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S.C.S Chapter 68: Wrapped Successfully

As a competent pirate hunter, or a financier, how could Ian forget the Arlong Pirate Regiment in the East Blue?

As one of the few pirates worth more then tens of millions in the East Blue, Arlong’s bounty, the leader of the Arlong Pirate Regiment, is now 20 million Berries, and Ian wasn’t willing to let this amount untaken.

Unlike the Krieg Pirates, they are known as the hegemony of the East Blue because of their large crew. If Ian hadn’t seized the opportunity to get rid of Krieg before he escapes, it would not have been so easy for Ian to find Krieg at sea. More than 3,000 people would have stood in line in front of him, and that will take Ian several days to finish them all.

That’s why Ian was so anxious to keep up with Krieg and kill him. He knew that he will only get one chance to face Krieg. So it would be a pity not to seize him.

Now that Krieg has been eliminated, two important cadres have been captured, and his pirate regiment has been disbanded. Although Buggy has run away, he was beaten very miserably by Ace. He is not expected to appear in a long time. In this way, the only one left will be the Arlong Pirates, the famous pirate regiment in the East Blue.

Arlong’s reward is higher than Krieg’s. That was because of the ferocity of the Fish-men. If Krieg’s pirates were powerful, then the Arlong’s pirates are vigorous. Fish-men are born with 10 times more strength than human beings. And the Fish-men are experts in fighting at sea, they can breathe freely in the water, and they can breathe easily out of it. It is very difficult for the marines to defeat them while they were able to destroy their warships by attacking them from the sea.

Fortunately, the Arlong Pirates were not so eager for looting and recruiting a huge amount of people as the Krieg Pirate Regiment. Arlong was quite discriminatory against human beings. Almost all of his pirates were made up of Fish-men. Naturally, their power could not expand too fast. Therefore, the Arlong Pirate Regiment occupied the Cocoyasi Village in the East Blue and stationed there. Then a stronghold was established in the town.

The Cocoyasi Village is also called Orange Town because it was rich in citrus. Because people there have stable income sources, the Arlong Pirates collects protection fees for a fixed period of time, crushing the villagers there and making money like shearing wool. Not only in Cocoyasi Village, but also in more than 20 villages around it. Their robbery is naturally less and seems to be relatively low-key, so it was Crick, not Arlong, who dominated the East Blue.

Ian went all the way to the sea, Because he didn’t have a map, he did not know where the Cocoyasi Village was, so naturally, he could not meet the Arlong Pirates. In fact, he came all the way, and whether it was Buggy or Krieg, they came to his door, it was not him who took the initiative to find trouble.

But now it’s different. Ian is a swordsmanship instructor of the Loguetown marines. With the excuse of actual combat exercises, sitting on the warship, he could naturally go to Arlong’s home, seeking his head.

Before he came out to the sea, he had already seen the maps, preplanned the route, so he did not go around in circles, and made the warship sail straight to the Cocoyasi Village.

Ian also knows that after this incident, he will definitely be kicked out of the marine base by Smoker, but that won’t matter anymore, his term with the office has arrived, like this, holding a ticket of the marines as a hunter, where would he find a second opportunity?

Because of the downwind, the speed of the warship was very fast, and it was not long before they were far away from Loguetown.

Nevertheless, after sailing for a while, Tashigi felt that something was wrong. Ian had not changed the course from the beginning. It was very different from the feeling of wandering around the sea to find pirates.

But she could not ask Ian because she wasn’t very sure. Wherever Ian wanted to go out, and she followed him, obeying Smoker’s orders.

Ian did not care about her, and finally, he was sitting on a chair on the deck, basking in the sun and counting his tear Gems.

After the battle with Krieg, Ian found that he could easily be out of Nen. If it was not for Hiei’s skill Evil Eye Expert, what rescue him in the field at that time, he would have to watch Krieg escape with his eyes open. So during his time as a swordsman instructor, without needing to fight, Ian equipped Yukina’s card. Once his mind was full, Ian would use all of his Nen to make Ice Tear Gems and store them.

The Ice Tear Gems has a drawback, that is, how much is consumed to manufacture, the final content of Ice Tear Gem is only 20%. They were produced by 100 points to contain 20 points. So Ian waits for a full day to maximize its efficiency and wait for the Nen to fully restore. Only once a day.

At the base, he spent a month as a swordsman instructor. up to now, he has nearly 30 Ice Tear Gems in his hands. If all these Ice Tear Gems are used, there will be more than 600 Nen points for Ian to restore, which should be enough for a while.

Just as the Devil Fruit users often rely on their own fruit power, Ian feels that it’s not wrong to rely on the system to enhance his strength. Of course, Ian himself was constantly developing some additional use of cards while using the system to become stronger.

