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S.C.S Chapter 80: Fighting on the waterway

Ian could see that Bill was struggling. He was the captain of the ship, but now the ship was full with holes and must be repaired.

These were all prickles for that porcupine projected from the opposite side. In the classification of Devil Fruits, Zoan was more characteristic, because animal fruits generally have unique “wild power”, which can increase the strength and speed of its users and their physique capabilities. This can be seen from these powerful needles. It can be seen from the surface that the thinner boards on the boat have been pierced completely, and the thicker ones, such as decks, have needles embedded in them. If they are pulled out, they would be leaving some deep holes. Such force must be stronger than some bows and crossbows.

His own ship was damaged like this, and as a captain, Bill wasn’t able to stand that.

And the most troublesome was the Pike Pirate Regiment ahead. In fact, the most fearful thing for the caravans is to meet a pirate group. It is just to prevent this that they recruited escorts. But now the caravan was in such bad luck that they have just entered the Reverse Mountain and encountered pirates directly.

“Ian, can you deal with them?” Bill whispered to Ian, “Otherwise, when we get to the Twin Cape, the Pick Pirates will definitely attack us!”

The other side were pirates, and pirates were predominantly living by looting. Who can say that they will let this caravan go peacefully?

Although there were still eleven ships left in the caravan, there was only one boat on the other side. Bill knows very well that the caravan will suffer if he really starts attacking. Although some pirate and bounty hunters have been recruited from Loguetown to serve as guards, but most of these guards seem to be big-waist guys. In fact, most of them were just bold-looking. It’s impossible to say how much strength they have. Besides, these guards only work for money, they were mercenaries, and it’s impossible to expect them to really fight with these pirates. When the fight goes wrong, these guys were most likely to leave the caravan for their own lives.

This was the reason why the caravan gave Ian such a good treatment, It was too difficult to find a strong guard in this year.

So now Bill can only rely on Ian to get rid of these pirates.

Actually, Bill doesn’t need to say that because Ian wanted to do that from the beginning. The fellow named Pixar fired several needles at Ian’s boat. That attitude was very determined to destroy and sink Ian’s ship. Once the boat sunk, he would die immediately, which made him very angry and annoyed.

Just now Ian used the tornado to propel the other side’s ships, just to avoid collision between the two sides. Now that the crisis was over, it was time to settle accounts with the other side.

But before Ian and Bill had finished talking, the Pike Pirate regiment opposite started the battle. Their captain, Pixar, who has the porcupine Devil Fruit, suddenly lay on the deck with his long spines shaking, standing them up one by one, and pointing his needles at Ian’s boat.

Or, to be exact, he was aiming at Ian!

“Jet needles!”

The next second, Ian only heard a whistle. A long needle flew away from his back and towards Ian. The needle was much faster than the needles that had just been thrown before. Ian had only time to push Bill next to him and then flash quickly to the side.

Between those instants, the needle rubbed his face and flew over, piercing the mast of the ship behind Ian!

Ian’s reaction speed has increased a lot now, but although he has avoided the blow, he felt burning pain on his face. He reached out and found that he had a cut on his left cheek by that needle and was bleeding slowly.

‘What the Heck! My handsome appearance! I can’t be a good-looking man quietly!’

He bent his head angrily and stared at Pixar on the opposite boat. He felt that the fat, big-eared ugly man must be jealous of him. He crouched down slightly, put his hand on the handle of the Devil-Blade Yamato, and pulled it out violently and flashed a cold light. Ian launched a fiery projectile towards the pirates’ boat.

With hatred, Ian has almost consumed all of his Nen. All of it was spent on this flying slash. It was conceivable that the blow that was flying out obliquely formed an arc of flame and cut off at breakneck speed towards Pixar.

Pixar was shocked and did not dare to face that terrifying blow. He suddenly shrank into a ball and rolled away. But the fat man was a little big and could not escape it completely. The flying slash brushed his body and cut off a small part of his back spine needle and then landed on the ship’s cabin.

The clatter sounded, and the other side’s large cabin was cut open by Ian’s projectile, then it slipped down along the cut and landed on the deck with a thunderous bang.

The Pirates almost bulged out their eyes when they saw this scene. Ian swung his sword and chopped their cabins open!

There was such a cruel person on the ships of this caravan!?

At this time, although the boats on both sides were close, they were already coming down from the top of the mountain, so they were heading for the Twin Cape along with the current. Such a downhill road made the boats on both sides tilt. Ian had planned to cut down their masts just now. As a result, because of the angle problem, only their cabins were cut down.

Even so, the sailors who saw this scene on the boat could not help cheering for Ian. When they were attacked by the Pike Pirates, many people were injured. Moreover, they felt that the Pike Pirates wanted to destroy their boat. So the sailors all hated these Pirates. Now that Ian has successfully destroyed a part of the pirates’ ship, the sailors were encouraged and shouted, making everyone bring their cannons in and prepare to bombard the pirate boat.

