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S.C.S Chapter 74: Captain Bill

When the Arlong Pirates were escorted to the Loguetown, the whole Loguetown was stirred up!

More than 300 marine soldiers, one by one, walked along the road with their guns and their heads held high. In the middle, there was a long line of fish-men pirates handcuffed with heavy cables, which made the entire residents of Loguetown come out to see this scene with excitement.

The Arlong Pirates were no less famous in the East Blue than the Krieg Pirates, but now even these pirates have been captured, which made some people in town who have been attacked by pirates weep with joy.

But more people, in fact, stared at them and saw what fish-men look like. They were pointing at fish-men pirates and keep talking about them, disgusting, horrible and so on. Although their voices were very low, they didn’t dare to speak out openly, but it was clear that those people were not only afraid of fish-men, but right, they also had some discrimination against them.

In the East Blue, this situation was already good. But, on the Grand Line, such discriminatory ideas become more and more dangerous.

Arlong had already woken up and found that he was personally escorted by Ian. When he heard these remarks, his eyes became dreadful again.

“Don’t try to make a move!” Ian warned him, he knew that Arlong had great strength, so he said, “If you dare to break free of the handcuffs in front of so many people, I will kill you without hesitation!”

Arlong glanced at him and said, “If it weren’t for your strange flame, you thought I would lose to you?”

“That’s your weakness. What’s wrong with me taking advantage of it?” Ian whispered, “It seems that you fish-men are not as fierce as it said!”

Arlong said nothing at this moment, Ian’s words, he could not refuse, so he turned his eyes to those who pointed at him and said: “One day, the fish-man will make you human see what is called fear!”

When Ian heard him, he sighed and whispered, “Fear can only make people afraid, but it can’t be recognized. The more you think about it, the more human beings will discriminate against you…”

Ian heard his words, sighed, and replied, “Fear can only make people afraid, but it can’t be recognized. The more you think about it, the more human beings will discriminate against you…”

“What are you talking about?” Arlong turned to look at him.

“Nothing!” Ian shook his head. He didn’t want to talk too much about this topic. Discrimination against other races is a social problem, and it’s not something he can change with just a few words.

Ian was once again famous because many people saw him personally detain the leader of the Arlong Pirate Regiment. For a time, Ian’s reputation as a pirate hunter was unparalleled in the East Blue. The three most famous pirate Regiments in the East Blue were arrested by his hands, the strongest pirate hunter in the East Blue. Ian’s name was solid.

However, the captured Arlong pirates also imposed a burden on the Loguetown marine base, which had to allocate a large number of people to prevent them from escaping the prison and to guard these vicious fish-men pirates.

And because of this, Ian had a fight with Smoker when he returned to the base.

Smoker allowed him to take the marine soldiers out for practical exercises. In fact, he knew he wanted to take the opportunity to catch the pirates. But Smoker never thought that Ian had been thinking about catching the Arlong Pirates. When he heard the news, Smoker himself was frightened and had some cold sweat!

He must know that Ian took away almost half of the base’s military strength. In case he failed, Loguetown would lose half of its manpower in an instant, and the consequences would be extremely serious.

In this way, Smoker’s anger couldn’t be imagined, and his fight with Ian was very harsh, which was based on the premise that they won a great victory, but if it fails, Smoker won’t hesitate to take Ian down.

Ian also knew that this time he had gone a little too far, so when Smoker fought with him, he didn’t conflict back very much, and he got a few punches from Smoker, which dispel some of his anger. Then he sweeps him out of the base directly.

Ian didn’t mind either. With the bounties he got, he spent more than 600,000 Berries buying a lot of ingredients from the town and sending them to the dining hall of the marine base. It was like inviting Tashigi and the other soldiers who followed him to the sea to have a big meal celebrating their Victory.

Such a move made the last bit of unpleasantness disappear in the minds of the marine soldiers, and instead, they cheered for Ian.

Smoker was sitting at the window of the base, watching Ian celebrating and leave-taking the marines, and he sat at his desk, smoking his cigar and thinking.

It took him a long time to write down his comments on Ian on a piece of paper: He is very courageous, fearless of the marines’ authority, and very greedy for money, in order to hunt bounties, he did not hesitate to use the marines’ background!

Such a person, once becoming a pirate, he would be very troublesome for the marines, Smoker felt it was necessary to pay attention to this point, so he sent his evaluation report to the Marines Headquarters Intelligence and Information Section to update the information on Ian, hoping that one day, this evaluation data will be useful…

After that, Smoker had another problem giving him headache: how to settle down with the 16th branch…

Ian didn’t know what was going on behind him. He patted his head and walked very quietly. After leaving the marine base, he inquired about the town to see if any caravans were going to the Grand Line recently and wanted to take a ride.

Coincidentally, he soon found out in a pub that a group of caravans from the Goa Kingdom had recently arrived at the dock and were replenishing in the Loguetown, intending to set off for the Grand Line tomorrow.

When Ian ran to the dock and found the caravan, he found that it was a small caravan of twelve different types of vessels belonging to three small chambers of commerce, but all of them came from the Goa Kingdom.

Such a caravan was bound to recruit escorts, so when Ian found them, as soon as he reported his name, the caravan was surprised and accepted him immediately, and Ian made five million Berries as employment offer!

