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S.C.S Chapter 70: Fish-men’s weakness

Seeing that the legendary “demon” failed to bluff people, Ian would ignore it, and he could not really say the name of the Loguetown marines.

Although Ian has pitted Tashigi in the past, they were all teammates. He is only a black-bellied man, not a bad person. Then when his plan has failed, Tashigi estimated that he would go all out on Arlong.

Arlong was not an IQ-deficient fellow like Buggy. Ian never thought he could be deceived from the beginning. It was because he was smart that he would take the means of bribing the marines to avoid pursuing him. Ian actually only used this to pretend to be a greedy marine to collect some money so that he could be on land with the fellow Arlong.

The blackmail of offering money or anything was just a matter of convenience. Even if Arlong really did not recognize Ian’s identity, he would not give too many bribes. If Ian really wanted money, he could defeat Arlong and search for it himself in his stronghold.

Ian was not surprised that the cadres of the Arlong pirate Regiment recognized him, but he thought it was too fast.

Ian was neither a pirate nor a wanted criminal. His photos can’t be publicly printed on wanted orders. Even though he was more famous now, maybe people in other places have heard his name at most, except in Loguetown, and haven’t seen what he looks like.

Now that he’s been yelled at by the other side, there’s only one possibility, that is, someone has tipped them off!

Thinking about it, It must be the rat, Nezumi! As a marine, he may have information about Ian, the pirate hunter.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if he recognizes it. The rat guy was expected to come, but it would take time. Ian just needs to make a quick decision and get Arlong gang together.

So, after scratching his head and standing up, Ian had already held his weapon in his hand and smiled at Arlong and said, “Now that you know my identity, what else should I wait for? Obediently, just hold your hands, right?”

Ian’s previous play has thoroughly inspired Arlong’s fierceness. His two pupils have been completely erected like a sea-king, the marine soldiers around him were numb. He gritted the huge sharp teeth in his mouth, and ruthlessly said to Ian, “Sure enough, what I hate most is human beings. Especially you are such a treacherous human! Even if you come with the marines today, I will take you here. I will tear your body apart and throw it into the sea to feed the sea beast! “

“Attack!” Tashigi also responded quickly enough, shouting at the marine soldiers under her command!

The battle started at this moment. The marine soldiers immediately shot at the fish-men pirates around them. If the bullets were fired, the fish-men pirates could not resist it. As soon as the gunshot sounded, a lot of them fell down with blood.

The individual strength of the Fishman was strong, but the marines were strong enough to win, and thanks to Ian’s strategy, the Marines were fighting with the fish-men pirates on land. So, the marines have the upper hand at the beginning of the battle, even some Fish-men pulled out their weapons and rushed to attack, but the marine soldiers jointly dealt with them and quickly slammed the other side to the ground.

For the Arlong Pirate Regiment, the battle broke out on their passive side. If there were more people in the sea, Tashigi and the other marines would not win against the Fish-men. However, now that the Arlong Regiment was not in the sea, the advantage will go by half naturally.

More than that, after seeing the outbreak of battle, the marine soldiers who stayed on the wharf also supported their comrades with cannonballs. Several shells bombarded them, and a burst turned upside down among the crowd of fish-men pirates.

Found that the situation was not good for his side, Arlong immediately commanded, “Go to those soldiers, and first get rid the warship on the wharf!”

The swimming pool in Arlong Park was actually connected with the sea. At his command, the two cadres of the Arlong Pirate Regiment, the fish-man with protruding lips, Choo, and the cartilage fish-man with bony wings in both arms, Kuroobi, wanted to jump into the pool. However, at that moment, a long sword burning with flame appeared in front of them. The sword crossed the front of them and completely blocked their way.

“As I said, your cadres have to deal with me!” It was Ian who stopped them from going. “So don’t even think about it!”

It was not until then that the Arlong Pirates knew how the nickname of Ian came. Faced with the flames on Ian’s blade, Choo and Kuroobi subconsciously stepped back.

This action made Ian’s heart move. Could it be that the fish-men are afraid of fire?

Ian guessed it right. Fish-men were really afraid of fire. Although they live in the sea most of the time, they belong to cold-blooded species. Although they can adapt to the temperature of the land, they can not adapt to the high temperature. Usually, they stay on the land for a long time, they have to splash some water on them. In order to keep their skin moist, they are still naturally afraid to face the high temperature of the fire, which can dry their skin.

In fact, the sword may not be able to cut their skin, but it will not cause their skin necrosis, but the flame was different. Once they burn their epidermal cells, they are unable to secrete mucus. Fish-men are 10 times more powerful than human beings, but this does not mean that they have no weakness, the flame is one of them!

As soon as Ian found out this, he was refreshed. Before he came, he had thought that Arlong’s strength might be far beyond himself and that fighting with him might be more troublesome. So Ian avoided the battle at sea and chose to fight with the fish-men on land. Now, he has found another weakness of the fish-men. It will be easy to fight them.

To be precise, the battle with the Arlong Pirate Regiment actually started at the moment Ian went to sea on a warship.

“Get rid of him first!” Choo and Kuroobi reached a common sense in an instant. Kuroobi was the master of fish-men karate. He jumped up to entangle Ian, while Choo fired a Mizudeppo “Water Gun” at Ian.

Ian bowed his head and avoided Kuroobi’s kick. Before he could stand up, Choo’s water Gun arrived. He could only stand up with his long sword and face it. But he found a huge force coming from it, pushing him back to go far away, almost to the edge of the pool.

