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S.C.S Chapter 77: Common Knowledge

Originally, Ian thought that a nobleman of that size might be a celebrity or distinguished personage in the Kingdom of Goa, but it was only when Uncle Bill, the captain, whispered that Ian knew that this fellow was just a small aristocrat.

And he’s the kind of people who bow down and take off their hats when they see 99% of the other nobles…

Also, if it were really any great noble, it would be impossible for him to come and board such a caravan. The noblemen, who were delicate and careful, would not suffer from this kind of hardship. This time, the size of the caravan was not that large. Several businesses added up to only twelve boats. But this Mr. Roland Gail, for such a business matter, was not at ease to be close to him. Ian stared at him all this time, and he guessed that the cargo on board would have overwhelmed most of Roland Gail’s family.

He didn’t care about it. Although he had heard about the Goa kingdom, he hadn’t stayed in it. After all, these so-called nobles felt too far away from him, but what he didn’t expect was that this little one, Mr. Noble, after getting on the boat, he did not stop at all, and soon started making troubles again!

The reason was actually related to Ian. Because Ian is the strongest escort recruited by the caravan, they assigned the best room on board to Ian. As a result, Roland Gail suddenly inserted into the boat and found that his room was not the best, so he started making troubles at the boarding time.

He was the only aristocrat in the fleet, and the rest were civilians. Although Roland Gail nodded and bowed in front of other aristocrats, in front of a crowd of civilians, his frame was very large. He was very dissatisfied with the room allocated to Him. The maid who was responsible for serving Ian was explaining the situation to him, and he slapped her to the ground.

In this way, he did not hesitate to beat the maid with his cane. The maid was in pain, and she could only run out of the cabin. As a result, the fellow chased her out, grabbed her hair from behind, and slammed her hard to the ground.

“F*cking slave! You dare to run!?” As he yelled and cursed, he stretched out his foot and kicked the maid.

Many people on the deck saw this farce, but none of them dared to speak for the maid. The sailors, the chief mate, and the captains on board were all recruited from the Goa Kingdom by the caravan. While the other guards recruited from Loguetown, were very angry by this scene, but they were hindered by Roland Gail, and it was not easy for them to speak up.

Ian looked speechless and asked Bill next to him, “That’s the virtue of the nobles in your country!”

Bill was also angry, but he dared not show it at all. He could only whisper to Ian: “No way, we all have family members, but dare not disobey these nobles. Now, although we are civilians, we are still allowed to live in cities and towns. If we provoke nobles, we may be expelled outside to the garbage mountain. Yes, that terrible place…”

After that, Bill did not say anything, and Ian knew exactly what he was trying to say.

With a sigh, Ian pressed the hat on his head and swayed toward Roland Gail.

Roland Gail was cursing in high spirits. Suddenly, he found a dark shadow blocking the light. He was about to look up to see who was so bold. Suddenly, a huge force hit his abdomen. Without waiting for his reaction, his whole body flew back.

It was Ian who did it. When he came to Roland Gail, he kicked the fellow off with one foot!

Looking at Roland Gail rolling over the deck and falling far away, Ian ignored him, reached out and pulled the maid up and asked, “Are you okay?”

The maid’s hair was messy and a red palm print on her cheeks. After Ian pulled her up, she was still shaking all over, but she thanked him gratefully.

Ian felt that there was no need to thank him at all. The girl was arranged to serve him yesterday, and she took good care of him, and it was a normal thing for him to help her.

Roland Gail finally got up in a shambles. His abdomen was still hurting him. From his anger, he pointed at Ian and scolded, “You… How dare you attacking me!? Do you know who I am?!”

“Like I care who you are!” Ian sniffed, “Retract your suit, this is not your Goa kingdom! Really, look at your arrogant appearance just now, I don’t know if you thought you are from the Celestial Dragons!?”

In fact, Ian did not know that he inadvertently told the truth. When the Celestial Dragons visited the Goa Kingdom, that faction really had a profound impact on the nobles of the Goa Kingdom. The slaves were used as mounts, and they were used to swagger through the market. It seemed so incredible in the eyes of others, but in the eyes of the Goa Kingdom. In the view of the nobles of the country, this was the proper noble model, so the various behaviors of the Celestial Dragons are emulated by them, one by one desperately want to be aligned with the nobles of the world.

If the nobles in the former Goa kingdom were only hypocritical and indifferent, their attitudes towards civilians have become increasingly worse and more distorted over the years.

“Go on, catch him for me!” Roland Gail showed a grim face and roared, “I want him to know the consequences of provoking me!”

However, it was a pity that none of them listened to him!

This fellow may not know Ian’s identity, but others know that, at present, the most powerful pirate hunter in the East Blue, who has the courage to go ahead and catch him?

