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S.C.S Chapter 87: Generous Guy

At first, the people who watched the bustle were just confused, but when they looked more at it, they found something wrong.

Huh!? The people who were running in the front are the Spade Pirates. Why does their captain have something like a Devil Fruit in his hands?

Ace was aware of the Devil Fruit, because his brother Luffy is a Devil Fruit User. But since Luffy has eaten his Devil Fruit, Ace didn’t see it with his own eyes, so he doesn’t really know how a Devil Fruit looks like. Therefore, he not only regarded the fruit picked up in his hand as a “strange” dessert, so he kept holding it in his hands and running away in the street.

Cactus Island is one of the seven starting islands of the Grand Line, and it is also the city of gourmet food. So Pirates from the four seas were gathered there. The ordinary pirates might not be so knowledgeable, but among the captains, there were always a few members who knew or heard about the Devil Fruit!

When it was discovered that Ace was holding something suspected of being a Devil Fruit, a dark tide suddenly surged in the crowd of Pirates watching the bustle.

All of a sudden, the pirates understood what was going on with the last group of pirates (Pike Pirates): they thought that Ace was holding a Devil Fruit, so they took part in the chase!?

No wonder the pirates will misunderstand. How could they know? In fact, the victim there were the Pike pirates!

A Devil Fruit! That’s a thing that could give the one who consumes it an instant special abilities power. Even if they don’t want to eat it, they could sell it, and it will make them enough money to feed and clothe themselves for several lifetimes.

Wealth touches the heart. Some pirates who saw the opportunity of a lifetime quietly began to move. They talked to each other for a while, and they did not even care about their served food or liquor, and started to move in the dark.

Soon, several waves of people joined the chasing of the Spade Pirates.

The cooks chasing in the middle quickly found out that something was wrong, so they quickly stopped the chase and stepped aside, and then watched a large number (The whole island XD) of Pirates taking their place, and ran towards the front line, which made the cooks dumbfounded and kept wondering what had happened.

Everyone knew that it might not be as simple as eating and dashing right now…

The cooks didn’t dare to join in anymore, so the chasing crowds who pursued Ace all turned into pirates. Not only did some people chase him, but also some smart ones had taken short cuts to block the Spade pirates from the front…

The members of the Spade Pirates, who followed Ace, ran and looked back. They were so scared that their eyes almost popped out!

The cooks behind them did not know when that all started. Indeed, they were hundreds of red-eyed pirates!

“Captain Ace, what kind of people have you bumped into!” The members of the Spade Pirates, the grief and indignation in their hearts wasn’t hard to tell.

But what they didn’t know was that Pixar was the most depressed person at that time. He was chasing Ace with his group, and suddenly discovered that there were so many unknown groups of pirates that they were all chasing Ace in front of him. It became clear that the Devil Fruit had been exposed. Now, there were countless competitors all of a sudden.

Pixar couldn’t care for them so much now, so he gritted his teeth and kept running. He was unwilling to cause too much commotion. He wanted to quietly catch up with Ace to get his Devil Fruit back. Now that things have been exposed, he couldn’t bear it anymore. So he directly launched his own Devil Fruit ability, turned into a half-beast form, covered with sharp needles, and then he fired them to the front of Ace and others.

With a few whispers, the needles missed, but they rubbed Ace’s scalp.

Ace also found that something was wrong, he was attacked, which meant fighting, so he immediately stopped. In this case, Ace would not retreat.

Turning around, he found that a large number of pirates were coming after him.

At the same time, in the direction in which they had just run, there were also many pirates. Ace knew immediately that he was surrounded.

When other people encountered this situation, they would tremble in place with fear. But Ace did not, he felt excited. Although he could not understand why these pirates were surrounding him, Ace had no fear of fighting anyone.

Members of the Spade Pirates Regiment, when they saw such a situation, they went and surrounded Ace, holding their weapons in trepidation, watching at the pirates grinning and slowly encircling them.

As for their captain, they have been getting along with each other for a long time. As long as they encounter battles, he will not shrink back. As soon as they see how Ace clenched his fist, they know that this fight was inevitable.

‘What should we do? There are too many people on the other side. How can we fight in this way?’

Just as they were thinking about it, they suddenly saw Ace staring in one direction of the street, and then a smile appeared on his face.

“Heeyy!!” Ace gave a sudden cheer and rushed towards a gap in the street that had not yet been surrounded.

