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S.C.S Chapter 78: Crow’s Mouth

After that, Bill ignored Ian and gave the sailor the order to stay in place, so twelve ships dropped the anchors and stayed where they were, waiting for the sound of Laboon to disappear.

Ian listened carefully and sighed at Captain Bill’s folk wisdom.

He also remembered that when Luffy had boldly embarked on the Grand Line without knowing anything about it. As they went down the waterfall, they met Laboon’s blockade and finally saw that they were about to collide. It was Luffy who fired the cannon artillery that stopped the ship.

The reaction force of the cannon was not so big. Ian didn’t know. At that time, he was thinking, is it necessary for everyone who enters the Grand Line to do so?

However, when he came to the world of pirates, he realized that he had lost his mind. Not everyone was as bold as Luffy. The whale Laboon had been watching at Twin Cape for decades. If every ship had been hit by Laboon, Twin Cape would have been blocked by the wreckage of the ships. Those who want to enter the Grand Line always have their own way.

Laboon’s screams were vague in the wind, and how long did it take? Ian suddenly heard a roar, and the distant Reverse Mountain trembled with it. So Ian knew that Laboon had begun hitting it.

The fleet waited quietly. Fortunately, it was not long before Laboon started slamming the mountain with his head. When the tremor stopped, Bill listened again and found that Laboon’s voice had disappeared. He immediately ordered, “Everyone! Lift the anchors! And start sailing forward! “

Bill, on the other hand, stood at the bow again, holding a telescope to start observing the sea.

“What are you doing?” Ian asked him.

Without looking back, Bill explained, “Oh, I’m observing the ocean currents. If I want to go upside down, I have to follow the ocean currents.”

As soon as he had finished, Bill had found the location of the ocean current, turned around, and shouted, “Turn the rudder! Go toward two o’clock.”

With Ian at the head of the ship, the rest of the ships in the rear began to adjust their course, and the whole fleet began to slowly cut into the current.

Staying on the boat, Ian felt the most obvious change. When the boat entered the ocean current, the speed of the boat suddenly increased, just like the sudden acceleration of the car, and the feeling of being pulled back. Ian also felt the power brought by the acceleration of the boat. However, at this time, all the boats did not open their sails, and they were marching along the ocean currents.

“How fast is the water flowing!” Ian had a bad feeling.

Bill heard what he said and did not look back. He continued to look ahead with his telescope and said, “Of course, it’s challenging for a boat to adjust its direction at such a current speed. This is the time for my task!”

Ian could not help licking his dry mouth. He had thought that if he couldn’t find this caravan, he would learn from the fellow Ace and sail a boat on his own to the Grand Line. But now it seems that he was becoming more like a marine.

“Rudder to the Right! 13 degrees!”

“Now! Rudder to the Left! 3 degrees! “

“Very well, hold on!”

From time to time, Bill’s orders were conveyed, and the sailor in charge of the steering rigorously obeyed Bill’s orders. Ian knew that Bill was adjusting the course of the ship. The area of the current was very large, but the inlet channel of the Reverse Mountain was not so large, so it had to be directed the ship at the entrance.

With the approaching of the entrance, the speed of the ocean current becomes more and more turbulent, and the speed of the ship was obviously accelerating. In this case, the change of the rudder in any direction means death, and it was likely to break the rudder wheel. So Bill’s order is to fine-tune the course bit by bit.

At this time, the figure of the Red Line also appeared in the eyes of everyone. It was a majestic mountain range. At first glance, it could not see how high or how long it was, just like a horizon, just across the front of the ship.

Some of the sailors on the boat might be their first time to go to the Grand Line. When they saw such a huge thing lying in front of them, they thought that if the boat operated incorrectly, they fought that the ship was going to get destroyed and be buried at the bottom of the sea. The sailors suddenly collapsed, and yelled in panic, “Return! Go back! We’ll hit the mountain!”

“Ian, shut them up!” Bill didn’t want any distraction.

Ian was also decisive. He immediately rushed over and struck everyone’s head with his handle to knock down these who were panicking.

Anyone with a little navigational experience knows that there will be no benefit to panic at this time. All the people on a boat had to trust the captain’s decision.

It was at this moment that Ian understood why the captain had such authority on the ships.

It can be seen that Bill was also very nervous. He has sweats on his forehead. Although he has traveled to the Grand Line more than ten times, he can’t guarantee that he was so lucky every time.

Outside the side of the ship, there were surging waves, and the speed of the ship reached its peak with the current. Ian looked over the south. He knew that he can reach the Calm Belt of the Grand Line all the way south. As long as they go through the Calm Belt, they could get to the Grand Line. It clearly looks very simple, but However, no one chose to take such a route. Instead, they decided to take the entrance of the Reverse Mountain, which shows that the Calm belt was more dangerous.

The entrance was already visible in the hazy mist. In Ian’s opinion, their ship was heading smoothly into the entrance, but Bill still has not relaxed. Before getting to the entrance, any carelessness could have irreparable consequences, so his orders were still being issued and kept going, constantly fine-tuning the course of the ship.

