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S.C.S Chapter 69: The goof

When Ian’s boat appeared in the waters near Cocoyasi, it was actually discovered by the Arlong Pirates.

Soon afterward, a ship of the Arlong Pirate Regiment appeared on the sea and sailed towards them.

“Is it really okay not to fire?” When Tashigi saw the pirate ship through the telescope, she said nervously to Ian, “I want to tell you one more thing. The sea area here should be the area of

16th branch. If our warship encounters pirates at sea, it will be okay to attack them, but if the direct landing operation, will be considered to be the credit of attacking the 16th branch!”

Each branch of the marines divides its responsible sea area. Normally, the marine branch is only in charge of its own territory. Ian took the marines of Loguetown branch and went to catch pirates, which belongs to the act of hunting across the border.

Nevertheless, Ian naturally had the intention to keep the marines from shooting and to continue sailing in the direction of Arlong Park.

The location of Arlong Park was a little below Cocoyasi village. The Arlong pirates ship that appeared on the sea. They came all the way for Ian’s warship. But when they got close, they found that the marines were not attacking them. They felt strange at once. So they approached the WWarship and shouted at Ian. “Damn, which branch of the marines are you? What are you doing here?”

“That… Is that a Fish-man? He looks terrible!” The marine soldiers on board looked at the ferocious-looking Fish-men pirates facing them in some awe and could not help but swallow their saliva.

Ian also saw these Fish-men and found that they were indeed very strange. Most of their skin was blue and very wet. It seems that there was a layer of mucus on the surface of their skin. A boat of Fish-men pirates appeared. Even far away, they could still smell the fishy scent coming from them in the wind.

Seeing the other party shouting, Ian also went to the side of the warship and shouted, “Where is Arlong! Take us to see him!”

Tashigi was confused. She didn’t understand what Ian meant. He brought them to their home, and even told the pirates that he wanted to see their leader. The Fish-men are not fools. How could they listen to him?

However, the next moment, what made Tashigi so surprised was that after the fish-men on the opposite side of the boat discussed it for a while, they turned the ship and said to Ian: “Come with us!”

“Huh… What’s going on?” Tashigi asked Ian with surprise.

Ian’s face was somewhat gloomy. What he had just shouted was only a tentative one. In fact, he didn’t know that this was the jurisdiction of the 16th branch. But he played a trick and brought the marines with him. In order to guard against the head of the 16th branch, Colonel Nezumi!

During his stay at the Loguetown marine Base, Ian naturally learned something from the daily chats of the marine soldiers. When he heard that the attack on Shells town by the Buggy Pirates led to the demotion of the colonel of the original 16th branch and his replacement by the colonel Nezumi, Ian was quite surprised. He remembered this man.

Now, after a month, he doesn’t know if Colonel Nezumi has been in collusion with the fellow Arlong. Since Ian has decided to catch Arlong for his bounty, he can’t let Nezumi out of the mess.

Ian can’t come alone. He can let them goes by themselves to Arlong Park and return. There’s no need to drag them on. But Colonel Nezumi is a variable If he’s hooked up with Arlong, then Ian may even knock Arlong down. This fellow will probably frame himself, to know, Arlong was his cash tree. He could not have allowed Arlong to be caught like that.

Ian needed money, but if he was wanted for the intervention of Colonel Nezumi, the way to hunt for a bounty for a pirate would be impossible. Never heard that a pirate who caught a pirate could go to the marines for the bounty.

With so many marines on the scene, Ian didn’t believe these guys dared to reverse them.

Of course, Nezumi’s appointment was still short. Ian doesn’t know if he has any connection with Arlong. So what he said just now is a trial. However, the result of the test is very bad. The fish-men of the Arlong Pirate Regiment actually agreed to take Ian and the marines to see Arlong, which shows that they were less worried about not attacking the marines!

Tashigi may not know what this means, but Ian knows very well that Nezumi did not contact Arlong after he was promoted to Colonel. It’s very likely that when he was a Colonel, he was already in collusion with Arlong. The prevention of the evil Arlong pirate group can not be cultivated in a month.

No wonder Arlong pirates have been able to stay in the East Blue for so long. In addition to their strength, they may also have something to do with Nezumi secretly giving them tips to avoid marines’ encirclement and suppression.

But it was impossible for Ian to say anything to Tashigi, so he just said, “When you get ashore, don’t talk nonsense, don’t show hostility, just keep watching me.”

The pirates’ behavior revealed an eccentricity, which Tashigi and other marine soldiers perceived, knowing that things might not be as simple as they thought, and nodding their heads.

Under the guidance of the fish-men, Ian’s WWarship slowly sailed into the wharf of Arlong Park and began to dock. Meanwhile, Arlong, who was in his castle, was also informed.

Arlong, sitting beside the pool, looked very tall. He listened to the report from one of his men and said gloomily, “Marines patrol ship? Didn’t the rat guy just come a few days ago? Hasn’t the money been given to him this month?”

