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S.C.S Chapter 66: Bounty Hunter group

“You mean… He was looking for the Bamroll Island of the Ilusia Kingdom?”

In the room, Smoker was smoking a cigar and baring his upper body. He was slowly stacking up blocks of stones. When he heard the report from the marine soldier at the door, he did not reply.

“Yes! Colonel Smoker!” The marine soldier raised his hand and saluted.

“Got it, you can go now!”

Smoker responded, and when the marine soldier left, he leaned back in his chair and began to think.

Although Ian was known as a swordsman instructor, he was not a real marine after all. Smoker can’t let him run amok in the marine base, so he arranged his men to pay attention to Ian’s situation. Since Ian’s time, in addition to teaching the swordsmanship skills to the marine soldiers, he has gone to the seaside of Loguetown to fish. There was nothing wrong, but he suddenly ran to the information room to look for a map of the West Blue. It was strange, so the marine soldiers in there naturally reported the matter to Smoker after Ian left.

“The West Blue? Bamroll? Where is this place?”

There are too many islands in that area that Smoker certainly can’t know all of them. He doesn’t know where Bamroll is, but he knows the kingdom of Ilusia.

It was one of the kingdoms that joined the world government. Every time a world conference was held in the Holy Land Mary Geoise, the King of the Kingdom of Ilusia would be present. So Smoker, who had stayed in the marine headquarters, had naturally Heard of it. When the marine soldiers mentioned that name when they reported it, Smoker immediately remembered it.

“The kingdom of Ilusia? I’ve heard that in recent years, there have been many uprisings and riots in this country. There seems to be a shadow of the revolutionary army behind it. Why does this guy Ian ask about the territory of this kingdom?”

Smoker doesn’t know much about Ian, so he doesn’t have any clues to associate with him right now.

But when he thought of Ian, his mind unconsciously showed him his bear-like hat, and then the illusion of the third eye on Ian’s forehead.

Somehow, Smoker suddenly had a bad feeling, and his intuition told him that Ian might grow up to be a dangerous person.

But Smoker could not tell where the danger lay.

Shaking his head, Smoker could only press down this thought first. He couldn’t suspect that a man was evil by groundless speculation, and that Ian was a pirate Hunter anyway. From this point of view, at least he was on the side of “Justice”.

Ian didn’t know Smoker’s conjecture about him. At this time, he was in the hospital, visiting Johnny and Yosaku.

During the battle beneath the penalty platform, Ace carried them aside, which saved them from being more wounded by the shells of Buggy, and avoided the fight between the marines and the pirates. The risks did not continue to worsen. After Smoker and Tashigi had cleared up the mess, they were sent to the hospital for treatment. But because they had been beaten by the Krieg Pirates for a long time and were seriously injured, they were not better until now.

When Ian walked into the hospital, he found that the two guys were all covered with bandages, but they were still struggling. Johnny’s Sunglasses had been put on again. They were gorging on the food, stunning the nurses and doctors next to them.

Their vitality was really indomitable! Ian sighed and went in to greet them. “Are you all right? How dare you eating like that?”

Johnny and Yosaku looked up. When they saw Ian, they couldn’t help raising their hands excitedly and shouting, “Brother Ian!”

“This time I’ve got you in trouble!” Ian found a chair beside their bed and sat down. Doctors and nurses around him left to let them talk.

After hearing Ian’s words, Johnny and Yosaku shook their heads and said, “What are you talking about!? We were going to thank you for avenging us!!”

“What are your plans for the future?” Ian didn’t want to thank them for what they did. He just opened his mouth and asked, “Would you like to go with me to the Grand Line?”

This time, Ian still had some good impression for Johnny and Yosaku. Their loyalty was absolutely unspoken. Although their strength was not that good, they were good navigators who knew a lot about the sea and other things. Ian did not want to go alone, so he asked them this way. Ian doesn’t mind bringing them with him if they agree.

Unexpectedly, Johnny and Yosaku looked at each other, then shook their heads and said, “Brother Ian, thank you for your kindness! But we also know that we are too weak. We will surely drag you down when we go to the Grand Line. It is better for us to stay in the East Blue and catch small pirates.”