The merchant ships were also equipped with cannons and have some weapons. Although the number of cannons was small, it can be regarded as an armed merchant ship. In this the pirates’ era, merchant ships don’t dare to go out to the sea without weaponry, even if it was full with just vegetables.

However, the sailors were busy carrying cannons and their shells, they reminded the Pike Pirates to also moving out their cannons and aiming them at Ian.

“Not good!” Ian saw that scene and his heart got a shock, he secretly kept swearing at the sailor on his side because they were really stupid. They were still on the waterway, and the distance between the two sides was too close, and in such distance, firing these cannonballs could easily come everything goes wrong. So he turned his wrists, took out two Ice Tear Gems, and crushed them, which instantly gave him some Nen. Then he launched another projectile blow at the pirates who were carrying the cannons to the rear.

The pirates reacted less quickly than their captain. They were igniting the cannons when they got shot by Ian’s flying slash, which cut down two of them, but there was one left. The man was so frightened that he squatted down behind the cannon, so because of his action, the shell of the cannon rose slightly.

At the angle of the cannon muzzle, Ian knew it could not hit him, but it was very likely that it would hit the mast of the ship.

Sure enough, the cannon started bombarding, but they were another bang coming from the ship of Ian, it was the sailors, who fired at the pirate boat. Because Ian’s boat was higher, the cannon hit the other side’s deck and made a big hole in their deck. The shell from the pirate boat, however, hit the middle of Ian’s ship mast because of the elevation problem.

Although the pirate boat was seriously damaged, Ian’s mast on his side also collapsed from the bombardment position and smashed over the deck. When the mast fell, it happened to fall in the direction of Ian’s position. In order to avoid the mast, Ian could not care about the pirates on the opposite side, lifting up Bill from the deck, he made a roll to avoid the falling mast.

Uncle Bill was just an ordinary man. Faced with such a chaotic situation, he can’t respond very fast. After being carried away by Ian, he was very grateful to Ian and very angry with his sailors.

“Idiot! Bunch of fools!” Bill yelled: “Who told you to use the cannons!? Are you reminding the pirates to use their cannon?”

Well, the mast collapsed, and the ship had to be overhauled.

Not only that, because the mast was made of wood, and after being hit by artillery shells, flames started rising. When the mast collapsed, the sails attached to it were set on fire, so the sailors hurried to find water and began extinguishing the fire.

The same thing did happen on the pirate boat opposite. The solid shell hit their decks, and when it exploded, it also set their boats on fire. So they ignored the fighting between both sides and concentrated on putting out the fire on the boats.

As a result of this delay, the ships had already been close to the exit of the channel. Ian felt that the speed of the boat was slow. He looked up and saw the Lighthouse of Twin Cape.

They have come down from the Reverse Mountain!

Now that they have arrived, it was already the scope of the Grand Line. Captain Bill hurriedly commanded the sailors to lift the remaining stern sails, while slamming the rudder wheel and turning his boat to make way for the ships in the rear.

The reaction was quite timely. When Ian’s boat had just given up its position, the second of the caravan rushed off the waterway and came to the sea, then the third and fourth.

Every ship had a captain who, although not only as experienced as Bill, but he must know what to do when he gets out of the channel, so they all turned their course one by one to make room for the ships behind them.

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with the caravan, Ian turned around and looked at the Pike Pirates’ boat, only to find that the gang had opened their sails and wanted to escape.

A pirate regiment, facing a caravan, wanted to escape? Many people didn’t believe this, but it was true. Maybe they also know that since there were people like Ian on this caravan’s ships, it would be probably a tough meal to eat, so after weighing it, they left.

“What the Heck! They want to run!” When Ian saw this, he was stunned. The fat ugly man, Pixar, was worth 24 million. When Ian heard it, he wanted to catch him. (I Need that money ;-;)

So he patted Bill on the shoulder and said, “Quick, they’re running, catch up to them!”

“How are we going to chase them?” Bill grinned bitterly and said, “Our mast is broken. The sail can’t be opened!”

Ian slapped his thighs angrily. F*ck, if he had known that the other party was going to run away, he should not have let them destroy their mast, he should have jumped up and cut the shells. With a sharp weapon like the Devil-blade Yamato in his hand, he had enough strength to do so. Ian could indeed cut the shells open.

These pirates were so bad. Ian heard Bill say that Pixar was a tough pirate. He thought that Pixar would plunder the caravan after exiting the Reverse Mountain. Who could ever think that they will escape?

Now, if the other party opens its sails and runs away, it’s impossible for him to swim up trying to catch up with them.