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S.C.S Chapter 91: Cut It!

Ace was asked to try absorbing the fire on the building, even though it was a really hard task for him, but he has to try as a last resort to save this hopeless situation.

However, Ace did not give up. After reaching for his hat, he stepped forward and came to a position very close to the burning warehouse.

Surrounded by people who were anxious to fight this fire, so no one noticed him for the time being. Ace opened his right hand, and it was facing the flaming fire from afar.

Ian was at the rear, staring at Ace’s movements while observing the flames.

However, for a while, there wasn’t any movement, Ace put down his hand, turned back to Ian, and shook his head.

This made Ian suddenly disappointed, but sure enough, he can’t do it?

In fact, in Ian’s impression, it seems that the Devil Fruit needs to reach its Awakening stage to be able to control and absorb the same natural elements from the outside world. Now it seems that it’s hard for Ace, who has just eaten the Flame-Flame Fruit, to do this.

‘What should I do now? Ace’s flame can only be released and can’t be restored. How can we help fighting this fire?’

Just as Ian was thinking of a way to help them, Ace was looking up at the burning warehouse in front of him. No one knew what the idea that came to his mind was! Suddenly, they saw him jump up, leap to the outer edge of the warehouse wall, and climb all the way up the top of the burning warehouse.

This scene was naturally seen by those who were extinguishing the fire, which immediately caused a burst of exclamation.

“Come down! Do you want to die?”

Some people shouted at Ace.

However, they did not know that Ace was not afraid of fire at all. He climbed all the way to the height of the third floor along the outer edge of the wall, then lay on the side of the only window and looked into the warehouse.

The blazing flame surrounded him, but it didn’t affect him at all, which made the people below dumbfounded.

After observing for a while, Ace suddenly turned around and looked down at Ian’s direction with a smile. At the same time, he shouted: “Ian! It’s empty, and nobody’s inside! Cut it! “

Ian was confused. At first, he didn’t know what Ace meant when he said “cut it”. But then, he saw Ace lying on the windowsill, raised his hand, and kept slanting it.

Then Ian looked at the location of the fire in the warehouse again, and he immediately responded.

Looking at the front of the warehouse building, it can be seen as a rectangle. The whole location of the fire was at the upper right. Since Ace has just seen it in the window and confirmed that it is hollow, then the situation has become easier. Since the fire can’t be put out in a short time, it’s simple enough to cut off the part that was on fire, and the problem will be solved!

‘That’s a good idea, I didn’t think that this guy Ace was very clever!’

Ian nodded to Ace, meaning that he understood him, so Ace jumped down.

The people around looked at Ace foolishly, only to find that he wasn’t burned at all.

At the same time, Ian also drew out the Devil-Blade Yamato, held his breath, and began observing the angle of his left hand.

Before, Ian didn’t think about using his own skills to solve the fire problem of the warehouse. After all, among his current skills, Hiei’s skill, the Sword of the Darkness Flame, was also a skill that uses fire, and Yasuo’s skill, Gathering Storm, was not suitable. It seems unlikely to use his tornado to blow out the fire. It’s not impossible that the wind can borrow the fire. In this case, the fire was really huge, and that tornado might be consumed as a source of oxygen to the fire, and that would be bad.

But now, Ace has provided him with a good idea, which was to cut off the part of the warehouse that was on fire.

Ian has cut a lot of things so far. He has cut down the Execution Platform in Loguetown and the cabin of Pixar, but this was his first time to slash down such a large building.

Even though, after attaching a large amount of Nen, Ian was indeed able to cut off a strong metal alloy, Krieg’s golden steel armor was torn apart by him. But the armor and the building are fundamentally different. Although the former was steel, it was very thin, while the latter was stone, but its thickness was immense. But even Ian himself was not sure about it, and he didn’t know why this guy, Ace, was so confident about him.

But anyway, Ian was still going to try.

Looking at the system in his mind, he wanted to see how much Nen he still had left. But at first glance, he found that he had reached level 10!

He immediately responded to what was going on. It was the experience he had gained from killing Pixar, the porcupine guy, and some other pirates.

Level 10. This was the right time for this upgrade. Not only the new card slot has been opened, but all the cards will be able to usher in the first breakthrough.

Ian temporarily equipped Samanosuke Akechi’s card and then upgraded his three cards with experience books, Hiei, Yasuo, and Samanosuke Akechi to level 10. Then he used the breakthrough stone saved from the previous Ten Consecutive Draw to advance the three cards.

When a card breaks through from +0 to +1, it doesn’t require a lot of breakthrough stones. It only needs 100 breakthrough stones. After advancing them, the attributes of the three cards increase in a certain way. Samanosuke Akechi’s card gained +10 points on all attributes, and + 100 points on vitality, while the flying shadow, Hiei’s card obtained + 20 points on speed, while the Nen value increased by 100 points, and Yasuo’s card gained + 5% on destructive power, It seems that different cards get different attributes improvement when they breakthrough.

