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S.C.S Chapter 75: New 4-star card

In fact, Ian has been confused for a long time about the System’s rating of cards’ star.

Ian remembers when he asked the System if there were any cards with psycho-mental skills, the System told him that there was a four-star orange card from in the Red Alert game “Yuri”. At that time, he didn’t care, but when Ian drew his first four-star orange card Flying Shadow Hiei, he felt that something was wrong. No matter how he sees it, Yuri’s character, which is only good at mental control but was physically weak, can’t be as strong as Hiei!!?? Why he is also listed as a four-star card?

There were doubts before, but there was no time to ask. This time, after ten consecutive draws, a similar situation occurred. Ian couldn’t help but ask about it.

Fortunately, although the System was a pit of money, but for the host’s question, or as the game customer service, he would give him an honest answer.

Yeah, if the service attitude of such a money-pooling game is any worse, it’s going to get bankrupt…

The System responded: “Card star rating, only in the same series of roles for vertical comparison!”

“What do you mean?” Ian couldn’t understand it for a while.

“For example, the host just drew the card “Master Roshi” and only compared it with a set of cards in the Dragon Ball Series to determine the number of its stars!” The System explained.

The vertical comparison of the original series means this. Ian suddenly realized that, yeah, he thought about it before. Whether it is comparing Yuri with Hiei, or comparing Master Roshi with Hibiki Ryoga, this comparison actually belongs to the horizontal comparison. It is a comparison of two different world, backgrounds, and different power systems. Such a horizontal comparison will naturally lead to doubts.

If he compares them vertically in the same series, the evaluation of the two stars can be explained. It is estimated that in the card of the Dragon Ball System, Bulma belongs to the one-star cards, Master Roshi to the two stars cards, Yamcha and Tien Shinhan, which are three stars, and so on.

With this in mind, Ian asked the System, “How many stars is Son Goku in the Dragon Ball series?”

“Four stars!” The System answered him: “In any series of cards, the main characters and popular characters, according to their strength, are listed as three stars or Four Stars! Five-star cards are limited to BOSS-level characters, such as Cell and Majin Buu, which are the original five-star cards in the Dragon Ball series.”

Ian was reluctant, and said, “It’s wrong to calculate like this. How can the strength of the protagonist be lower than the BOSS? Which BOSS did not end up being pushed down by the protagonist?”

The System explained: “The stars rating of the card is not only the simple growth and attributes, but also represents the rarity and difficulty of acquisition.”

This answer made Ian think for a long time before he responded. The System means that the main character and famous roles should be listed as four stars to reduce the difficulty of their acquisition.

Don’t forget that four-star cards can be upgraded to five-star level (the advanced level) through breakthrough. Compared with the original five-star cards, they still have room for growth. Although the original five-star cards have higher growth qualifications, it is also difficult to obtain and upgrade them.

Five-star cards can only be cultivated slowly in the later stage when the resources are relatively rich. For Ian, upgrading the three-star and four-star cards is the best choice at this stage.

This is also a common trend in card-based mobile games. It is impossible to cultivate all of your cards to their best if you think about it.

Ian then asked the System some other questions, such as the high-powered world such as Dragon Ball, whether is there card characters that could be strong enough to destroy a planet, and so on? Which is to say, some of his doubts were all answered.

Moreover, the System patiently explained them to him.

Ian did not think of the situation, although the System was a domestic product, completely did not think about copyright issues, combine the characters in various animations and games. But it is still a game, has its own System, the System is the limit of thinking, whether it is the character was from a high-force world or a low-force world, all card characters are set in accordance with this concept system.

In other words, the ability of the card character respond to Ian as the host depends on how strong Ian’s Nen is.

After all, the System was based on Ian’s soul. It is mainly based on Ian. It is supplemented by Ian. When Ian dies, it will disappear. So, although Ian has to continually recharge diamonds to extract cards, strictly speaking, it is an equivalent exchange. It is the meaning of the existence of the pit game. It cannot be violated. Otherwise, in order to survive and maintain the existence of the System, it can give Ian a large number of five-star cards free of charge, in order to increase Ian’s strength, so that he will not die.

Ian did not know what problems the System had and why it had mutated into such a way of existence, but after some exchanges, he was reassured.

Because the world has devil fruits, people don’t know much about its principle, so it is generally believed that there is a demon in the devil fruit. When people eat the devil fruit, the demon will live on the host, so that people can acquire the ability of the demon. From this point, Ian’s mind the System is also such a demon, but also a demon who regards money as his destiny. Ian himself was a devil fruit user, and the System is his devil fruit…

With such a thought, even Ian could not help laughing at this.

Ha! The curse of the Devil fruit is to become unable to swim, while the curse of Ian’s System is to turn him into a moneygrubber!

When he was in a better mood, Ian continued drawing the ten consecutive cards.

In the next extraction process, it was not as bad as it was just now, All the unlucky ones were all fragmented. As the number of extractions increased, the complete card finally appeared!

In the third tenth consecutive draw, Ian drew a complete three-star card, Joe Higashi from the game of The King of Fighters.

