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S.C.S Chapter 79: Spines

It was not a joke that the watcher said they were about to get crashed.

Now Ian’s ship was close to the top of the mountain. As the area shrinks, the vision expands accordingly. Naturally, they also saw the boat mentioned by the watcher.

It was a ship coming from the South Blue. It was almost in the same position as Ian’s. At first glance, it could see most of the hull of the other side. The boat looked like a pirate ship with a black pirate flag.

When Ian saw them, the other side naturally saw Ian and his boat. If they compare their positions slightly, they will understand the seriousness of the matter.

This time, not only Ian, but the people on his ship panicked, and the other side was equally panicking. Because the water flow speed of the four channels was almost the same, there was a great possibility that the two ships would collide at the top of the mountain. At such a high speed, the two boats might be disintegrated.

“Hurry up! Slow down with sails!” Bill roared.

But before the sailors could carry out his orders, Ian grabbed him and said, “No way! Don’t forget, there’s a boat behind us! Once the sail is set, we can’t hit the pirate ship, but it will collide with the ship behind us!”

Bill was reminded at this moment and reacted suddenly that he couldn’t slow down at all on his side, so he could only look at the pirate boat, hoping that they would find out and slow down.

However, it was difficult for them to do this. They were a fleet. In addition to the first one, they have been followed by other ships in succession. Even if the other side slows down, they will not hit their boat. But the final result was likely to hit other ships from their tail.

Slowing down was impossible unless they accelerate and rush ahead of them.

But at this time in the channel, all ships are carried forward by ocean currents, so they are in a climbing state, totally against the wind. Opening sails can only slow them down, and can not achieve the purpose of acceleration.

In fact, they should all be glad that the ships were coming from the South Blue, if they come from the West Blue, they would be in their opposite position on the waterway, and they won’t be able to see them at all, and when they can really see them, it would be in the crash.

Now, both sides have seen each other, and there was still time to deal with the situation.

Ian’s side was blocked by the rear boat and could not slow down, so the sailors stood on the side of the boat desperately following Bill’s instructions and flagging the other side in the hope that they would speed up their passage.

The other party didn’t respond, but it wasn’t too long, maybe five or six seconds. Suddenly several black spots flew out from the pirate ship.

Ian didn’t know what it was at the beginning. By the time he did, the black spots were close to their boat.

Puw! Puw! Puw! Ian’s boat was attacked by dozens of sharp black needles, which were about a meter long, thick up and down, made of black steel. They were thrown from the opposite side with a whistling sound, and then they landed on their boat, and plunged into the hull everywhere.

This time, the force of the sharp needle gives people the same feeling as being shot by the crossbow, two or three-finger thick boards can be easily pierced! Ian had only the time to push Captain Bill down to the ground. A needle flew over his head and breaking the deck not far from him.

Looking at the slightly quivering tail of the needle, Bill was terrified and exclaimed, “They can’t speed up, so they want to destroy our boat!”

As if to prove Bill’s words, then dozens of needles flew in and pierced their boat with many holes. Many sailors on deck were attacked by these needles. Ian even saw a sailor running and screaming then was hit by a needle, which pierced his thigh!

The screams kept coming, and as they got closer and closer to the top of the mountain, the other side’s boat got closer and closer. More thorns flew over, and there was a momentum of perseverance to destroy Ian’s boat.

Ian also knows that since the other party were pirates, then there was no morality to speak of.

“All of you hide behind me!” Ian got up again and shouted at the crowd.

The sailors on the boat were in a mess. After hearing that shout, they all got some courage to control their fear. Whether Ian could really save them or not, that didn’t matter, so all of them crawled behind him.

Ian steadied himself on the boat and looked at a new round of needles thrown from the opposite boat. Ian breathed in and out and placed his hand on the handle of the sword at his waist. Then he pulled out the sword Yamato at the right time and used the Wind Wall against the upcoming needles. (“Face the wind!”)

With a whistle, a gust of wind emerged on the boat. The sailors did not know what Ian had done because the wind was invisible, but they were surprised to find that the needles fired from the opposite side, when approaching their side, were stopping as if they were encountering a cushion. The strong flight power disappeared instantly, and they started falling out of midair in disorder and landing on the deck.

Everyone cheered at this sight, including Bill. They didn’t know what Ian had done. They only knew that Ian was their savior and that the needles weren’t a threat anymore.

Ian breathed a sigh of relief. He hasn’t yet mastered the wind wall skill. It was completely used with the help of card skill. He was not sure whether the raised wind wall could stop these needles. But now it works good enough. Although the wind wall was not strong enough, it cushions the speed of the needles and reduces its threat.