Bang! With the sound of a current hitting the shore, Ian’s boat suddenly turned upside down, and the whole boat became tilted. Everyone stood unsteady, and some fell into the deck.

However, even if they fall like this, they still couldn’t prevent the sailors on board from bursting into a cheer!

“Long live, Captain Bill!”

“We have entered, we got in smoothly!”

The reason why the ship was lifted up was that they had entered the reverse waterfall and were climbing up the mountain along with the water flow. Bill was an experienced old captain. His adjustment, of course, made the ship enter the waterway accurately. At this moment, he was the hero of the whole ship.

Bill took a sigh of relief, turned to Ian, and said, “Haha, sure enough, God wants me to retire in peace!”

Ian smiled at him, and finally, his heart calmed down.

“What’s the situation with the ships behind?” Bill asked aloud.

A sailor at the stern of the boat was looking behind with a telescope and then answered loudly. “The second ship entered… The third ship also entered… No. 4… Not good! The course of the fourth ship deviated! ”

With the observation of the sailor’s cries, many people ran to the stern with concern. Ian followed them, and he saw two ships behind him. They were separated from each other by a certain distance. They were boats No. 2 and No. 3. They all entered the fairway smoothly. But at the entrance location, it was seen that the fourth ship was clearly heading to a deviation!

He grabbed a telescope in the hands of a sailor and looked at it. He saw that the people on the ship No. 4 were already in a mess. Several people were working hard together at the rudder to fight the waves. But the speed of the ocean current was so fast that it brought great strength. No matter how hard they tried, the ship was still at a little bit of the road.

Then, the sailors who were controlling the rudder suddenly fell to the ground.

“Not good! Their rudder wheel is broken!” A sailor who was also observing screamed out his vocal tract.

“They’re dead!” When Bill heard this, he could not help feeling sorry.

In Ian’s view, the vessel No. 4 was carried by the current. At very fast speed, it bumped into a hillside beside the entrance channel. Under the huge impact force, the vessel disintegrated into numerous debris.

The sailors on the ship were thrown into the air and then fell into the sea. After sinking, they never came out again, not only people, but also the wreckage of the ship.

“They were swept away by the current!” Bill took off his captain’s cap and put it on his chest to make mourning. “May they rest in peace at the bottom of the sea!”

None of the people in the boat spoke, even Ian, they took off their hats and greeted them.

Before Ian heard that the Grand Line was dangerous, he didn’t really feel it that much. After all, he just listened to other talks. He had not experienced it personally. Now he witnessed the disappearance of the Ship No. 4. Ian didn’t feel released at all. One ship, one or two hundred people, all of them were buried at the bottom of the sea because of a shipwreck accident!?

When the ocean current hits the mountain wall, it will form a downward scrolling current. Under such circumstances, even those good swimmers can not float up, and they will turn into corpses sinking forever under the dark and cold ocean. Sea disaster can be said to be shocking, but Bill and the others on the ship have a common expression. It seems that such a thing has been seen by them for more than once twice.

“What if the fleet is lost?” Ian asked Bill.

“There is a loss in the fleet. What should we do?” Ian asked Bill.

“What can we do?” Bill shrugged and said, “Everyone on board is ready to die. We lost a ship. We still have eleven, and we have to move on.”

This time, even Ian didn’t know what to say, and sure enough, he still had little experience…

Perhaps because of the tragedy of the ship No. 4, the ships behind seemed more and more cautious, adjusting its course, one after another started entering the channel, there have been no more losses.

The only one that was destroyed was the vessel No. 4. Ian thought about it, “The fourth ship, what a tragic death! I’ll never let myself die in a boat like this!”

Watching the boat climbing up the mountain along the waterway, Ian asked Bill, “How high is this mountain? How long are we going to climb up?”

“It’s usually about three minutes!” Bill said with his pipe in his mouth, “Well, when we get to the top of the hill, you will be able to see the other three Blues, the Oriental Blue, the Western Blue, the Northern Blue and the Southern Blue. These four ocean currents will converge at the top of the Reverse Mountain.”

Can they see other ocean waterways? Ian was stunned and suddenly asked, “Uncle Bill, if there were other boats getting up along the waterway from other oceans in the same time, would they collide on the top of the mountain then?”

“It did happen!” Bill laughed and said, “But that’s a very small chance. It’s not likely to happen once in a couple of years.”

“What if it really happens?” Ian asked.

“That depends on who can survive!” Bill shrugged and laughed, “Don’t worry, we may not be so unlucky.”

Nevertheless, before the words fell, the gazers on the mast suddenly cried out in panic, “Heyyy! There are other boats! They are coming from the South Blue Channel! We… We’ll run into them!”

Bill was dumbfounded, and he stared at Ian with a silly face. (“He’s jinxed”)

Ian wished and slapped himself: “The Heck, What a f*cking call, I have a Crow’s Mouth!”