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S.C.S Chapter 71: Nami’s Battle

Ian was a little careless. Although he successfully designed it, he limited the battle to be on land, but he missed the big cow beast Momoo!

But that’s not to blame him. In his impression, Momoo, a big silly monster, came out just for fun, so Ian didn’t take it seriously.

However, it was not until he heard the word Momoo from Arlong’s mouth that he suddenly realized that the big monster might have a real threat.

People can go ashore, but ships can’t. Tashigi’s warship was still parked on the docks. Once Momoo really appears, it really has a huge size. It would most like overturn the warship.

In an emergency, Ian would not care about Arlong. The warship facing the dock wanted to run away, and Ian planned to kill Momoo first when it appeared.

How could Arlong let Ian get away so easily? Sensing his intention, Arlong suddenly shot several water droplets in a row toward Ian.

Ian didn’t want to be hurt, so he had to do his best to avoid them, but Arlong kept firing droplets of water at Ian and entangled him.

“What the Heck!” Ian burst into flames. He slashed his sword at Arlong’s position. So Arlong lowered his head and dived into the water. The Flying Slash Attack across the surface above his head. It cut the surface of the water and went all the way forward, going all the way, blasting on the edge of the pool, and cutting a crack.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ian was finally able to escape and run towards the warship. However, when he arrived, he found that the warship was still in good condition. The marine soldiers on the ship were busy carrying shells on the side of the ship bombarding the pirates on the shore, and providing support to Tashigi.

‘This is strange, wasn’t Arlong saying Momoo is coming? Why haven’t I seen anything?’

Not to mention that Ian was surprised, even Arlong was surprised. The battle on both had been going on for a long time. The sound of marines’ gunfire had been ringing for a long time. Could it be possible that Hatchan hasn’t heard a thing?

“YOU Bastard! What the hell is that guy, Hachi doing?” Floating on the surface of the pool, Arlong looked at the marines’ warship at the dock with a gloomy face.


Back earlier, when Ian and Tashigi were about to land from their ship, the cadres of the Arlong Pirate Regiment got the order of Arlong, ‘Go and locate Nami’s position, and find her an excuse to send her away of Arlong Park.

From a young age, Nami hated the Arlong Park to the extreme, she condensed it as a place of her tragic and painful memories. When she heard that Arlong gave her a holiday, she did not think much about it at all, and turned around and left.

She wanted to go back to the Cocoyasi Village, so she took a small boat and set off from the other side of the coast, so she could not see Ian’s warship.

However, just after her boat had been drawn out, she suddenly heard the rumble of gunfire coming from the direction of the Arlong Park!

Nami was shocked. She stood up from the boat and saw that a lot of smoke was rising from Arlong Park. So she immediately realized that someone was attacking them.

At this time, Nami did not know who the attacker was, whether it was the marines or other pirates, but no matter who it was, Nami heard the sound of the cannonballs and felt very pleasant.

Nami was probably the person who most hated Arlong. He was the murderer of her mother, Bell-mère. Every time she recalls the scene of her mother’s death, Nami’s heart aches like it was stabbed with a knife. She always wanted to avenge her mother, but unfortunately, she was powerless. The violent and cruelty of the fish-men was not something that a little girl can handle. In the end, Nami had to bear the humiliation and join the Arlong Pirate Regiment in order to redeem her hometown, Cocoyasi Village.

For so many years, Nami dreamed of seeing the collapse of the Arlong Pirates, so when someone suddenly attacked the Arlong Park, Nami immediately rowed back.

However, at this time, Nami saw a six-handed Octopus man running humming along the shore.

Naturally, Nami knows who this is, one of the cadres of the Arlong Pirate Regiment: Hatchan called “Hachi”!

Now that the resident of the Arlong Pirates was clearly being attacked, why does Hachi run in the opposite direction? Nami’s heart moved, and then she immediately waved to him and shouted, “What happened, Hachi?”

“Is that you? Nami!” Hachi heard the shouting, turned his head, and looked at it. After seeing Nami, he snorted, and then his six hands waved wildly in a panic. He said: “Nami, not good! The marines attacked us! There is also a very powerful pirate hunter inside!”

