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S.C.S Chapter 86: Dessert!!!

Roland Gail died, carrying his dream of going to Alabasta in his soul! He died on the first stop of the Grand Line.

There are many people like him, who develop their dreams on the Grand Line, but died so early, and he was just one of the inconspicuous ones.

Pixar, laughing with his own men, walked toward the alley, and they did not see the Eternal Pose that fell out from Roland Gail’s hand when he died.

This is ridiculous. One person’s dream ends, but another person’s dream is born. Unexpectedly, Pixar gained a Devil Fruit. He has already started fantasizing that he has become a billionaire and left to live in a wealthy life.

He was the captain, and the other pirates naturally walked behind him. They were all smiling and laughing. That’s how things work, the strongest one, their Boss, gets the treat, and his underlings share the remains. But after all, they shared a lot of money, and they felt like they were dreaming.

Just in this state where everyone was overjoyed, the Pike Pirates came to the entrance.

However, just as Pixar had just stepped out of the alley, he was caught off guard, and got collided by a huge force.

He’s originally a fat and very short man, and he bumped into a tall man, but his strength was fierce enough to knock him down on the ground.

Pixar didn’t know what had happened. He only knew that he was crushed by a person while being knocked over. The man’s foot stepped on Pixar’s face and made him suffocate. (I didn’t get it, but that’s what it says!!)

This sudden accident made the Pike pirates in the back dumbfounded. They didn’t really see it clearly. They only felt that their captain had just was knocked down and got stepped on by a silhouette. Those things happened so fast that they could not even react. When they had recovered, they rushed over and lifted their Boss Pixar.

“Captain, are you all right?” The Pirates were concerned about him.

Pixar was so annoyed and yelled at the man who knocked him over: “Bastard, don’t you have eyes?”

It was not until this time that Pixar could see clearly that the man who had bumped into him was a freckled boy wearing an orange cowboy hat.

The kid’s cheeks were bulging. It seemed that there was food in his mouth. Even if they had just bumped into each other, the kid was still chewing when he got up.

He saw the other person stood up, bowed and said, “I’m sorry! I am so embarrassed that I bumped into you!”

Although the other person was unable to articulate his words, Pixar still heard it clearly. He could not help but be shocked. He himself was Pirate. Every day, he was dealing with vulgar guys. Has he ever seen such a polite person? So after hearing the apology, Pixar subconsciously said: “Oh, it doesn’t matter…”

Just then, he heard a shout from the back of the street, saying, “Captain Ace, wait for us!”

Pixar and his men turned their heads and looked over, only to see two groups of people coming up from the street not far away. A wave was in the back, and the other wave was in front with about five or six persons. All of these six persons looked like Pirates, but the other wave was somewhat strange. They were all dressed in white, wearing chef hats and waving kitchen knives.

These cooks changed their usual impressions to the customers, and the fiercely waved the kitchen knives in their hands and chased them. At the same time, they also shouted: “Stop running! You are the bastards who Dine and Dash!”

That’s right. What these cooks were after was the tyrant dining and dashing maniac who has caused public outrage on the Cactus Island recently: Ace! Um,… and his men.

“Oh, no! That’s not good!”

Ace, who had just apologized to Pixar, swallowed the food in his mouth, turned around, and started running.

Pixar and his fellow pirates were stunned, watching the three waves rushing past them. Until this time, Pixar knew why he was knocked down by a person, who ate at a restaurant and escaped without paying, was being chased by a group of cooks. It was estimated that they were chasing him up to this place, when Pixar suddenly came out of the alley, so they bumped into each other.

Pixar just stood up, and his Pirates suddenly screamed: “Captain!? Where is the Devil Fruit that you were holding!?”

As soon as he heard that, Pixar quickly looked down and saw that the Devil Fruit he was holding had disappeared. It’s gone!

All of them were anxious and rushed around looking for it, but they couldn’t find it.

“Captain, will it be taken away by that kid just now!?!” A pirate shivered and said, “When you were knocked over, the Devil Fruit seemed to roll to his feet…”

Pixar was stunned, then immediately, he became furious, and his hand waved, “Catch that bastard! Chase him up and kill him! Bring me back My fruit!”

The Pike pirates did not dare to hesitate, they immediately drew out their weapons and chased after the cooks. (They have become 4 waves XD)

At the same time, the front runner, Ace, slowed down a little and let his men, the five or six members of the Spade Pirates, catch up with him. (back to 3 –“)

The members of the Spade Pirates were all recruited by Ace on Cactus Island for a long time. Ace’s way of thinking wasn’t like Ian’s. His method of finding partners was very simple, looking like a right person, and no matter how powerful he is, he directly invites them to join his Pirate group. After months of getting along with each other, Ace actually relies on his own personal charm, simply convinced these Pirates, and making them be willing to call him the captain.

After catching up with Ace, these members of the spade pirate regiment continued to follow him, then gasped and asked him, “Captain Ace, we are obviously rich. Why do we always have to dash without paying for our food?”

Ace was stunned by this question, then grinned and said: “I don’t know, hahaha, I ran unconsciously after each meal, I guess it’s a habit!”

With a straightforward explanation, the members of the Spade Pirate Regiment burst into tears.

At this time, a member of a Spade Pirates suddenly noticed what Ace seems to hold in his hand, so he asked curiously, “what is that in your hand, captain? Where did it come from?”

As he ran, Ace raised his right hand. He was holding the Devil Fruit that had just fallen from Pixar.

“You mean this, I don’t know!” Ace said a little blankly: “It seems like the man I knocked down just now dropped it. So I picked it up. Oh, I apologized to him, so he gave it to me.”

When Ace finished, he looked at the fruit in his hand and said, “What a strange fruit! But it just happens to be a dessert! I wonder how it tastes?”

If Pixar could hear Ace’s words, he would burst with more rage: is that what he calls an apology, and even if it was given to him!? Still, he called it a dessert!!! Have you ever seen anyone eats a Devil Fruit as a dessert?

The members of the spade pirates, after listening to him, felt uncertain. Originally, they wanted to ask something, but suddenly they heard a loud noise behind them. They turned around, looked at it, and then they became so scared. They didn’t know when it all started. In addition to the previous cooks, there were even more people chasing them! There was a group of aggressive people armed with weapons.

“Not good, Captain Ace! The guy you just knocked down came with his gang to take revenge!” The members of the spades pirates reacted.

“Why? Didn’t I apologize?” Ace was puzzled.

Some of Spade Pirates almost fell over and said, “Do you think it’s okay to apologize again? Or Let’s just run!”

Originally, with Ace’s personality, he would not retreat after starting a real battle, but the problem was that all of this has nothing to do with a real battle. The first thing they have to avoid was the cooks. After all, they escaped without paying for their food, which leads to Ace and his group to keep running all the way forward and doesn’t stop at all.

At this time, it was on the street of Cactus Island. Such a group of people chasing others naturally attracted many people’s attention.

Seeing the armed Pike pirates and other chefs with kitchen knives, the ordinary residents of the island were all shocked and shunned to hide at their home, while some Pirates were laughing and watching the fun event.

Although this was the territory of the Yonko (Four Emperors) BIG MOM, all the pirates didn’t dare to make trouble, but this also scored. The private fights between pirates and pirates were allowed, and it won’t be managed, but once it affects the ordinary residents of the island, that is another case.

At this moment, this situation has made people unable to understand what was going on. The front line runners were a group of pirates, chasing by a wave of cooks in the middle, and the last wave were also pirates. What kind of trouble is this?