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S.C.S Chapter 76: Noble-man

The speed of drawing the cards was very fast. After more than ten minutes, lying on the bed, Ian turned over and slammed his head on the pillow in his bed.

Not with excitement, but with regret!

Ten consecutive draw cards won’t give him a five-star card, a complete four-star orange card was the best result, so after drawing Yasuo’s card, Ian thought that his time has come, so he wanted to take advantage of that good luck and kept drawing.

And the end result?

That card was only pulled out by a miracle, and it ruined the rest of the ten consecutive draws. But he can’t pull out another miracle by himself. All the cards were trash!

A total of 29 times of ten consecutive draws, or 290 extraction opportunities, and all the things he got were summarized as follows: Breakthrough Stone Quantity * 860, Breakthrough Stone Quantity * 710, refined iron Quantity * 225, magic crystal Quantity * 182, a total of four pieces of equipment were synthesized, just put together the knight suit, and Yasuo was equipped.

In addition, there are 11 complete cards: Yasuo (Four Stars, Source League Of Legends), Joe Higashi (Samsung, Source The King of Fighters) and Suiseiseki (Samsung, Source Rozen Maiden). These three cards were above the three-star level, and the other eight cards are all two-star cards.

Of course, not only these, but Ian also drew a lot of card fragments of various stars, the most noteworthy of which are the cards from the League of Legends game.

Ten consecutive draws will have four-star card fragments, which Ian already knew, but in so many extractions, he found that there were many characters that appeared from League of Legends, and all of them were four-stars.

He asked about the system, and learned that because LOL was a competitive game, so all the cards, without exception, were four-star cards. There were no five-star cards in this game, nor one or two or three-star cards, and there were no fetters. Their card growth attributes will be slightly higher than those of other series of four-star cards, as compensation.

After so many times, the result was that only one card could be used eventually. Joe Higashi’s card is a boxing card. Many skills need the corresponding level of physical skills to be used. Suiseiseki’s card skills require a huge amount of Nen, and all of them need advanced Nen skills!

Ian wanted a lot of fragments of exclusive treasures, but they are all one from the east to the west, which can not be integrated.

That’s why he was so upset that he wanted to demolish the wall next to him. Twenty-seven million Berries were all gone, and he got a bunch of garbage. This worthless system was simply eating people and doesn’t even spit their bones! In this way, wanting to make a collection of five-star luxury cards, that will require him billions of Berries!?

It’s good to have system assistance, but if he can’t get good things out of it, that will be a big problem.

After venting for a while, Ian asked the system dejectedly, “I said, since there is a cards store, is there an exclusive treasure store? Or can I get high-ranking exclusive treasures by drawing cards like this?”

However, the system responded, “There is no exclusive treasure store, but exclusive treasures can be replaced.”

Ian was stunned. It was the first time that he heard the system say that. Previously, no stores of exclusive treasures were found in the system interface, and this shitty system, if you don’t ask him, he won’t take the initiative to answer you. So Ian has always thought that there was no such thing, If it weren’t for this time because of the problem with Samuro’s sword, he would keep drawing cards without getting any exclusive treasures, nor he would have thought of asking such questions within many mouths if he hadn’t got any exclusive treasures.

Two sentences from the system were slandered in disclosure. “What’s the meaning of this replacement?” Ian asked curiously.

“Exchange of the same star’s exclusive treasures (and type I think because he got guns as exclusive treasures from drawing cards), consuming 5000 diamonds each time!” The system responded, “Replacement to a higher star level consumes 50,000 diamonds at a time, each replacement result is random.”

“…” When Ian heard that, he was speechless. ‘What the heck! Speaking of it, are you staring at the 19 million Berries left in my hand?’

‘Fifty thousand diamonds for one replacement and the result is random. You really dare to be more greedy!?’

