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S.C.S Chapter 90: Fireman

“…” Ian didn’t know what to say at this time.

Ace’s out-of-control Fire Fist actually hit the storage warehouse in the city, which Ian didn’t even think of.

He originally thought that it was just an ordinary building.

Ian wasn’t feeling good, especially after hearing from the mouth of these local residents that this building was actually a warehouse full of food for the BIG MOM.

BIG MOM likes sweet food, and there isn’t a more wonderful dessert than the Honey sauce barbecue on Cactus Island. Ian had eaten a lot of it with Bill before, which was really delicious. So he could figure out why the island can be sheltered by tribute food, although Ian did not know how they transport her food to New World in the second half of the Grand Line from the first half of the Grand Line, but there should be some special way to store her food.

The building that is on fire was the hope of peace on Cactus Island. It was these tribute foods that the people on this island will not be invaded by pirates.

But now, because of Ace, that building was on fire!

Although that was not intentional, the fire was caused by Ace.

This guy, Ace, probably caused a lot of trouble, so when he saw the warehouse burned this time, his first reaction was to run away.

But Ian knew the seriousness of the matter, so he grabbed his collar and said. “What are you running for? Come with me to extinguish this fire!”

“Why?” Ace was a bit puzzled.

Ian shook his head and said: “It was caused by us, even though we can just walk away, but if the things in that warehouse burn down, the people on this island will be doomed! The Yonko, Big Mom won’t get the dessert she wants, she will be angered on this island, and she will destroy it!!”

“What are these Four Emperors? Are they amazing?” Ace snorted: “Who is she, this BIG MOM?”

The members of the Spade Pirate Regiment were quite speechless. Ace had been on the island for almost a month. Didn’t he even ask about the pirate flag hanging everywhere on the island?

So they quickly explained to Ace, and when he heard that even the World Government did not dare to easily provoke the Four Emperors (Yonko), his eyes suddenly widened.

This was the first time Ace’s mind has left the impression of the Four Emperors.

“That’s it!” Ian looked solemnly: “The inhabitants of the island are innocent, we can’t let them suffer because of us, we have to go and help them!”

Ace nodded, he wanted to run away because he didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter. When he understood it, he would take responsibility.

From this point of view, both Ace and Luffy are the same, they are not True pirates.

Ian didn’t care about Pixar, who he just killed. Although he has a bounty of more than 20 million Berries, Ian still doesn’t know where was the nearest marine branch here. Pixar was dirty and smelly, if he takes him on the road, that would be very embarrassing. So Ian has to give up temporarily and intend to fight the fire first.

Ian, Ace, and the members of the Spade Pirate Regiment rushed fast there. Ian saw a large number of local residents along the way, panicking and running to fight the fire, regardless of adults or children, with water buckets in their hands, without thinking about the dangers of extinguishing the fire.

On the contrary, a large number of Pirates started fleeing!

Yeah, running away! The news of the fire on the warehouse has spread to the entire Cactus Island. When they heard that the building on fire was actually a warehouse for storing tribute food, the pirates immediately sensed the gravity of this matter, once the warehouse was seriously damaged, then when the BIG MOM pirates arrive, that would be the end of this island! Pirates weren’t willing to help the residents, out of the principle of self-preservation, so they quickly fled the land.

They don’t want to face the pirates of a Yonko…

A large number of Pirate moved towards the port, boarded their ships and sailed out of the harbor, didn’t care even the slightest for the island that brought them delicious food.

The contrast between the local residents who went to fight the fire and the pirates who fled without turning their heads made Ian shook his head with anger.

When Ian watched Ace’s flame fly out, he didn’t feel anything. When he finally ran over, Ian discovered that the building was still far away. But after passing an alley, he suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Ace.

“Wait for me!” Ian turned and ran back to the entrance of the alley. As he passed, the corner of his eye seemed to notice something in the alley.

When Ian ran in and looked, he found Roland Gail’s body.