But in any case, Ian was equipped with three cards at the same time, which brought a small leap to his attributes.

His Nen value has increased a lot again. With this opportunity, Ian once again launched the active skill of the Jagan Eye (Evil Eye Expert)!

On his forehead, the third phantasm eye reappeared, and Ian’s Nen value doubled in an instant. This time, his Nen directly broke through the three hundred marks!

In the beginning, when he was in Loguetown, he used the skill of the Jagan Eye for the first time, and he couldn’t control that huge amount of Nen. But now, he was mentally prepared, so it wouldn’t get out of control. He tried his best to suppress the surging Nen, then he looked for the right angle, at that moment, he slashed out his sword, completely releasing all the Nen he was holding.

This blow, the Flying Slash Attack, was more powerful than the one released in Loguetown. Moreover, Ian did not use the Sword of the Darkness Flame to launch this blow, but he combined that huge amount of Nen with Yasuo’s wind swordsmanship!

Just as Ace had just eaten the Flame-Flame Fruit, Ian also had a process of adapting to the new card skills. However, with continuous practice and experiment these days, Ian also mastered a little knack of the wind swordsmanship.

With a special sword-swinging technique, it exerted sufficient pressure on the air to make it eject as a projectile. Its principle was similar to the formation of Wind Wall, which was not difficult to master.

So, what Ian played this time is a Flying Wind-Blade Slash!

The Wind-Blade was invisible, but as a releaser, Ian can perceive that this projectile, with enough Nen value, was up to several meters in length. After throwing it out, it flew out at an inclined angle and crossed the upper right end of the warehouse in an instant.

Ian was stunned for a moment. ‘What’s going on? Is the wind-blade Slash ineffective?’

No, if the Slash didn’t work, it should be a collision on the front, at least. Could it be that the blow flew straight over?

When Ian was thinking about it, suddenly, a creaking sound came. He saw that the wall, which was hit by his wind-blade Slash, suddenly had a little loose on it, and then the whole upper right end began to slide down obliquely.

The sliding part revealed a neat and smooth chopping mark!

It wasn’t until this time that Ian realized that it wasn’t that the cutting was ineffective, but that the wind-blade projectile was too sharp, just like cutting butter with a hot knife, and cutting open the building without encountering any obstacles, Which led Ian to think that he missed.

The half of the roof that was on fire slipped faster and faster. At last, with a loud crash, it fell down on the ground. The people who had been fighting the fire below found that something was wrong. Now, after seeing this scene, they hurriedly dodged away from the falling roof.

After the burning part fell, the rest of the building was like the aluminum pipe that was cut, the middle was empty, but the surrounding was like a smooth cutting mark.

Members of the spade pirates, after seeing this scene, were shocked, and their jaws fell to the ground!

The same has happened with the people around. They were stunned to see the warehouse was neatly cut and did not know how to react.

With a bang, the water buckets in their hands fell to the ground…

Ace held his hat, laughed, and said to Ian, “I knew you could do it!”

At this time, Ian’s whole body has a feeling of emptiness, and he smiled at him with twitching lips. In fact, he also knew that the power brought by the Jagan Eye Skill was soaring, which raised his Nen value. This Flying Slash has the same effect as one of the six techniques of “Rokushiki”, the Rankyaku (Tempest Kick), and it is not surprising to be able to slice through a building.

A burst of cheers came, and the firefighters finally understood what was going on!

Because the fire was extinguished!

This was someone’s help. The fire part was cut open. Although the warehouse was destroyed, the food stored in it was saved.

So some people rushed in and counted the losses, while others began looking for around the one who has helped them.

Ace and Ian are the most eye-catching people around. He climbed to the top of the building before. Many people heard him shouting from below. Seeing Ian holding a sword in his hand, they immediately confirmed the helpers!

So, immediately, a group of people rushed towards them.

Among these people, there were several cooks dressed in chef uniforms. No one knew why, as soon as Ace saw these people, he turned his head subconsciously and started running, while pulling Ian from his neck in the way.

“Hey!! We were helping them. Why are you running? (XD)” Ian was in a powerlessness state. Being pulled by Ace, he couldn’t stop him at all. He could only scream at him.

“The cooks chased me before, and it won’t go well if they recognize us!” Ace said as he ran.

Ian was speechless for a while. ‘Is this the sequel of the dine and dash!? How many restaurants have you robbed on this island? How can you think that these few cooks in that large number of people can recognize you?’

“You guys, don’t go!” The crowds who came running after them shouted: “You have saved Cactus Island, please let us express our gratitude!”

Members of the Spade pirates were running with Ace at this time. When they heard the shouts, they said to Ace, “Captain, they want to thank us!”

Ace laughed and said: “Don’t forget, we are Pirate! And that fire was caused by me. This kind of gratitude is not what we deserve.”

After listening to this sentence, even Ian, who has been dragged away, couldn’t say a thing…


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