(TN: why didn’t he just go to Ipponmatsu “the owner of an arms shop in Loguetown” and tells him “I’m Ian, the famous pirate hunter and I’m looking for a good sword”. Then Ipponmatsu will give him the Yubashiri for free just because he’s Ian (-_-)

Ian hesitated for a long time, and finally decided to give it a try. Originally speaking, Samuro’s sword was only damaged by a small dint. It did not affect the use of it, but the damage of this weapon gave Ian a reminder to change it.

Arlong damaged his weapon once by the water drops. And now he’s entering the Grand Line, the place where there are many people who are much stronger than Arlong. He can be classed to an expert in swordsmanship. All his skills and techniques were concentrated on the sword. If he continues to use this three-star Sword, whenever he wants to use this weapon, he will think of Tashigi’s situation. In that case, if the sword was totally destroyed, he will be unarmed.

So either replace it, or don’t and he has to bear with the result.

So he pulled out his backpack, took out the remaining 19 million Berries, and recharged it. With the system bonus, he got more than 100,000 diamonds, which happened to be the exact amount for two replacement.

When he confirmed the advanced replacement, Samuro’s sword card in his mind turned into a ray of light and disappeared, at the same time, the large sword that Ian held in his hands also disappeared.

A moment later, a new weapon appeared.

At first sight of this weapon, Ian’s whole body was about to be crashed. It turned out to be a long spear!

From the Dynasty Warriors, Zhao Yun’s long weapon, a four-star gentian spear!

“What am I going to do with this, I can’t use it at all!”

Ian has finally realized what the system meant by randomness. There were so many characters in the card library. Apart from some characters without exclusive treasures, there were also so many other characters with treasures left. Random replacement of so many exclusive treasures means that is really possible for any weapon to appear.

Another time! Ian gritted his teeth and chose to replace it again. If unsuitable weapons appeared again, then for the next period, he could only use a casual sword.

However, just after the second flash of light, Ian looked at the new exclusive treasure with astonishment.

A sword! It’s really a sword!?

It was a smooth-lined sword (or Samurai sword). The handle was white, and the blade was ordinary, but the body of the sword showed a striking silver-white light. When Ian saw the light for the first time, he could feel the coldness and sharpness brought by sword’s metal, the chillness merged with that metal, not all swords can have it.

For the first time, Ian felt that this was not an ordinary sword. Sure enough, when he looked carefully, he found that it was the Devil-blade Yamato!


Card Vergil’s Exclusive Treasure

Level: Four Stars, Upgradable

Strength +80



Destructive power +40%

From the second replacement, he got this incredible result, but it was not a matter of Ian’s luck. This Sword, after all, is the mainstream weapon, and the odds of randomness are still quite large. But Ian was still very happy. Now everything was all right. There’s no need to use an ordinary sword.

When Ian equipped the Devil-blade Yamato, the magical sword appeared in his hands. It was about 1.3 meters long. It was very suitable for Ian, and the sword was very light. He could hardly feel the weight in his hand. Moreover, he had his own sheath, which made Ian finally get rid of the large sword that could only be carried on his back. In his predicament, he was able to hold the weapon in his hand at any time and anywhere.

“That sword was used to separate our world from the demons.”
—Dante, Devil May Cry 4

When he unsheathed the sword, the bright shining light of the sword spread out in the room in an instant. Although it was just a flash, it also made Ian feel the cold breath. With a gentle wave, he brushed the lamp at the bedside by the blade, and with a click, the lamp holder made of solid wood was cut off and fell.

Ian stared in surprise at the smooth cut, which was too sharp. It felt like he has no need for his strength. How did that happen?

It’s totally different from the last sword, Samuro’s large sword. That sword focuses on weight, which is suitable for vigorous slashing, while the Devil-blade Yamato is different. The light body of the sword does not have much weight. In order to have better destructive power, its sharpness is naturally higher.