As soon as Ian heard this, he understood that the two guys were not much ambitious, they were no longer reluctant. He said, “Well, if somebody bullies you in the future, just tell them my name!”

Johnny and Yosaku grinned and said, “Needless to say we will, you are our big brother!”

Ian couldn’t help laughing, These two guys were still like climb along with his fame, but their nature was not bad, so Ian didn’t mind them using his name. Believing that when he killed Krieg, his name should be able to deter many pirates. In that case, Johnny and Yosaku could be a little safer.

After thinking about it, he said to them, “Yes, if you stay in the East Blue all the time, you may meet my little brother two years later. His name is Roronoa Zoro. If you meet him, help him. That fellow is a directional idiot. If no one leads him, he can get lost to the bottom of the sea!” (FFS XD)

“Really? We will remember that!” Johnny and Yosaku responded, “Don’t worry Big Brother Ian!”

After chatting for a while, Johnny and Yosaku asked Ian, “Brother, have you figured out how to get to the Grand Line?”

Ian scratched his head and said, “Actually, I thought about it before. The marine ships brought Smoker in from the Calm Belt. In that case, I just need to be a passenger there. But it was unexpected that the marines that Smoker brought with him had returned to the marine headquarters some time ago. So now, I have no good idea. ”

“You shouldn’t take such risks, Big Brother Ian!” Johnny said, “Even if you have a ship, you can’t control it alone!”

“Of course, I know that!” Ian said, “But you two are not willing to go with me.”

“You can try recruiting people in Loguetown!” Yosaku suggested, “Maybe other bounty hunters would like to board your ship!”

After hearing this, before Ian could speak, he heard Johnny retort, “Don’t recruit anyone from here! The bounty hunters on this Blue are almost as bad as us, if you take them to the Grand Line, they won’t be a good help for you!”

Ian thought about it and knew it was reasonable that the rewards for pirates in the East Blue were generally not high, which made the strength of the pirate hunters here not so good. So he asked Johnny, “What do you say?”

“Look for some good worriers on the Grand Line!” Johnny said, “Brother Ian since you’ve made up your mind to be a pirate hunter, you can set up a group of pirate hunters. Although there are too many pirates on the Grand Line, there are plenty of bounty hunters as well. But some can’t keep up with pirates, but they may not be strong enough. They know better about the Grand Line than the people you may recruit from the East Blue.”

Ian had a little heartbeat when he heard that! Right, depending on his own strength to fight, it is always possible, but the information is not easy to get. If he wants to catch a pirate for his bounty, only one can be caught, he must wait for the pirates to come to his door on their own initiative!? But if he has people under his hands that would be different, when he gets information, he can attack with his own initiative.

Johnny’s proposal reminded Ian of Crocodile’s Baroque Works, which was a secret criminal organization, but it appeared on the surface as a bounty hunter group.

Moreover, there are many bounty hunter groups in the Sabaody Archipelago. Although the composition of these groups is uneven, they do exist.

Looking at the thoughtful expression on Ian’s face, Johnny knew that Ian was listening, so he continued, “As for the Grand Line, you don’t have to go alone, Big Brother Ian. You can go there with the ‘caravan ship’!”

“Huh? Caravan?” Ian said in surprise, “And these caravan ships dare to travel to the Grand Line?”

“Of course, although the entrance of the Grand Line is only the Reverse Mountain, and it’s very dangerous, but it can not withstand the attraction of commercial profits!” Johnny said, “For example, the special liquor in the East Blue can’ t sell much in the East Blue, but once it’s shipped to the Grand Line, the price will immediately increase to more than five times. If you’re lucky, bring some special products to the Grand Line, you will make a high profit, so every year, there are many commercial ships form a fleet to go to the Grand Line. Not only from the East Blue, but also the other three seas. Loguetown is the closest island to the Reverse Mountain in this Blue. If you want to find a caravan ship, it is very easy.”

Yosaku nodded. “That’s true, and now, Big Brother Ian, you are the most famous pirate hunter in the East Blue. Those caravans will probably rush to get you in, you can also take the opportunity to make a profit!”