Behind Arlong stood a cadre of his pirate regiment, named Choo, a fish-man with long thick lips. Choo explained, “It seems that it’s not a Nezumi’s ship. The marine soldiers on the WWarship have never seen before!”

“Soldiers from another branch?” Arlong touched his chin and thought, “Bring them to me! At the same time, contact the mouse fellow and ask him what the matter is, why other branches of the marines come here, and find an excuse to take Nami away, our relationship with the marines, can not be known to her.”

The Fish-man took orders, and Arlong kept waiting in the same place.

Soon after, Choo led Ian and his group to Arlong.

Arlong watched from a distance and found that although the number of marine soldiers who came ashore was large and armed, they did not pull them out, so he seems to suddenly think of something, with a smug smile on his face.

“Ha-ha-ha, what a rare guest!” When he saw Ian approaching with Tashigi, he laughed and said, “How could the marines come to our pirates’ site to be guests?”

Ian looked at the fierce fish-man with a long jagged nose and did not show any timidity. He sat down on the chair opposite Arlong, slapped the table, and said, “Are we, guests? It’s hard to say now! It depends on what the leader of Arlong pirates thinks.”

“Oh?” Arlong looked at Ian with great interest and said, “What can I call you?”

Ian was wearing casual clothes, not the marines’ uniform, and Arlong could not see Ian’s rank. Because of the large number of marine soldiers behind Ian, Arlong did not think that Ian should not be a marine, completely misunderstood.

“Just call me, Ian!” Ian couldn’t possibly tell him either, so he said it in an ambiguous tone and said directly, “Let’s be clear. Whether we’re here or not depends on your sincerity, Captain Arlong!”

As he spoke, Ian used her fingers to make the action of counting money, which looked so lewd.

The reason why he didn’t go to shore directly was that Ian wanted to try and see if he could steal some money from Arlong. Since Arlong could offer a bribe to Nezumi, there was no reason for him to do not bribe other marines.

Unfortunately, Arlong was more cunning than Ian imagined. He was not fooled at all, and he sneered, “Excuse me, you look so familiar, you are not from the marines in the nearby sea. Aren’t you afraid of crossing your border when you came here?”

Tashigi was also glaring at Ian at this time. She did not expect that this guy Ian would be arguing that the marines wanted to extort the Arlong pirate group.

Ian slapped the table and said, “Why do you care about my marines? You just say, no!”

Seeing Ian’s anger, Arlong’s pupils opened up immediately, which made his expression look more terrible. He looked at Ian with a somber face and said, “What if I don’t give you what you want? Do you think any dog

or cat can come to MY PARK and extort me??!”

“That’s all right!” Ian stood up and said, “Brothers, raise your weapons!”

“Hai! Hai!” Actually, the marine soldiers were already nervous under the eyes of the fish-men pirates around them. They did not have the same courage as Ian. They just felt that what happened today was too tough for them. They were nervous, and when they heard Ian’s cry, they pulled out their weapons one by one, twisted their swords in their hands and raised them. The guns were aimed at the fish-men pirates around them.

The Fish-men pirates aligned themselves with their weapons pointed at the marine soldiers, and the scene was full of arrogance, and they were about to start fighting.

Tashigi was shocked and in a hurry. This was different from what Ian said before. ‘What the hell is Ian doing?’

However, just as she was about to make a move, she heard Arlong burst out laughing. The ferocious expression on his face suddenly retracted. He spread out his hands and said to Ian, “Mr. Marine! Don’t be too impulsive, young man!”

With a bang, he took out a pile of money from his pocket and smashed it on the table. He said, “Of course I have money. I can also give it to you! But if you don’t offer any conditions, how can you talk about money?”

Ian took the money from the table, brushed it in the spot, found 20,000 Berries, and immediately complained, “That’s all? I can promise you that I won’t pursue your Arlong Pirate Regiment in the future, but this kind of sincerity will not be enough!”

Tashigi almost fainted. What is called a promise not to pursue the Arlong Pirates in the future? ‘You’re not even a marine to promise such a thing!?’

But she could also tell that Ian was playing with Arlong. His promises could not represent the marines at all, so what he said could not be done accurately.

Indeed, Ian had planned to swindle some money and turn around. Now he was just talking nonsense.

Arlong was not a fool. He also felt that something was wrong. He thought about it and took another pile of the money on the table, but this time he refused to let Ian take it and said, “I liked your promise, but first you tell me, from which branch are you?”

“Ah! We are from the 110th branch!” Ian squinted and said something.

Arlong stood up with a thump. The chair under him was smashed by his strange power. He said angrily, “You fart! Where is this 110th branch on this side of the East Blue!? You kid dares to fool me!?”

Just before Ian answered, Arlong had instructed Choo to contact Nezumi. He came panting from behind and shouted, “Captain! We were fooled! That fellow is not a marine at all! He’s a pirate hunter! And he’s ‘the blazing blade,’ Ian!”

Upon hearing this shout, Arlong suddenly widened his eyes and looked at Ian. he saw Ian scratching his hair with annoyance and said, “Oh shit! They discovered me so quickly?”

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