“The marines! A Pirate Hunter!?” Nami was delighted, but did not show it. Instead, she pretended to be surprised and said, “How did the marines come along with a pirate hunter?”

“I don’t know!” Hachi was panicking, “And that pirate hunter is so fierce that he can use strange flames, and Choo and Kuroobi were knocked down by him!”

When Nami heard that, her heart was more excited, she knows that the cadres of the Arlong Pirate Regiment are not weak. Listening to Hachi’s tone, ‘both of them were killed by the pirate hunter? Shouldn’t this pirate Hunter be Ian, the pirate hunter who just emerged some time ago and is known as the strongest pirate hunter in the East Blue?’

The news that Krieg was killed has now spread throughout the East Blue. Naturally, Nami has heard about it. The Arlong pirates were talking about it some time ago. When she discovered him, she was thinking about such a Pirate hunter. Should he be able to defeat the Arlong Pirates?

From the day she heard the news, Nami was looking forward to the appearance of this pirate hunter, hoping to see him capture the Arlong pirate regiment. However, even Nami did not think that Ian would come that fast! And he even brought the Marines with him!

At this moment, Nami’s mood was extremely exciting. She hopes that Ian can overthrow the Arlong Pirate Regiment and rescue her and her village Cocoyasi from Arlong’s claws.

Nevertheless, Nami is a strong girl. She can’t wait for others to rescue her like a weak princess. Intuitively, this is a great opportunity. Nami also wants to help out. She turned her eyes around and said with despairing expression at Hachi. “Both Choo and Kuroobi have been knocked down. Why are you here instead of helping them? You don’t want to run away, do you?”

“Really! For that, I’ll blame you!” Nami grinned and said, “I’m also a member of the Arlong Pirate Regiment, but I can’t help you in battle. I’ll go with you and call Momoo!”

Hachi didn’t think much about it. He nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go together!”

So Nami drove the boat over, jumped ashore, and ran with Hachi.

They soon arrived at a coast not far from Arlong Park, where Hachi was feeding Momoo. As soon as they arrived, Hachi pinched his trumpet-shaped lips, made a strange sound to summon Momoo.

He concentrated on calling Momoo, but did not notice that Nami, standing behind him, raised a huge stone with both hands and was slowly approaching him…

Under the sea, a huge shadow appeared. Momoo, a big manatee, heard Hachi’s familiar dining horn, and its huge body, like a hill, broke open and floated up. But it was strange because Hachi had just fed him. He did not understand why he called him again.

When it came to the surface and saw Hachi, it happened to see the scene where Nami slammed the stone from behind at Hachi’s head.

Hachi, who was placed in high hopes by Arlong, was so knocked down and lost conscious by Nami’s sneak attack that he fell to the ground with a big bag swollen on his head.

Seeing that its owner who had been feeding him was smashed down, Momoo became angry and shouted at Nami.

Nami was afraid of this huge monster. She took two steps back unconsciously, but then she suddenly thought of something. She took her shoulder bag, opened it, and looked for some snacks, which she had planned to eat on her way back to the Cocoyasi Village. But now she can’t care about them and throw them away directly towards Momoo.

Momoo was stunned for a moment, then opened his mouth and caught Nami’s snacks.

Unfortunately, its weight was a little small, so after finish it, Momoo stared at Nami with big round eyes, pleasantly looking at her, hoping she could give him a little more.

“…” Nami saw this scene and didn’t know what to say. It turned out that this big monster was actually a foodie, that small amount won’t please him… looking at him, Mani became scared again…

Nami took out all the snacks in her bag and threw them to Momoo bit by bit. After that, she stood up and said that this is the last one.

This was awkward, although he was not satisfied, but after all, it was a bonus meal, so he shook his tail towards Nami, and saying goodbye, then dove into the water.

“Huh!” After getting rid of Momoo, Nami could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. That’s all she could do after all.

Looking at Hachi who passed out on the ground, Nami spat out her tongue and said, “I’m sorry! Although you regard me as a companion, I never thought of you as a companion from the beginning!”

Turning her head, Nami looked in the direction of Arlong Park. She didn’t know what was going on there. She was really worried. Although there were the Marines and a famous pirate hunter, Nami knew Arlong’s strength, so she was worried that they could not defeat him. She planned to see the situation secretly first.