Roland Gail was even more annoyed to find that nobody listened to him. He did not know what had happened and thought that the civilians were going to rebel. So he simply started by himself and drew a pistol from behind his waist and pointed it at Ian.

But before he pulled the trigger, Ian’s figure suddenly disappeared, so fast that many people did not see how he moved. By the time he reappeared, a shining sharp blade had been placed on Roland Gail’s neck.

“Do you really want to die?” Ian was impatient and said to him coldly.

Feeling the sharp edge of the Devil-blade Yamato, Roland Gail was frightened at last. He has been in the Goa Kingdom for so many years. Has he ever seen such a terrible enemy as Ian? At that moment, he can’t say anything.

Ian shook his head, swung his sword, cut Roland Gail’s gun into two pieces, and then grabbed his neck and lifted him up.

With Ian’s current strength, he can lift a hundred kilograms man and play with it, Roland Gail was picked up from his neck, his face was blushed, and his legs struggled hard.

When Ian came to the side of the boat, he did not hesitate at all and threw Roland Gail directly into the sea.

“Let him calm down!” Ian turned to Bill and shrugged his shoulders. “Just get him out in a minute.”

Bill grinned at Ian with his pipe in his mouth and gave him a thumbs-up. He also knew that Ian was the last person on the ship to worry about Roland Gail. Now the caravan was begging for Ian. Such a strong escort was not easy to find, and Roland Gail, even a nobleman, was the only one in the caravan. If he wants to retaliate against the dismissal of Ian, it’s up to the other head of the fleet chamber of Commerce to agree or disagree.

Others on the boat were also very relieved to know that the so-called aristocrat would not dare to make any more noise when he was so frightened by Ian.

When the sailors on the ship deliberately hesitated to rescue Roland Gail, and watched him hide in the cabin like a frightened quail, the caravan began to sail. It was almost seven o’clock, and the morning sun was shining down, making the sky look so clear.

“Today is a good day!” Bill smoked his pipe and said to Ian, “This weather is suitable for sailing.”

Ian knows that an old captain like Bill must have a hand in observing the climate, or he would not choose to start sailing on this day.

Twelve large and small ships sailed out of the port of Loguetown, lined up in a row, heading to the Reverse Mountain. Ian had nothing to do. He just followed Bill in the sunshine on the deck. The maid rescued by Ian brought him and captain Bill two glasses of juice she had made herself, to express her gratitude to Ian.

Talking with Bill, time passed quickly. About three hours later, Ian heard a shout from the watcher and said, “Captain, we have reached the lighthouse!”

Ian was with the leader of their ship, when he heard the call of the watcher, Bill was basking in the sun. He stood up and shouted, “Pick up the sails! Notify the vessel behind us and start slowing down.”

The sailors on the ship quickly carried out his orders and rolled up the open sails, as did the ships behind them. Without the wind, the speed of the whole fleet began to slow down.

Then Bill didn’t know what to do, so he stood at the bow and looked at the sea motionless. Strangely, the sailors on the boat became very quiet, and there was no noise to disturb him.

Ian was so curious that he went over and asked, “Uncle Bill, what are you doing?”

“Shh!” Bill raised his finger and put it on his lips to signal Ian to be quiet. Then he said, “Listen carefully!”

Ian was a bit confused. He didn’t know what he told him to listen to, but he calmed down and learned while pulling his ears.

The sound above the sea was very noisy, there was the sound of the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and the voice of the unknown seabirds. Ian listened for a while and could not hear anything strange. Just as he was about to ask another question, a very strange noise suddenly came into his ear.

This noise was mixed with other sounds, and it sounded very squeaky, but Ian could hear it clearly. It was a “waoooo” cry…

“What is this calling? Where did it come from?” Ian asked Bill.

“That’s the voice from the other side of the Reverse Mountain!” Bill puffed a cloud of smoke and said, “On the other side of the Reverse Mountain, there’s a very large whale, called Laboon, and that’s what it calls!”

Yeah, Ian was stunned. He almost forgot the whale Laboon.

Bill went on to say, “If a caravan like us wants to enter the Grand Line, we have to wait for the right time! The whale, called Laboon, is a dangerous existence for us, and I don’t know why. It appeared decades ago. It was blocking the exit that leads to Paradise. From time to time, it would hit the Reverse Mountain with its head. It would also stand upright on the water and shout to the sky. If we were to enter the Reverse Mountain when it appeared, and it hit the mountain with its head! All ships will be destroyed!”

Ian suddenly realized, “Why do you listen carefully to its sound, just to judge its current state?”

“Yes! Laboon’s noise is as great as his body. It can be easily transmitted to the side of the Reverse Mountain. Whenever his voice rings, it means that he will start hitting the mountain!” Bill laughed and said, “That’s why we have to start sailing early. No one knows how long it takes him to stop hitting the mountain. We can only enter the Reverse Mountain when it gets tired and dives into the sea.”