This price, in the East Blue, can be considered the top, and Ian recently received tens of millions of money, so he did not want to negotiate, just nodded and agreed.

So that night, Ian stayed on the ship of the caravan. The merchant arranged him on the largest ship, gave him the best room, he even found a beautiful maid serving him.

The chief never thought that Ian would be impersonating, holding the prestige of capturing the Arlong pirates. Ian’s image has been spread all over Loguetown. Everyone knows the iconic bear ear cap on his head.

Lying in the luxurious big bed in the room, drinking the good wine provided by the caravan, and a beautiful girl waiting for his call at the door, Ian felt that he was not living on a ship, but in a hotel.

The captain of the ship, Bill, Ian has already seen him, he is a bearded middle-aged man. He is about fifty years old. It was said that he was an experienced captain. He has traveled more than ten times between the East Blue and the Grand Line. The cargo carried on the ship was also the most valuable, all of which are spices. Most of the drinks carried by other ships were within the scope of “acceptable losses”.

Ian and Captain Bill talked for a while, and learned that it was a dangerous thing to go to the Grand Line, especially for the caravans. Every time they went to sea, they had a complete chance of not coming back. It was a pity that they should not only be ready for the robbery of pirates, but also be careful of storms, abnormal weather and so on. Bill said that he could go back and forth more than ten times to the Grand Line. He knew that his luck could not last long. So this was his last voyage, and he would retire directly when he came back.

Listening to Bill’s seriously words, Ian’s heart has been muttering, he also knows that now his strength in the East Blue was remarkable, but when getting to the Grand Line, that would be different.

Just this time, Arlong’s bounty was received, so after lying in the room for a rest, Ian focused on his mind, intending to continue drawing cards, adding a little of his own cards.

Before that, Ian recharged all of the 27 million Berries, he had transformed them into diamonds. According to the ratio of 200:1, he got 135,000 diamonds, plus 10% extra recharge gift. The total number of diamonds he now owns was 148,500 diamonds.

When he saw this string of numbers, his eyes were shining.

When he went out to the sea at the beginning, he had a headache saving money to open his first ten cards. As a result, he now has so many diamonds.

However, after releasing slobber of saliva, Ian took a finger and counted them. Suddenly, he found something was wrong. He consumed 5000 diamonds to open ten consecutive draws. The 144,000 diamonds were only enough for him to purchase 29 times of the ten consecutive draws!!!

Twenty-seven million Berries, so much money, that amount was enough for a family to live for three decades, but the result was only to purchase 29 times of the ten consecutive draws!!!

This made Ian suddenly have a bad feeling. When he first drew the first ten cards, because it was the first time, he would definitely get a four-star card. Now his first consecutive draws are gone, with his shitty system, would he be able to draw a complete four-star card?

With caution, Ian began drawing the ten consecutive cards.

Still the familiar scene, the cards were arranged in two rows, and then turned over in order from top to bottom, left to right.

“You’ve got breakthrough stones *30!”

“You’ve got blue gear: Knight Armor Fragment * 5!”

“You’ve got two-star card fragments: Master Roshi * 5!” (Dragon Ball Z)

“You’ve got the equipment reinforcement material: refined iron * 10!”

“You have acquired the exclusive treasure: Ebony & Ivory fragments *2!” (Dante’s custom handguns from Devil May Cry)

“You’ve got advanced stones * 20!”

“You’ve got three-star card fragments: Hibiki Ryoga Fragments *3” (Ranma)

“You’ve got purple gear: steel boots fragments * 2!”

“You’ve got the treasure reinforcement material: Magic Crystal × 5!”

“You’ve got blue gear: Knight helmet fragments * 5!”

That’s it…

Ian, who was full of expectations, was shocked to see the result of ten consecutive draws and his chin fell to the ground.

‘WHAT THE HECK! Five thousand diamonds, one million Berries! I was so hyped up, and you gave me this junk!!!’

This time, there were only two new cards from these ten consecutive draws. One was the equipment reinforcement material, refined iron, and the other was the treasure reinforcement material: Magic Crystal, which Ian never thought of.

The emergence of new things means that the probability of getting good cards has also squeezed out. This F*cking system even said that the probability of getting good cards in ten consecutive draws would be higher. Is this the case? By High, he means law?

Indeed, Ian hasn’t seen a one-star card in the two recent times of the ten consecutive draws, maybe it has been blocked in the ten consecutive draws. This is a good thing, but what breakthrough stone, equipment debris, treasure fragments, and miscellaneous items have also been added. This system has not changed the character of pit money at all, just changed his method. Nothing more.

Though this debris, Ian can also use, but anyway, he still felt uncomfortable, equipment to strengthen what, that should be the last thing, but what he now needs the most was completed cards!

Looking at the only two card fragments drawn out this time, one was Master Roshi, and the other was Hibiki Ryoga. Ian knows Hibiki Ryoga, who is the MC of the Anime Ranma 1/2, but he was a Three-star class, Ian did not understand why, when Master Roshi, a sensei on the Dragon Ball Z, was actually defined as a two-star class, which makes it not understandable. Ian felt a little puzzled. In terms of combat effectiveness, how can Master Roshi be worse than Hibiki Ryoga?

So he asked the system curiously, “What is the basis of the card star rating?”