This card made Ian hesitate for a moment because it was not suitable for him, so he finally let it go.

Next, Ian drew a lot of complete two-star cards. At the same time, he synthesized two pieces of equipment fragments, one is the knight’s sword, the other is the knight’s armor.

Finally, in the tenth consecutive draw, Ian finally got a new four-star orange card!


Card star: four stars

Title: Brave sword / the Unforgiven

Level: Level 1

Strength: 50

Speed: 150

Vitality: 70

Nen: 130 (Lol Yasuo doesn’t have a Mana bar!!! By the way, I’m Main Yasuo, Darius, and Shaco)


Way of the Wanderer: Passive, when attacking the enemy’s vital points, destructive power doubles (advanced swordsmanship skills needed for activation).

Steel Tempest: Each time you thrust your sword to deal damage, you will get a layer of whirlwind split effect, lasting 10 seconds. After accumulating two layers of whirlwind split effect, a Gathering Storm that can be launched and hit your enemies (advanced swordsmanship skills needed for activation).

Wind Wall: creates a gust of wind for 4 seconds to block enemy long-range attacks and Projectiles (advanced swordsmanship skills needed for activation). “Face the wind!”

Sweeping Blade: dashes a fixed distance toward a target enemy, after each advance, the next dash will increase the destructive power by 10%. It cannot dash to the same target more than once every few seconds (advanced swordsmanship skills needed for activation).

Ultimate: Last Breath: Break the Wind: blinks to the other side of Airborne enemies nearest to the cursor, hold it in the air for continuous chopping. Instantly generating maximum Flow while resetting. The destructive power increases by 60% (expert swordsmanship skills needed for activation). “Sorye ge ton!”

When he drew this card, Ian was really excited. He did not know whether it was because of his advanced swordsmanship skills that this card appeared. But there was no doubt that this card was the only one that is most suitable for him at present.

Although the Flying Shadow, Hiei’s Card was good, his ultimate skill the Black Dragon Wave was kinda useless because Ian’s Nen skills couldn’t keep up with it. Leading to the impossibility of using, but Yasuo’s card was different, all skills can be activated, although Yasuo’s Ultimate skill may not be as strong as Hiei’s, the Black Dragon Wave, but as long as this card was equipped, Ian will finally have a special move!

It was embarrassing. So far, Ian hasn’t had a special trick. He was totally depending on his strength and speed to kill his enemies. At most, he just uses the Sword of the Darkness Flame.

In the course of several battles, Ian also realized that even if he can release a Flying Slash from his sword, it couldn’t be a very effective trick for killing his opponents, because if the enemy reacts quickly, they can completely avoid his flying chopper.

With this card, Samanosuke Akechi’s card can be replaced first. Although his flashes skill are good, the change must be done. To put it plainly, it’s a combination of strength and speed. Ian has mastered the flash skills after many times of use. Even if he replaces this card, he will also be able to use them. Similarly, flash skills can be used, at most, without the damage bonus. Once the practice skills have been improved, Ian is confident that in the flash process, combined with the Sword of the Darkness Flames, to make up for the lack of destructive power.

Of course, there was another reason for changing Samanosuke Akechi’s card, that was, Ian’s current level was a little more than 9 (by defeating Arlong and his two cadres), he has not yet reached level 10, temporarily he just has two card slots. In this case, it must give priority to the use of high-star cards.

Pulled his fingers and start counting, he found that he had drawn the complete four-star card almost after a hundred draws. It was good to draw a four-star card from the ten consecutive draws, but the probability was too low, wasn’t it? One percent chance… No, it may be much lower than this probability. He must understand that it’s a hundred times to draw a card, just because he was lucky, It doesn’t mean that the probability is really that much.

However, in any case, there was finally a four-star card to place. Even if he can’t draw four-star cards in the next draws, Ian’s recharge card was not a waste of money.

Ten consecutive draws have also given Ian a lot of experience books, it was no problem for him to upgrade the card level, so after he equipped Yasuo’s card, he upgraded its level.

However, this change of cards led to a slight decrease in Ian’s strength and a much higher increment in his speed. He is now more and more inclined to agile swordsmen, and the large Sword of Samuro is more and more inappropriate for him to use.

Moreover, Samuro’s sword now has a small dent, which makes Ian very depressed. He once fought with Tashigi, and her sword was a good weapon. Whenever he used his sword, he could not leave a mark on it, but it was hit by a drop of water from Arlong. This was totally unexpected for Ian.

The smaller the area of attack, the more concentrated the force, which was very reasonable…

Although the dent was not too obvious, Ian obsessive-compulsive disorder attacks, always feel uncomfortable, he also tried to cancel the equipment of the sword, and then re-equipped, in order to see if it can be repaired it by this way, but the fact has proved that this was not feasible, the dent still exists.

Since the fragments of the exclusive treasure can be obtained by ten consecutive draws, Ian wondered whether a new exclusive treasure could be brought by a large number of extractions.

So, the next time, he drew all the remaining number of extractions and used all of his diamonds…