If Ian’s swordsmanship was a little stronger, and could fully match the expert-level swordsmanship, maybe the strength of the raised wind wall will become higher, and these needles can be bounced off directly.

Finding that the needles fired from their side were blocked, the pirates still did not give up and fired another wave.

Time kept moving forward, in fact, just more than twenty seconds has passed. At this time, both sides were close to the top of the mountain. In a short time, maybe they will collide. Ian could understand the other side’s mood and can’t destroy the opponent’s boat, but everyone will die.

‘What should I do?’ Ian’s mind was spinning fast, and soon he made up his mind and shouted to the crowd behind him, “Get down!”

The sailors were busy lying on the deck. This time, in the face of the flying needles, Ian stopped blocking them with the wind wall, and let them pass-through.

There are many needles flying towards Ian. Seeing these needles coming, Ian turned his wrist, pulled out the Devil-blade Yamato, combined with his own eye strength, and made a quick shot to block these needles as much as possible.

In the meantime, he also used twice the Steel Tempest skill to cut some needles down directly on the deck.

As the two chops flashed out, Ian felt that there was a strange airflow around his body, and his heart was in full swing.

The ships on both sides finally reached the top of the mountain. According to Ian’s visual estimation, the pirate boat was a little ahead of them, but it was not enough for both sides to pass by. Ian’s boat was expected to hit the other side’s back half of their hull.

This judgment was not only estimated by Ian, but also by the people on both sides of the ships. So whether Ian was on their boat or on the pirate’s boat, they were all desperate at this time.

Many people have closed their eyes and didn’t bear to look at the crash. In fact, they were all scared.

The only one who didn’t give up was probably Ian, who stared closely at the approaching boat with the scabbard in his left hand and the handle in his right hand, ready to pull out his sword at any time.

Right now!!!!

Ian suddenly pulled out the Devil-Blade Yamato and made an arc up with it, using all of his strength.

Then a strange sight appeared, a small tornado was formed from Ian’s sword, and flew quickly toward the pirate’s ship. The pure tornado was invisible, but the water in the channel was sucked in by the tornado, making it visible.

The tornado flew quickly and landed just in the stern position of the pirate boat opposite. Although it disappeared after a collision, its force accelerated the other’s boat instantly.

With this thrust, the stern of the other’s boat brushed Ian’s ship bow softly.

‘We did not collide!!??’

The people on both ships all watched the scene in amazement, and after a moment, they finally believed it was not a dream, and all of a sudden, they all cheered!

“God! This is a miracle! It’s absolutely a miracle!”

“Alive, we are all alive!”

The sailors on the boats hugged and jumped up with tears in their eyes. They thought they were dead, but all of a sudden, they survived.

On the top of the mountain, currents from four oceans converge, causing the boats on both sides to bump, and then rushed down the downhill channel. In this process, the distance between the stern of the pirate ship and the bow of Ian’s ship has always been very close, about tens of centimeters apart.

In such a position, everyone on both sides could see each other clearly. Only then did Ian find a strange man standing on the pirate ship.

It was a very fat guy, wearing a captain’s cap, but no clothes on his upper body, a bushy mustache, and a sky-high nose, that nostril hole looked so big!

The ugly face, which was also very compatible with the other side’s pirate identity, but the most surprising thing for Ian was the fat man’s back!

His back was like a hedgehog, with countless black needles, not only on his back, but also on his arms. His chest was so smooth, which made him look like he was wearing a hedgehog cloak. It was really weird.

So Ian thought for the first time that the other party may be a Devil Fruit user, but specifically, what was the devil fruit, Ian did not know.

Wouldn’t it be the hedgehog devil fruit of the Zoan fruit? He guessed so.

Bill, the captain of the ship, was very knowledgeable. After he got up and looked at the pirate flag on the other side’s ship, he was surprised and said, “Pike Pirates! They are the famous Pike Pirates in the South Blue! That’s terrible!”

“Pike pirate group?” Ian asked inexplicably: “What do you say?”

“That’s a famous pirate regiment in the South Blue. I heard it from other captains!” Bill said sadly, “The captain of this pirate regiment, named Pixar, is a well-known cruel man, and he’s also a devil fruit user. He has a bounty of 24 million Berries in the South Blue. I didn’t think they chose to go to the Grand Line at this time, and almost ran into us.”

“Twenty-four million?” Ian only heard this, and his eyes were shining. This was a fellow with higher than Arlong’s bounty. So he asked, “Do you know what his fruit is?”

“Of course!” Bill said bitterly, “That fellow is an animal. He has eaten the porcupine- porcupine fruit!”

Ian turned to look at the pierced deck and bulkhead. In this way, all the needles fired on the ship were porcupine spines.