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S.C.S Chapter 85: The Death of Roland Gail

Roland Gail commented on the restaurants he met as he walked down the street of Cactus Island.

Because to be worthy of his aristocratic status, Roland Gail was choosing a restaurant with elegant style, luxurious decoration, beautiful waiters, and so on, which were the conditions for him to choose restaurants.

However, Roland Gail forgot that most of the restaurants on this island cater to pirates, which has a shitty decoration. So after a long time, Roland Gail has not found a satisfactory restaurant.

Just as he walked to the corner of an alley and was about to turn around, suddenly a pair of hands stretched out from the side, one hand covering his mouth, while the other hand pulled him into the alley.

Roland Gail didn’t react to what had happened at first, but when he saw a dozen ugly, grim-looking men gathering in the alley, even the fool could see what was going on.

“You… What are you doing?” Roland Gail was so frightened by their hostile eyes that he almost wet his pants, and he knew that he had run into Pirate.

So he subconsciously tightened his backpack.

In his backpack, besides the strange Fruit he had just found at sea, there was a huge amount of cash, which belonged to him after he sold the ship’s goods. When he was in danger, his first thought was to protect his property.

This was originally a human subconscious reaction, but what he didn’t know was that because of his action, the members of the Pike Pirates surrounding him got excited and their eyes suddenly lit up.

“Did this man catch it?”

A voice came from the alley, and the Pirates around Roland Gail immediately got off his way. Then a fat ugly man poked his nostrils in front of Roland Gail, and all the pirates around shouted respectfully: “Hai, Captain!”

This obese man was the captain of Pike pirates, the Porcupine Fruit User Pixar.

He didn’t launch his Devil Fruit power at this time, and the sharp needles on his back were not revealed. When someone eats the Zoan Devil Fruit, he could turn to several forms. The most basic ones have three forms: human form, half-human and half-beast form, and complete beast form. At this time, Pixar was on the human form. He walked over in a dirty captain’s coat, then crouched down, laughing at Roland Gail, who was lying on the ground…

The nasty smell of Pixar’s mouth, and his yellowish teeth, did almost make Roland Gail faint.

Stretching out his big hairy hands, Pixar pulled Roland Gail from his shirt and punched his face twice, then asked, “Are you one of those who ran to us on the way down the Reverse Mountain? Yeah, yeah, look at you, dressed so clean, you should still be their leader, right?”

This Pixar was a true Pirate, dirty, treacherous, and cunning, so his robbery experience was very rich.

It’s true that their Pirate Ship escaped at that time, in fact, the real purpose was to avoid a frontal battle. They saw it at first glance, It was a fleet of caravans. But on such a fleet, there were strong people who were able to launch a flying Slash, then it must be the guardians of the caravan. Although Pixar was Devil Fruit User, his men were not, so dealing with them will cause the pirates to suffer heavy casualties.

So Pixar decided to stay away from the limelight. He knew very well that the guards employed by the caravans were temporary. They would leave the caravan when they get to their destination. At that time, the caravan without guards would be regarded as a fat sheep to be slaughtered in his eyes.

Of course, Pixar also could not tell if the man with very strong swordplay on board would return with the caravan. Still, by coincidence, the route chosen by Pixar and his group was the same as the route chosen by the caravan, and they arrived earlier than the caravan to Cactus island.

It is precisely because of this that members of the Pixar regiment were currently free to move on the island. When Ian’s fleet docked, they were discovered by those Pirates.

When the fleet was recognized as the caravan that clashed with them on the mountain, the members of the pirate regiment immediately reported the news to their Captain Pixar.

So, the next thing can be imagined, Pixar immediately arranged his manpower, told them to stare at the caravan far away, and if it was possible, take one or two people on board and force them to speak the situation of this caravan.

Unfortunately, when the other sailors left, they all walked together in a group, but only Roland Gail, the rejected man, left on the ship alone.

How can Roland Gail, who lacks knowledge of the outside world, know the dangers of this world? Even if he had a little basic knowledge, he wouldn’t dare to walk alone on this island. If he had enough power, he would have been a spoiled child of the nobility, so that when he was kidnapped, he did not waste any energy to resist them.

