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S.C.S Chapter 84: The Little Adventure of Roland Gail

In Ian’s impression, there was only one person who can dine and dash meals in patterns, by this level and style, he should be Ace!

So as soon as Ian heard the diners talk, even if he didn’t hear them describe that maniac at all, Ian’s mind inevitably emerged the figure of Ace.

‘Absolutely him, I can’t be wrong, except him, no one else could do it like this!’

Ian only felt a little sad. He thought that Ace had entered the Grand Line a month earlier than him. It should be very difficult for him to meet Ace again. But how did he know that the same situation had happened again?

At that time, he had just accepted Garp’s commission. He thought it was not so easy to meet Ace. As a result, he met him in Loguetown. Now, he just heard about Ace when he thought he could not meet him again.

‘Is this shit really a sin!? Is he still fetter to me!?’

‘Hell No! I’m the proper straight man. Even if I have no relationship, it should be with a gorgeous girl who has long hair, sexy and has beautiful legs. How can I waste it on this freckled man?’

‘I didn’t hear anything… I didn’t hear anything…’ So Ian thought in his mind, acting like an ostrich, pretending to hide his head.

To be honest, he really didn’t want to continue running into Ace. If he met him again, would he continue to carry out Garp’s commission to arrest Ace?

If Ian catches him, he had to find a way to take Ace to the Marine headquarters to hand over to Garp. That’s too much trouble. Now, on the Grand Line, he has to take Ace across too many islands.

But if he doesn’t grasp him, it seems that he wasn’t responsible and undertaking. Although Ian has various shortcomings, he is still more faithful and honest…

Under this ambivalence, Ian acted as if he hadn’t heard the news of Ace.

However, he was curious. He didn’t know why Ace had stayed so long on Cactus Island. It took only three days on an island to make the Log Pose resets to the next Island.

This curious thought just flickered away, and Ian dared not think about it anymore. Even though he was full, he quickly grabbed a bunch of grilled fish and diverted his attention with the delicious food.


While Ian and Bill were enjoying the meal, they didn’t know that something was happening on the wharf at the moment.

The cargo of the caravan had almost been sold. Roland Gail was wearing a monocle and looking at his books on the ship.

After unloading the cargo and receiving the wages, the sailors on board basically ran out. It was not easy to come to this Island. How can they stand up to their selves and don’t eat a big celebrating meal?

At this time, in addition to the few people left behind in the merchant ship, there was only the fellow Roland Gail, and because his previous brutal treatment to the maid, these left-behind people were not willing to contact Roland Gail, They all were hiding in the cabin.

This made Roland Gail very lonely.

As Ian said, he was not in the Goa Kingdom at the moment, nor were the people around him the nobles that Roland Gail often sees. That sense of rejection, even if Roland Gail was obtuse, he had felt it.

This made Roland Gail grind his teeth with hatred, but he was helpless. He dared not take matters against these left-behind people because Ian was still on the Island. He was also afraid that these people would rush to find Ian and complaint to him. This little pirate Hunter would not care about his aristocratic status at all. He might come back and teach him a lesson.

Nor did Roland Gail think about anything to do after the fall. In fact, he has decided not to return to the Goa Kingdom anymore!

Yeah, Roland Gail’s mind has changed since he learned that the Eternal Pose handed over by his ancestors was really pointing to Alabasta.

If the Eternal Pose was right, then it must be true that his ancestors were members of the Alabasta royal family. If he could go to Alabasta and prove his identity, he will surely become a nobleman in Alabasta.

A person of royal lineage, that was absolute great nobleman, then he does not need to be a low nobility like in the Goa Kingdom, doing anything to please other nobles, flattering others, but instead, let others flattering and pleasing him!

On one hand, he is a small aristocrat in a small country in the East Blue. On the other hand, he is a member of the royal family of the ancient civilized Kingdom on the Grand Line. Even if he thinks with his toes, he could choose the best for him.

Roland Gail had already thought of going to Alabasta at this time, and now, the caravan made him a lot of money in the Cactus Island. He took his own share, so he should recruit a few people, get a boat, and then go to Alabasta to find his great aristocratic dream.

With that in mind, Roland Gail did not intend to care about the people on board, and after so long, Roland Gail was hungry, smelling the fragrance of meat that covered the whole Island. Roland Gail swallowed his slobber and planned to get off the boat to find an elegant restaurant and enjoy the delicious food from the Grand Line.

Getting up and tidying up his clothes, putting on his top hat and backpack, Roland Gail was going to get off the boat by himself, while he kept glaring at the people left on the ship.

However, just as he stepped onto the dock and carried his pedal, he gazed a thing with the corner of his left eye, he suddenly saw something going to appear in the surface water.

Turning around, he found that something has appeared, he kept a dazzling look on his face. It was an orange, round object, which seemed to have suddenly surfaced from underwater and was beside his boat.

Roland Gail looked around and wanted to find someone to help him pick up the thing and looked at it. But he found that no one was there, so he had to go to the dock and do it himself.

Fortunately, he had a cane in his hand, and that strange thing was beside his ship. Roland Gail was kneeling on the dock, stretching out the bending end of his cane and hooked it over.

He was an aristocrat, who always emphasized on appearance and elegant movements. He had never done such a laborious thing before, so when he got it, he was panting.

However, when he saw what he had pulled, Roland Gail was disappointed.

Because what he had in his hand looked like some kind of fruit, and it grew very strangely, not only orange, but also the surface of the fruit was like a part of a scaly shell, and there were spiral patterns in circles, and these parts were like burning flames.

“Euw… so disgusting!” This was Roland Gail’s first reaction. Among the fruits he usually eats, where has he ever seen such a strange thing?

“Should this be a specialty fruit on this island?” Roland Gail looked up and down at the fruit in his hand and said to himself, “Can this be eaten? It’s not poisonous, is it? I’ve heard that the brighter things look, the more careful I should be! Just like poisonous mushrooms…”

Roland Gail knew nothing about the Grand Line. He was very cautious, and because he was a nobleman, he was unwilling to eat what he had picked up, so he never thought about tasting this strange quirky fruit.

However, he still felt that the fruit was quite novel and that it should be very good as a collectible, so he took off his backpack and put this strange fruit in it.

The fruit was still quite big, compared to his small hand, he wasn’t able to hold it, Roland Gail’s backpack is also the kind of small and elegant aristocratic style, so it took a long time to shove the fruit into it.

After that, Roland Gail closed his backpack satisfactorily, stood up, and headed toward the Island.

However, what he did not know was that nobody near the wharf just now didn’t mean that nobody really noticed his movements. In fact, such an aristocratic gentleman like him would lie on the wharf and fish for something in the water. This alone has attracted people’s attention.

Not to mention people’s intentions!

Two ugly pirates, with knives on their waists, noticed the scene in the distance. They looked at each other, muttered together for a while; then turned and left.

At that moment on the ship, the tattoos on the arms of the two pirates passing by appeared, it was a skull with a sharp needle instead of arm bones.

If Bill or Ian could see the skull pattern, they would recognize it in a moment. It was the pirate flag pattern of the Pike Pirates they met on the Reverse Mountain.