Members of the Spade Pirates were stunned, thinking that Captain Ace had finally figured it out. When he saw that he couldn’t fight them, then he wanted to run away, so they quickly followed him. Unexpectedly, Ace ran to the street and stopped suddenly, standing behind a young man. Then he slapped the other person on the shoulder and shouted happily, “Ian!?”

The members of the Spade Pirates were crying, ‘Captain Ace! So you didn’t want to escape!?’

‘Surrounded by so many pirates, you are still in the mood to find acquaintances! Is it really appropriate for you to engage him like that, even if he is your friend?’

Ian had a headache at that time. He had eaten with Bill and wanted to wander by himself. When he suddenly heard a riot, he saw that the fool Ace came running from the other side of the street, and there was a large group of people behind him.

Because of the preconceived concept, Ian has decided that the dine and dash maniac on the Cactus island was Ace, so when he saw that Ace was chased by a large group of people, his first reaction was: What the Hell! How many restaurants have you robbed? How many people want to hunt you down!?

So Ian subconsciously turned his back and murmured, “Please don’t notice me, don’t notice me!”

He didn’t want to be seen and recognized by Ace, and then he will be treated as a fellow of this maniac!

However, who would have thought that Ian was unfortunate enough that this guy, Ace, happened to stop on this street and saw Ian in the crowd at a glance?

After being recognized by Ace, who has run over and clapped his shoulder, Ian was helpless. ‘This is the proper rhythm of making bad friends by mistake! Are you going to involve me when you’re being chased for a dine and dash problem?’

Ace smiled very happily and said: “I thought it wasn’t you when I saw you at first sight. Huh! Did you change your sword? If it hadn’t been for the hat you are wearing, I wouldn’t recognize you!”

‘What the heck! It’s the bear’s ear hat again!’ Ian didn’t know what to say anymore.

No wonder why this guy, Ace, can recognize him in the crowd at a glance, Ian can’t really hide.

“Damn it, go ahead, how much was it?” Ian sighed and said, “If I pay for your meal. Can you spare me?”

“What are you talking about?” Ace laughed and said, “These people don’t seem like they’re asking for money!”

“Huh?” Ian raised his head and looked back.

By this time on the street, the crowd, who were near Ian, had been frightened and escaped, leaving only Ian and Ace, as well as the five or six members of the Spade Pirate Regiment.

Because the aggressive pirates have been concentration there, and the local residents have already vacated the venue to avoid being hurt by the upcoming fight.

“What happened?” Ian looked at the two hundred pirates, who were around him, and asked him doubtfully, “Did you provoke them?”

“I don’t know what’s going on!” Ace shrugged and said, “It seems that they just want to fight me!”

Pixar took his men, walked in the crowd, and then he came out. When he saw that Ace was standing still, he did not want to start the fight, so he shouted: “boy, hand over that thing you are holding!”

He didn’t dare to call out the Devil Fruit’s name directly, for fear of arousing the covet of other uninformed pirates. There were already enough competitors.

However, the other pirates were not too trifled. After seeing the fruit in Ace’s hands from close range, their greed became more apparent, and they all shouted, “No, give us what you have in your hands!”

The pirates were clamoring, but it made Ace a little confused.

“They chased me just for this?” Ace raised the fruit in his hand in confusion.

When he lifted up the Devil Fruit, Ian saw it naturally, and all of a sudden, his eyes were rounded!

‘Isn’t this a Devil Fruit? And… And it’s the Mera Mera no Mi! (Flame-Flame Fruit)’

For other Devil Fruit, Ian may not recognize them, but the appearance of Flame-Flame Fruit was exactly the same as what he saw in the Manga! So Ian recognized it at a glance.

This is where Ace got the Mera Mera no Mi!?

Ian stared at the Flame-Flame Fruit in Ace’s hand, and didn’t know what to say for a while.

Ace also noticed Ian’s expression and kept thinking with his head tilted for a long time. Suddenly, his both hands grasped the Flame-Flame Fruit and started pulling it apart vigorously.

“What… what are you doing?” Ian asked him in a daze.

“I’m giving you a half!” Ace didn’t raise his head: “So many people want it, this fruit must be delicious! We are friends, we must share it… strange, why can’t I split it?”

Ace was desperately trying to split the Devil Fruit in half, but he didn’t know how much impact he caused to Ian by saying that… (Ian misjudged him at the beginning T-T)