It was so simple that even members of the pirate regiment couldn’t believe it…

When he found himself in front of the group of vicious Pirate who they had met the mountain, Roland Gail panicked. At this point, he could not care for the money, and said with fear in his eyes. “You… if you, if you want money… I can give you, as long as… as you let me go!”

However, the answer to that was a sharp needle suddenly appeared in Pixar’s hand, then The needle penetrated Roland Gail’s leg easily and nailed his thigh to the ground.

“Aaahhh!!!” Roland Gail screamed out in pain, but Pixar remained unmoved and sneered, “Who said that we want you to give us your money? We are pirates. Can’t we take it ourselves?”

The pirates around them all laughed. What they most liked to see was their captain torturing other people.

The position of the punctured thigh was bloody, and Roland Gail was sweating all over his body from pain. Now he felt very regretful: he should go with Bill and the pirate hunter. If that pirate hunter was there, he could deal with these pirates!

While he was thinking about it, he only felt a pulling force in his arms, and the backpack in his hands was taken away!

One of the Pike Pirates took Roland Gail’s backpack, put it on the ground, and looked rudely searched.

“Huh? What is this?” When that cockroach took out the strange Fruit from Roland Gail’s backpack, he couldn’t help but wonder.

“At that time, we saw that this guy had caught something from the sea, and that’s what it is!” The two pirates who were previously in charge of surveillance explained.

The pirates talked about it, but Pixar, who was sitting against them, suddenly rushed over, and grabbed the thing in their hands.

For most of the Grand Line’s Pirates must have heard of the Devil Fruit. And even those pirates have heard of it before, but not all of them have never seen a one. The way that the devil fruit appears was still a mystery. Only those who happened by chance to get it, and after eating it, they realize what it was.

But it was different for Pixar because he is Devil Fruit User. He has eaten a Devil Fruit, so he naturally knows what Devil Fruit is like.

After grabbing it, Pixar observed the Fruit carefully and finally confirmed it! This is really a Devil Fruit!

However, it is impossible to tell the true power of a Devil Fruit just by looking at its appearances. Pixar did know what this strange Fruit was, and this was enough.

“Hahaha! It’s really a Devil Fruit, it really is!” Pixar ecstatically said. “Sure enough, it’s the wisest decision I’ve taken to come to the Grand Line. We just entered the Grand Line, and we are already developing!”

When the pirates heard it, their eyes lit up. They just wanted to rob this man’s money, and unexpectedly they got a Devil Fruit!?

“This at least worth several hundred million, or even Billions of Berries!” Pixar fondled the Devil Fruit, and said to everyone: “as long as we sell it, we will have nothing to worry about in the rest of our lives.”

Pixar was not a fool. He can’t reward his men with this Devil Fruit. Who knows what kind of ability does this Devil Fruit has? If there would be a person who challenges his authority as a captain, that won’t be good, and Pixar himself is already Devil Fruit User. He knows he can’t eat a second Devil Fruit, so he directly brought the topic of its value…

Sure enough, as soon as they knew that this strange Fruit was so valuable, all the Pirates around got green-eyed.

Then, they found in Roland Gail’s backpack two thousand Berries banknotes, but Pixar was in a good mood, so he rewarded his men with all this money with a wave of his hand, which stimulated his pirates…

Today was definitely a very lucky day for the Pike Pirates!

After a quick separation of money, everyone remembered Roland Gail on the ground and asked Pixar, “Captain, what about this guy?”

Pixar twisted his big mouth and smiled. He crouched down and smiled at Roland Gail. “I’m in a good mood today, so…”

Looking at Pixar’s smile, Roland Gail relaxed, thinking that this person would let go of him, but then he felt a sudden sharp pain in his body.

A few sharp needles suddenly appeared, and Roland Gail’s body was pierced everywhere. Roland Gail looked at Pixar incredulously. He seemed to want to ask him why, but he could not speak. The blood rushed out of his mouth and blocked his airway.

“I am in a good mood today, so I’m giving you a quick death!”