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S.C.S Chapter 89: Unmanageable Fire Fist

Ian looked at the remaining Devil Fruit in Ace’s hand, probably because it tastes so bad, Ace actually only took a bite.

Only those who take the first bite of the Devil Fruit can acquire the power it contains. That is to say, the rest of the Devil Fruit can actually be tasted by Ian.

They all say that the Devil Fruit is unpalatable, but after all, Ian has never really known what it tastes like, and Ian was actually a little curious.

But he was nauseated by the expression of Ace just now, and he did not know whether the Flame-Flame Fruit tastes really bad, or whether it was because Ace had eaten so many meals in this Island, so he ate everything with a barbecue flavor. In short, as he described it, Ian had no idea of tasting it.

Looking at Ace still gnawing at the Flame-Flame Fruit in his hand, Ian wanted to stop him, but when he thought about it, he did not open his mouth.

Ian knew that he could take a bite, but… he just didn’t say it!

After all, Cactus Island is one of the starting islands. The pirates who stay here don’t naturally have big names. Pixar, this porcupine fruit User, is actually a pirate with a high bounty on this Island. But just now, Ian has chopped off a captain of a pirate group with a bounty of more than 20 million Berries, which made the remaining pirates confused and doesn’t know what to do.

One person, one blow, deterred the present pirates, so they could not easily move, and the members of the Spade Pirate Regiment, at this time looking at Ian’s back, directly admired him.

In this way, Ace finally gnawed the Flame-Flame Fruit in his hand.

For him, it was the most painful experience of his life, knowing that it was something so terrible to eat, but he had to finish it. It was a kind of torture for Ace, who had the nature of eating everything.

“How is it?” Ian asked him.

Ace tried to clench his fists and said curiously, “It’s a strange feeling. There’s an inexplicable force coming in!”

Although the pirates around them did not dare to attack in the presence of Ian, they did not want to leave either because they were unwilling or because they wanted to see what kind of Devil Fruit it was.

Despite the loss of the opportunity to snatch the Devil Fruit, the pirates still have a sense of wickedness, they all wished that this Devil Fruit turns to a shitty kind, which would satisfy them.

This is the darkness of human beings. If they couldn’t eat grapes, they would wish that those grapes are sour. If they can’t get the Devil Fruit, they will say that it must be a Devil Fruit with garbage ability.

So all the pirates stayed and wanted to witness the ability of the guy who eats the devil fruit. If it turns to be a bad kind, then these pirates would get psychological comfort.

From the eyes of these pirates, Ian knew what they were thinking about, and he could not help but smile.

He slammed the sword in his hand to the ground, and the sound of the scabbard attracted the eyes of the pirates who looked at Ace, and then Ian pointed to the crowd: “I’m not targeting anyone. I just want to say that everyone here is garbage!”

After that, he did not give the pirates, who were furious, the chance to speak. Then he turned his head back and said, “Ace, let them see your new ability!”

In fact, Ian doesn’t need to say that Ace can’t wait. He could feel the sudden emergence of a powerful force in his body, but now this force is very vague, even he does not know what ability he has got. Only after experimentation, he will understand it.

So when he heard Ian’s words, Ace jumped over and stood with Ian, punching the pirate across the street.

Ace himself didn’t know why he had the idea of

punching the air. He just felt that the power in his body could be released, so he did it.

The next moment, a huge flame appeared from Ace’s fist!

Not to mention, the pirates, even Ace himself, was shocked. He never thought that his fist would actually emit flame.

Ace was shocked and unconsciously lifted up his fist.

The huge flame broke away from his fist, slantingly rubbing the top of the front pirate’s head, and flew out obliquely upwards, like an inverted flame meteor.

Although the flame did not burn the pirates, every pirate below felt the heat contained in the flame. They stared at the huge fire and watched it cross the street, flying away, and hit a tall building in the distance.

Boom! Ace’s “Fire fist” slammed into the wall of the building and made a roar. Although most of the flames were extinguished, some flammable parts were still burning.

The scene was quiet, and nobody spoke. Everyone except Ian was frightened and dumbfounded. After a while, from the crowd, a pirate suddenly screamed out: “Logia! It’s a Logia Devil Fruit!!”

Then the pirates suddenly frowned. They thought that Ace would get a useless fruit. Where would they think that Ace would have eaten a Logia Devil Fruit?