The Ice Tear Gems were a very beautiful round gemstone, but strangely, other people couldn’t see them. Even if Ian displayed them in his hand, others could only see the empty palm, which was totally different from the exclusive treasure that can be displayed.

Ian had already recharged all the money Smoker gave him. After all, he couldn’t hold so much money. There were twenty-seven million Berries, which was almost a table piled up. If all the money were recharged into diamonds, it would not only be convenient for him to carry but also he will be able to draw cards at any time.

But up to now, Ian has not drawn any card, his third card slot has not been unlocked yet, even if he draws a good card, it will only replace one of the two he’s using now, so Ian intended to wait until the 10th level to extract new cards.

Defeating Krieg, Gin, and so many pirates, Ian has gained a lot of experience, from level six and a half to level seven and finally to level eight.

This was also one of the reasons for the idea of

facing the Arlong Pirates. Fish-men are much stronger than ordinary humans. If he beat them, they will provide him with more experience, won’t they? Maybe after beating the Arlong Pirates, he will be able to rise to level 10. Maybe then, he gets a good card to equip, and he will be more secure on the Grand Line.

The ship sailed for about eight or nine hours. Just then, a marine soldier suddenly ran up to Tashigi and whispered a few words. Then, Tashigi rushed up angrily to look for Ian.

“You… How could you bring us to Cocoyasi Village?” Tashigi was so anxious that she pulled out her sword and gritted her teeth, “You knew where it is? Do you want to kill all the soldiers of this ship??!”

“Oh!” Ian smiled. “So, we’re almost there?”

He stood up and looked out of the warship. Sure enough, the land had been seen in the distance.

“You dare to laugh!” Tashigi said angrily, “You do know where it is! Speaking of actual combat exercises, you just brought us here for the Arlong Pirates, didn’t you?”

Tashigi became more and more angry. Although she had just arrived in the East Blue, she also learned something about the pirates in this area. She knew the vicious name of the Arlong Pirates. The marines had once sent out a small fleet to catch these Pirates, but they did not reach the residence of the Arlong Pirates at all. On the way, the pirates left to the sea, attacked the ship from the bottom, resulting in the sinking of a warship, so that the operation failed and the rest returned.

Such a pirate regiment, the marines of the East Blue, would not dare to lay hands on them if they were not fully prepared. Now, in the name of actual combat exercises, this fellow Ian came with a group of low-level marine soldiers. Is he planning on drowning them at the bottom of the sea?

Tashigi was conscious that she is not weak at all. If she’s the only one enlightened, she’ll come and follow Ian to kill the pirates. But unlike other soldiers, they don’t have much strength. They can’t beat the Arlong’s Pirates.

“Turn the rudder! Let’s go back!” Tashigi shouted loudly that although Ian was nominally in charge, the command of the warship was in Tashigi’s hands.

After her words sounded all around, she heard a scornful sneer from Ian, “So this is the marines. Before even seen the pirates, you want to run away?”

Ian originally was planning on playing this trick. They were already there. How could it be possible for them to go back like this? Therefore, he immediately choked them with these words.

“You…!” Tashigi turned sharply and looked at Ian, only to find that Ian was unprecedented disgusting.

He is questioning the reputation and the honor of the marines!?

Other marine soldiers didn’t dare to carry out Tashigi’s orders. Once they turn around, the marines will be able to escape without fighting. They will be responsible for the loss of their reputation.

“Relax!” Ian sighed and patted Tashigi’s shoulder. “Do you think I’m so stupid, to fight a sea battle with the Fish-men? I don’t want to die either!”

“So what are you going to do?” Tashigi asked puzzled.

Ian said to the marine soldiers on board, “I know it may be too difficult for you to fight with the Fish-men pirates, but rest assured, I promised Smoker that I would bring you all back safely. And that’s what I’ll do. I’ll Deal with all the Cadres of the Arlong Pirate Regiment, and you’ll be in charge of catching the little ones. Is that all right? Doesn’t the marines just catch pirates?”

Gritting her teeth, Tashigi was in a dilemma. She didn’t know whether to agree or not. If she didn’t, the honor of the marines would be destroyed in her hands. But if she did, she didn’t know whether Ian could do what he promised or not.

Ian stood beside her and did not look at her. He just whispered, “Tashigi, we’ve been together for a month. Are we friends? Do you think Colonel Smoker really didn’t guess my purpose at all? But he still allowed the exercises. Do you know why? Couldn’t it be because we’re friends?”

This sentence inadvertently became the last straw that overwhelmed Tashigi. She gritted her teeth and shouted, “The direction remains the same, the goal is! Cocoyasi Village!”

When the marine soldiers received the orders, Tashigi said to Ian, “I hope you can do it, and return them safely!”

Ian smiled a little, wrapped in the plan to come here, and it was a success.

So he shouted, “Listen, even if you see the Arlong pirates, you are not allowed to attack. We’ll stop right in the Cocoyasi Village!”