Standing by the bed, Ian tried to use Yasuo’s Wind Wall skill. The Devil-blade Yamato in his hand, instantly came out of the sheath and created an arc ahead. Then the next second, an invisible wind wall appeared. The strong wind blew all objects and items on Ian’s room and made them roll over.

When the maid outside heard the noise, she hesitated for a moment, then opened the door of Ian’s room and looked at it, and she saw that Ian’s room was in a mess.

She stood at the door in a daze, wondering what had happened. By this time, Ian had drawn back his new sword and said to her, “It’s all right. Come back to tidy up tomorrow morning.”

Looking at the maid closing the door, Ian frowned.

Just now, the wind barrier that he tried, can be used correctly, but he doesn’t know why, there is always a sense of obscurity.

The Wind Wall of Yasuo’s card requires expert-level swordsmanship, and there is no requirement for the practice Nen skills. At first, Ian had no problem, But when he used this move, he found that it did not use any mental power (Nen). The wind was caused by unique sword skills.

This is really amazing. Can he create it by the sword alone? Ian couldn’t imagine it until he saw it.

Until then, Ian finally realized that his original swordsmanship skills broke through to expert-level swordsmanship, in fact, he was entirely motivated by the idea of being able to launch a projectile attack, which did not mean that his swordsmanship had reached the real expert level.

Sword expert could achieve its effect only when he completes filling the Proficiency of the expert-level swordsmanship with simple sword skills.

It seems that he will be training for the next swordsmanship level. Still, he can not relax.

After being disturbed by the maid, Ian could not continue experimenting. The room was like a house blown by a storm. Ian wanted to tidy it up, but after thinking about it, he found that the bed was not messy, so he went to sleep.

Early the next morning, Ian woke up at about five or six o’clock. After washing his face, he came to the deck to get ready for exercise.

But when he arrived on the deck, Ian found that the caravan had begun to unhook the cables and pull up the anchor for departure.

Bill, the captain of the ship, stood on the deck with a pipe in his hand and directed the sailors to work. Ian went over and asked, “We are leaving so early?”

“Of course!” Bill smiled at him and said, “Because it may take some time to get to the Grand Line Entrance, so it’s good to go early.”

Ian had some doubts, but he didn’t ask much about it. The sailing should be handed over to experienced people. He was responsible for the safety of the ship.

There were many people on the deck, and Ian didn’t exercise for a while. So he stood on the side of the ship and looked at the other busy caravan ships on the dock. At that moment, a well-dressed man also boarded Ian’s boat. As soon as he saw Ian’s idle look, the man immediately shouted. “Damn it! Are you lazy? Don’t you have work to do!? Did I pay you to come here just to stay aside and look dazed?”

Ian looked at the man inexplicably and found that he had a cane in his hand and a Tophat on his head. He was completely dressed as a nobleman, but he had no manners at all. He pointed at Ian while spitting and scolding.

“Are you mad?” Ian frowned at him and said, “I’m not a sailor. What job are you talking about?”

The noble dressed man was stunned, and Captain Bill heard the noise and came to explain, “Mr. Roland Gail, you may have made a mistake. This is our guard on board, not a sailor.”

Listening to Bill’s remark, Roland Gail, the noble dressed man, snorted coldly and said, “Even if he’s not a sailor, how do you recruit people? Such a young boy, what capabilities does he have to serve as a guard? Do you leave my safety in the hands of such a kid?”

“No, no!” Bill said quickly, “There are other guards on board, not just one person.”

“That’s about the same!” Roland Gail hummed, took his cane and got on the boat. He ignored everyone and then went to his cabin.

After he left, Ian asked Bill with a disagreeable face, “Who’s this man? Is he always so angry in the early morning?”

Bill laughed bitterly and said, “That’s a nobleman of the Goa Kingdom. Three of the ships in this caravan came from the Chamber of Commerce under his name. His Chamber of Commerce is going to sea for the first time on the Grand Line. So, He’s not confident. He wants to come along and see. You know, the Goa kingdom is always full of such domineering people.”