Suddenly, the pirates made a mess. Even though they were red-eyed and jealous toward Ace, after that, a sense of panic came.

A Logia Devil Fruit User, what does it mean for these Pirates? It means that all of them could do nothing to Ace.

One of the most prominent characteristics of the Logia is that the body can be elementalized. In the absence of Haki, few people can cause damage to this elementized body.

He can’t expect the low-level pirates gathered here to know what Haki is. These pirates probably have actually encountered Logia Devil Fruit User, but in their gossip conversations, Logia Devil Fruit User has only one adjective, that is invincible!

Needless to say, the pirates have some understanding of marine nature. They all know that Marine’s three Admirals are all Logia Devil Fruit User. These shallow-knowledged Pirates attribute the three Admiral’s strength to Their Devil Fruit Ability, which naturally caused their invincible impression of Logia Devil Fruit.

Now suddenly they saw the birth of a Logia Ability User, so their mood was not too depressed, the swordsman in front of them was already powerful enough, and now there is a more powerful natural ability of people… ‘Don’t say anything, just run!’

When they came back to their senses, the pirates screamed and fled the scene. They have no mood to fight these monsters!

They ran away from them, whether it was Ian or Ace, they were not in the mood to pay attention to them.

Seeing the Flame Ability that Ace showed, Ian finally felt relieved. It seems that the fruit was really the Mera Mera no Mi, not mistaking.

And Ace was still dumbfounded. The flame that he just launched out, even he could not believe it. He stared at his raised fist, turned his head, and asked Ian: “What happened to me? what’s going on?”

Ian explained to him: “Now you have a Devil Fruit Ability, the power of the Flame!”

“Really?” Ace laughed with his waist crossed. “So, I’m just like Luffy. I can’t swim!”

Ian looked at him silently, “What’s funny about not swimming? Are you afraid that you may fall into the water?”

“Because it’s just a matter of getting stronger!” Ace grinned and said, “I didn’t expect the Devil Fruit to be so powerful. I really earned it this time! Thank you, Ian. If you hadn’t let me eat this Devil Fruit, I wouldn’t get such a powerful ability.”

Ian shook his head and said, “Don’t thank me, it belongs to you!”

Then he diverged from the subject and said to Ace, “The Fire Fist you just shot seems to be out of control?”

“Fire Fist? That’s a good name!” Ace first was stunned and then laughed. “It was, indeed, a little out of control. It was more powerful than I thought! It seems that I need a lot of practice.”

Since the Devil Fruit directly gives humans special power, not the gradual kind of strength. Therefore, when Devil Fruit Ability is acquired, most people can hardly use these special abilities accurately, and they need constant exercise to precisely control their new power.

Ian knows this, but he still secretly admires Ace’s Devil Fruit. Just after eating it, an ordinary person can become a top expert in an instant, he gains the power of several elements masters.

Such things are simply the easiest way of lazy people to gain a magnificent power, and the best way to counter any greedy System. Ian was thinking about whether he should get a Devil Fruit for himself.

The pirates around had already fled, and after the threat was lifted, the members of the Spades Pirates came around, and their eyes were full of small stars.

Needless to say, the Fire Fist that Ace just shot completely threw the members of the Spade Pirates into the ground. With such a powerful captain, the time for the Spade Pirates to become famous has finally arrived!

Being flattered by a group of people around him, Ace seemed a little embarrassed, so he introduced Ian to the members of his pirate regiment.

Finally, he introduced Ian to everyone and said, “This is my good friend Ian. He is a very famous pirate hunter!”

The members of the Spade Pirate Regiment were stunned when they heard this. ‘What? What! A Pirate Hunter!?’

There’s nothing wrong with that, Captain Ace, you are a pirate, how can you be a friend with a pirate hunter!

Not to mention that they found it weird, Ian himself felt strange. Yeah, he’s obviously a pirate hunter. Why did he become friends somehow with this pirate, Ace?

Just they thought about it, a sudden cry of surprise came up.

When Ian and the other pirates clashed before, the residents on the street had already been hidden, but at this time, these local residents ran out of a shop.

They pointed to the distance in horror and said, “It’s on fire!! The warehouse is on fire!”

“That’s terrible. The store is stocked with Honey garlic sauce for the BIG MOM!”

“Hurry up! Extinguish the fire!”

Ian looked up in the direction where the residents pointed, and then he was speechless.

Because the place where the fire broke out was the building that was just hit by Ace’s Fire Fist …