Ace followed him and walked in, then said, “I remembered, this is where I bumped into the porcupine man… Hey, is this person dead?”

“Yeah!” Ian sighed, walked over and squatted down, picking up something next to Roland Gail’s body.

It was the Eternal Pose of Alabasta. The glass of the compass just reflected a light, which made Ian notice it the dark alley. But Ian did not think of it. When he came in, he saw Roland Gail, who was unwilling to die with his eyes open.

There were several spines in his body, which penetrated through his body and caused his death. Needless to say, Pixar must be the one who did it.

By linking things up, Ian understood why Roland Gail died here.

Perhaps Roland Gail was the first person to get the Mera Mera no Mi, but unfortunately, he did not become a Devil Fruit User, which made him lose his life.

This made Ian even sigh at the wonders of fate. If Roland Gail took a bite from this Devil Fruit out of curiosity, perhaps there would be no “Fire Fist Ace” in this world.

It is reasonable to say that character determines fate. Roland Gail, as a nobleman, was afraid to try it because of the strange appearance of the Devil Fruit. Therefore, he missed an opportunity to become a strong man. He lost his life for this reason. But Ace, who eats every food and does not care much. When he picked up the Devil Fruit, he directly ran away even though he just thought of it as a dessert… So he was the one who laughed at the end.

This incident tells those who pretend to be noblemen dies on their road, pretending to be elegant. Only eating food is the darling of fate… (don’t ask me XD)

Although Ian did not see the specific situation at that time, he reasoned out the causes and consequences of the incident. He picked up the Eternal Pose and put it in his pocket, and said, “Well, although I hate nobles like you, killing Pixar is revenge for you. As for your Eternal Pose, I will take it as a reward. (You won’t need it anyway!)”

Standing up, Ian said to Ace, “Let’s go, we must hurry to put out the fire!”

Ace nodded, looked at Roland Gail on the ground, did not say anything, and followed Ian.

That group of people ran for a while and finally came to the warehouse.

By this time, the fire in the warehouse was getting bigger and larger, and the side hit by Ace’s Flame has completely burned.

When his Fire Fist hit the warehouse from a distance, Ace had only ignited sporadic combustibles, but unfortunately, there were a large amount of volcanic rocks in the warehouse.

Although it was a place to store the honey sauce for barbecue, in fact, it was also a place to make barbecues. The residents of Cactus Island store a lot of volcanic rocks at the bottom of this warehouse, and then put various kinds of food with honey sauce on high places. One is to bake these foods slowly, the other is to keep them warm, and wait for the BIG MOM pirates to come and take their food in the most appropriate temperature for a take out.

When the warehouse was caught on fire, the temperature of the flame combined with the heat emitted by the volcanic rocks suddenly became out of control!

Local residents, waiters, cooks, restaurant owners, and some marine soldiers were among them, all of whom gathered there, queuing up to pass buckets and let the front people pour water out. Meanwhile, several water trucks were spraying water guns at the burning warehouse. Everyone was working hard to fight the fire. Everyone knew What does it mean to this island if this warehouse had been burned down, so no one dares to slack off…

Following this trend, they can extinguish this massive fire, but they don’t know when. Maybe when the fire is extinguished, the warehouse will be destroyed.

Seeing this scene, Ian told Ace, “Ace, try and see if you can control these flames!”

“Me? Manipulate these flames?” Ace was a little shocked.

“Yes, give it a try!” Ian didn’t know if this method would work. He hadn’t heard that Logia User could control the same Logia energy, but he had to let Ace try it.

If he can control the flames to be transferred or absorbed, then this vast fire will surely be extinguished soon.

Ian also knows that this is a bit of a dilemma for Ace. After all, he just got the Flame-Flame Fruit’s Ability, even his own power was not well controlled, let alone the external energy.

But Ian has no choice. The only thing he can count on is Ace. After eating the Flame-Flame Fruit, Ace has become the Burning Man (A fireman XD). It can be said that he knows the most about the flame?