the letter in his pocket and packed it. Then he ran out of his dormitory and went to the information room of the marine base. When he opened the door, he saw several marine soldiers working.

As soon as Ian came in, the marine soldiers recognized him, and immediately saluted him, “Hello, instructor!”

Ian, the swordsmanship instructor, was hired without any rank, but out of recognition of Ian’s strength, the marine soldiers in the base respected him. But here was the information room of the marine base, which belongs to the secret department, so after the salute, these soldiers were embarrassed and said, “Master, according to the regulations, you are not allowed to be here!”

“It’s all right!” Ian waved his hand and said, “I just want to come over and ask if you have a map of the West Blue?”

As soon as they heard that Ian only wanted a map, the marine soldiers were relieved that the map was not confidential, so they found out one and handed it to Ian.

Ian was also obeying the rules. After getting the map, he walked out of the information room and looked at it outside.

“Bamroll… Bamroll…” Ian took the map and began to search for that island.

“Found it!” Ian looked carefully for a long time and finally found it on the map. The island was small, resulting in very small handwriting. It was very difficult to find, but anyway, at least the location was confirmed.

“Bamroll, the territory of Ilusia Kingdom…”

He got only such information on the map, and then he began to look at the surrounding islands to see if Ohara was near Bamroll.

Strangely, however, the place name Ohara can’t be found anywhere on the map.

Ian slammed his head. He was really dizzy. Haven’t Ohara been destroyed? Looking at the year of the map, Ian found that the map was made two years ago. So Ian ran back and asked the marine soldiers in the information room, “Do you have a map of the West Blue that is relatively old?”

The marine soldiers were stunned and asked, “How long ago are you looking for?”

“18… No, it’s better to be a map of the West Blue from 20 years ago!” Ian said.

As a result, the marine soldiers shook their heads and said, “There is no such thing as that map. When it is updated, the original map will be destroyed. Now the oldest map in the information room is only five years ago.”

Ian was a bit disappointed. He was a little lucky. He felt that he had promised to be a month-old swordsman instructor, so he could see some marine information, but he didn’t expect to get any results in the end.

Seeing his expression, the marine soldiers asked strangely, “What are you going to do with a map of the West Blue from a long time ago?”

Ian thought for a moment and asked them, “Have you heard of a place maned Bamroll?”

“In the West Blue? I don’t know!” The marine soldiers shook their heads, but said, “You can ask Sergeant Ronald at the base. He seems to be from the West Blue!”

Right! The marine soldiers here came from all over the world, not necessarily from the East Blue.

Sergeant Ronald, a 40-year-old uncle, worked as a chef in the base canteen. Ian naturally knew him, so finding him would be easy.

But Ian didn’t dare to mention anything about Ohara, he can only use the place named Bamroll to ask questions, and he kept watching Ronald’s expression to see if there is any discovery.

However, what surprised Ian was that when Uncle Ronald heard that Ian mentioned Bamroll, he suddenly said: “Of course I know this place, but there was a big event there that year!”

Ian asked, “Tell me about it!”

“You asked about what happened 17 years ago, right?” Uncle Ronald sat in his chair and took a cigarette. He said, “I was in my 20s. It was not long before I became a marine. I haven’t transferred to Bamroll of the Ilusia Kingdom, but at that time there was an outbreak of plague, which was said to be very serious. The army of the Kingdom of Ilusia blocked the island. And then sent medical teams to the island for treatment, but unexpectedly, the plague spread too fast, the people on the island eventually died!”

Plague? Ian only felt that it was a big event, and there was such a thing?

So, Ian felt that something was wrong! Does his life have nothing to do with Ohara?

But Ian felt that there was something wrong with it. If he said that he was drifting out of Bamroll Island and since the plague broke out on the island, why didn’t Master Koshiro mention it in his letter!? Was he ill when they found him?

If the plague was really so fierce, a child who was a few months old, it is impossible for him to have nothing at all!

Or is there something fishy with the matter of the plague?

There were too many doubts. First of all, he can’t know the location of Ohara Island and whether it was near Bamroll. This was a critical point. If Ohara was near Bamroll, he might be a survivor of Ohara himself. But if Ohara and Bamroll were too far away, then he’s free. His birthplace may be Bamroll, where the plague broke out.

However, after the destruction of Ohara, under the control of the world government, the island has been erased from the map. There was no trace of it on the new map at all. It was difficult to find some old maps unless they ask some older people in the West Blue, who may know, but would they like to talk, that was a different thing.

Master Koshiro was not from the West Blue and was not familiar with the geographical estimation of that area, so he was not sure about it. Moreover, the Ohara incident was severely restricted by the world government. The letter was not safe, so the narrative in the letter would be so obscure.

So Ian had to put it down for a while. He took out the letter and, ignited some flame in his hand to burn it…