“What a powerful force! Sure enough, I can’t underestimate it!” Ian thought in his heart, shake hands and swung his sword in the direction of the two guys!

Expert-level swordsmanship skills have allowed Ian to release Flying Slashes, but Ian was not very skilled, throw out the flying chopper, including Nen from time to time, this chopper with a little force, after the two avoided it, it rubbed their scalp and flew over, immediately smashing the stone wall behind.

Kuroobi took this opportunity and hit him in the chest with a straight punch. Ian gritted his teeth and concentrated some Nen in his chest to resist the blow. He took Kuroobi’s punch. Although he almost vomited blood, he seized the opportunity and hit him in the face with a punch.

This punch was thrown out with a blazing fire. “Fist of the Mortal Flame!” Although his strength was not as good as Kuroobi’s, the punch alone could not hurt him, but the flame attached to his fist burned Kuroobi and caused him to scream…

He desperately tried to extinguish the flame, but that was useless. Those flames were formed by Ian’s Nen. If he did not withdraw his Nen, the fire would not disappear. Half of Kuroobi’s face was almost burned. After that, Arlong rushed in and threw him into the water, he succeeded in stopping the flame from continuing to burn. Kuroobi also can only float on the water with white eyes and no combat effectiveness.

The damage caused by burns to fish-men was even bigger than expected!

A cadre under his command was killed by the other party’s fist of fire, which was totally unexpected by Arlong.

While Arlong rescued Kuroobi, Ian’s figure suddenly disappeared. Just after Choo turned his head, he found that there was a sharp pain coming from all over his body! Then, flames were scorching him!

Ian used the Sword of the Darkness Flame. Just a moment ago, he slashed him with seven cuts. The fish-men’s bones were really hard. He did not cut him too badly, but the fire attached to the sword remained on the wounds all over his body. The burning effect made him scream at once. He ran desperately toward the swimming pool and then went into the water.

Ian’s fire has a great burning effect, but what he can emit now was only an ordinary flame. It can’t reach the black magical flame effect. This kind of flame burns, which requires consuming oxygen. When it comes to the water, it will be extinguished, leading to stop outputting the Nen.

Even so, Choo and Kuroobi were also burned horribly. Arlong watched his two men floating on the water, and knew that today he has encountered such difficulties. It never occurred to him that the flame of this pirate hunter was so effective in restraining his crew!

He used to think that Ian’s name of “Blazing Blade” was just a nickname. How could he really ignite flames on his sword and fist?

When his two cadres lost their consciousness, he had to deal with Ian personally. Arlong was decisive and jumped into the swimming pool immediately.

Of course, Ian couldn’t enter the water and fight with him, so he just stood on the shore and shouted, “Arlong, if you don’t come out, I’m going to chop off the rest of your men!”

As soon as his voice fell, Arlong’s head emerged from the water. He raised his hand and made a harsh swing at Ian. Then Ian saw a drop of water, broke away from his wrist, and flew towards him at a very fast speed.

“Uchimizu (Water impact)!?”

Ian was surprised that Arlong could make this move. And the speed of the water droplets was so fast. As soon as he raised his sword, the water droplets hit the surface of the blade, then he only heard a jingling sound. Suddenly, he found a small bump on the side of his sword. So he quickly flipped it over and looked at it, the place where Samuro’s sword was hit by water droplets, it had been slightly dented!

What the heck! Ian’s heart made a strong pulsation. Although Samuro’s long sword was not a good weapon, it was not that bad either, at least much better than most ordinary swords. Its steel was so thick, and despite that, the blade was dented by the Uchimizu of this fellow, Arlong. How could this be even possible?!

When Ian saw Arlong dive again, his heart burst into flames, and he immediately ran to the place where Tashigi was fighting.

‘If you want to hide in the water, then hide. I’ll find your companions. Aren’t you the one who cherishes them the most? I’ll cut them one by one, while you are watching!’

However, just after two steps, Arlong hit Ian again from the pool.

This time, Ian did not dare to block them with his sword. He could only dodge. Water droplets brushed his chest and flew out. It cut Ian’s clothes and even made a small hole in the wall.

In fact, Arlong’s water strokes were much smaller powerful than those other fish-men. Maybe it was because he doesn’t use it very often. Arlong’s pride was his strength. The reason why he uses this trick now was mainly that he was unwilling to go ashore and fight with Ian. He was also a bit afraid of Ian’s flames.

Ian and Arlong had a deadlock. He wanted to help Tashigi. Arlong would come forward and attack him, as if he wanted to delay his steps.

After doing this two or three time, Ian also felt that something was wrong. This guy was not procrastinating!

From Ian’s expression, Arlong also saw that he seemed to be aware of it, so he no longer hid it. He floated on the water and laughed loudly. “I forgot to tell you that I still have another cadre, but he’s not here now, he went to feed Momoo! When he comes back, let me show you the horror of the sea kings from the Grand Line!”

Ian slapped his head, how could he forget this matter? What was Momoo? Of course, he knew. He immediately turned his head and looked at the warship at the dock. Was this fellow Arlong trying to destroy the warship?

Now Ian was a little anxious, with the artillery support of the warships. Tashigi had the upper hand. They had no problem dealing with the Arlong Pirates, but if the ship was destroyed, he wouldn’t be able to explain that for Smoker.