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S.C.S Chapter 88: Tastes Like Stool

In fact, the first time Ian saw the Flame-Flame Fruit in Ace’s hand, his first thought was whether he could get it from his hands.

Don’t blame Ian for these thoughts. This is actually human nature, Ian comes to Grand Line for two reasons, in addition to seeking medical treatment for Kuina, he was searching for a Devil Fruit. Devil Fruit’s Abilities are so strange, and the Logia was known as the strongest and rarest type of Devil Fruit. If he wants to get one, he must pay attention to every opportunity.

And this time, Ian was able to recognize what fruit it was, he knew that this was the Flame-Flame Fruit. Now such a powerful Logia fruit was placed in front of him. If he didn’t get greedy for a moment, then he’s absolutely not a human.

However, just as Ian was thinking about how to get the Flame-Flame Fruit, Ace took practical action, which made Ian feel so embarrassed!

Because it may be delicious, Ace thought that he should divide it into two half and share it with his friend!

What a simple reason, but it made Ian blush and ashamed. Maybe Ace didn’t know what he was holding, just treat it like an ordinary fruit, and Ian didn’t know whether he would share it after he knew it was a Devil Fruit, but Ian assumed that he will still do so…

Because Ace was really considering Ian as a friend!

Ian was not a fool. He could feel the joy when Ace saw him. These feelings were not deceptive. The funny thing was that Ace thinks of him as a friend, but Ian wanted to take the Flame-Flame Fruit from Ace’s hands…

It can be said that Ian’s mood was very complicated. The word stealing might be too much, because the reason why he wanted to get the Flame-Flame Fruit before was not only to get a Logia fruit for Kuina, but also Ian was thinking about Ace.

As a result of the Mera Mera no Mi, Ace will soar into the sky and become more powerful. He will enter the vision of the Marines, and the vision of the White Beard, and thus expose the details of his life. He will eventually be arrested because of the pursuit of the Black Beard, and then the Marines will order a public execution for him, which triggers a war, thus killing him.

Sometimes Ian thinks that the Mera Mera no Mi is the turning point of his fate. If only he hadn’t eaten the Flame-Flame Fruit, he wouldn’t be so strong and just stays as an ordinary man. The Marines would not pay much attention to him, nor would they dig in his life.

Now, all these contradictions, but because of Ace’s words, all of them disappeared.

What if that fate turning point, was false! The Flame-Flame Fruit was not the turning point of Ace’s fate. The turning point of his fate should be that he met Ian.

Only Ace can be worthy of the title of “Fire Fist”… The Mera Mera no Mi can only belong to him!

With a long sigh of relief and a smile on Ian’s face, he said to Ace, “Don’t waste your time. You don’t need to split it. It tastes terrible!”

“Really?” Ace was stunned.

“Really!” Ian nodded and said, “If you don’t believe me, take a bite, and you’ll understand!”

As a result, Ace said, “Well, I believe you, you say that it must be unpalatable! Then I won’t eat it!”

Ian almost fell down. ‘Huh, have I made a mistake!? I meant to deliberately provoke you to eat. Don’t you believe me that much, OK?’

“Eat it!” Ian had to make it clear: “That’s a Devil Fruit!”

This time, Ace was stunned. He looked at the Mera Mera no Mi in his hands and said, “This is the same fruit Luffy ate?”

“Yes, eat it!” Ian said: “Trust me!”

Ace looked at Ian and found that his expression was very serious, so he nodded, opened his mouth to bite into the strange fruit.

“Don’t eat it!!!” Pixar and other pirates were shocked. They had a little dispute about who to should get the Devil Fruit. These pirates were not a group, but several groups who came together. They thought that Ian and Ace could not run away and won’t be able to fight against a lot of pirates. So they argued for a while, but they did not expect such a small dispute would give Ian and Ace time to communicate.

When they saw that Ace wanted to bite the Devil Fruit, they couldn’t help it anymore. They rushed up in a swarm, and the weapons in their hands were simultaneously cutting against Ace’s position.

“Protect the Captain!” The members of the Spade Pirate Regiment, though frightened, they surrounded Ace.

At that moment, a shining blade light appeared. Ian stepped into the crowd at a very fast speed. His left hand was holding the sheath of the Devil-blade Yamato, and his right hand pulled out the sword. The blade light circled in the crowd, then returned to its sheath again.

Sweeping Blade + Steel Tempest! Creating Annular Sword out!

The circle of Pirates within the light of Ian’s Blade stopped at once, then suddenly spurted blood from their waists and slowly falling down.

Instantly killing seven or eight pirates, and Pirates’ charge Momentum suddenly stagnated. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ian once again struck the Sword of the Darkness Flame, which shuttled through the crowd and directly cleared the dense pirate crowd out with a bloody road.

“Whoever is coming up is going to die!” Ian shouted.

The most advanced ones are usually small ones. They were frightened by Ian’s words and look at him with fear. They didn’t know what to do.

However, just then, several needles suddenly flew towards Ian!

It was Pixar who made that move, when he saw that Ace had bitten his Devil Fruit, the rage in his heart was raised to its peak. The little ones were scared by Ian, but he didn’t, so he directly shot his needles toward Ian.

However, to be honest, his so-called porcupine Fruit power, its Attack method in front of Ian, was too poor.

Ian knew what Pixar was capable of. At that time, because Ian was on board, Ian didn’t want him to destroy the ship, so he mainly used to resist his needles. But now on land, Ian did not need to protect any boats, so he did not need to worry too much.

With a wave of his hand, Ian raised the Wind Wall against the flying needles, making the needles from Pixar incapable of landing on or even near Ian, and then the whole person suddenly disappeared in place!

Pixar suddenly lost his target. As soon as he was stunned, he felt a sharp stabbing pain coming from his chest position.

When Ian reappeared, he was already behind Pixar. His left hand erected the sheath of the Devil-Blade Yamato, and his right hand held the handle of the sword, then he put the tip of the blade into the sheath.

The sword struck the scabbard, making a clanging sound, then in the eyes of all the Pirates, Pixar’s chest suddenly burst into a huge wound, which almost penetrated Pixar’s entire chest. And a blazing red Flame emerged, it was as if the sound had shaken the wound, followed by the blood gushing out!

Ittoryu Iai (One Sword/Blade Style Re-sheath): Scorching Flash! (Blazing Mode xD)

This was the way Ian worked out those days onboard the ship. Now two four-star cards with high speed were equipped, so Ian’s speed was fast enough to break out of the Ittoryu Iai. (or the Iaido)

And the principle of the Re-sheath Style is very simple, it is nothing more than generalizing the previous Seven cuts in one strike technique and making a change, it’s about concentrating all his Nen and focus to cut his enemy in one fell swoop.

Pixar screamed and fell to the ground slowly. Even if he was a Zoan Devil Fruit User, he was powerless in the face of Ian’s sword, a blow that entangled a lot of Nen, and the sharpness of the Devil-Blade Yamato was needless to speak about, even more, the Darkness Flame can also increase the sharpness. While Pixar’s porcupine fruit focus on strengthening his back, but Ian cut him from the front!

The pirates around him were all shocked when he slaughtered the porcupine Pixar, which his bounty was worth 24 million Berries, but Ian didn’t even look at him. He turned around and asked Ace, “Haven’t you eaten it yet?”

“Huuh!” Ace frowned and said: “This is really hard to eat, taste just like a stool!”

Ian almost fell down again, ‘What the Heck! Is it that hard to force him to eat it? Don’t kill the mood!’

‘And how the hell did he know what shit tastes like!!??’ Ian pictured him eating stool, which made him sick and wanted to vomit…