The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 18: Changing Job (Part 1)

As Ryu Min’s eyes scanned the surroundings, they caught a glimpse of a familiar face. “That person… Seo Arin?” She was a rising young actress, popular among the younger generation, known for her exceptional beauty, kind and diligent personality. Her nickname was even “Seo Arin.”

“Why would a girl like that follow me?” Ryu Min wondered to himself. He was sure that the person who had been following him was Seo Arin because of her recognizable face, nickname, and the fact that she lived in the penthouse upstairs.

Just as Ryu Min was about to ask why she was being followed, a man emerged from behind a tree, and it appeared that Seo Arin was not the only one following Ryu Min.

“We’re sorry for the trouble. We didn’t follow you with bad intentions. Please forgive us,” said the man named An Sang-cheol, smiling as if he wanted to reconcile.

However, Ryu Min’s lips didn’t move. He recognized the familiar nickname and face. “An Sang-cheol? Isn’t he Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man?”

Ma Kyung-rok was the eldest son of a top domestic conglomerate.

He was one of the people Ryu Min was targeting, going with the nickname “Cheonma.”

There was also a top-class priest connected to Ma Kyung-rok among those Ryu Min wanted to recruit.

To beat the 20th round, he needed to catch Ma Kyung-rok’s attention. “I didn’t expect to meet Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man so soon.”

Although Ma Kyung-rok was someone Ryu Min needed to get close to, that didn’t mean he was a saint. “In fact, he could be considered a villain.” He acted gentlemanly on the outside, but he had a psychopathic hobby in secret.

There was no reason for Ryu Min to view this sick man as a favorable candidate.

“But why is An Sang-cheol with Seo Arin?” Ryu Min recalled the man he saw when he visited the upper floor. He was the one who made Ryu Won nervous while he was standing next to Seo Arin when he tried to give her that rice cake.

“Is it possible that the man who was with Seo Arin is actually An Sang-cheol?” Although he couldn’t be sure they were the same person since he had customized his appearance, Ryu Min had a hunch that it was him.

“There was a rumor that Ma Kyung-rok sponsored celebrities as part of his business.”

It seemed likely that the man he saw yesterday was An Sang-cheol.

“Where did you start following me?” Ryu Min asked the group.

“From the starting point. We saw you going into the forest and followed you… We’re sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable,” they apologized, but Ryu Min’s expression didn’t soften.

In the previous rounds, no one had followed him. It was natural that Seo Arin had no reason to follow him. “The future has changed. It’s because I did something different from before… Could it be because of that rice cake?”

He had only given her rice cake and met her, but it seemed to have had an impact on her feelings, leading to her following him. “Why did you follow me?” Ryu Min asked Seo Arin, his tone cold.

“I didn’t follow you with bad intentions… I wanted to propose something,” Seo Arin replied nervously.


“Yes… You won first place in round one, right? So, I thought it would be good if we could work together…”

“Work together?” Ryu Min’s lips curled into a sneer. “Isn’t that a term used when someone needs help from another person?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Ryu Min said with a mocking smile. “I don’t need you guys. I can fight well on my own. Didn’t you see everything during the chase?”

Seo Arin nodded in agreement, realizing that Ryu Min was right.

After chasing after him for 30 minutes, they saw how many corpses Ryu Min has left behind him.

It was a scene so overwhelmingly powerful that they knew he wouldn’t need such an alliance to survive.

“Don’t waste my time with pointless proposals, and just go back. I have no desire to team up with anyone,” Ryu Min said, turning his back as if there was nothing left to see.

As he disappeared into the forest, An Sang-cheol expressed his dissatisfaction.

“What’s up with that guy? He’s as arrogant as they come.”

On the other hand, Seo Arin, visibly relieved, slumped to the ground.

“Ha… I guess it wasn’t for nothing that he was the top ranked in the first round. His intimidation is no joke.”

“Intimidation, huh? Well, anyone would be tense if they were threatened with a sword, wouldn’t they?”

“Still, because he was ranked first, there was a sense of atmosphere that was hard to comprehend. His gaze was also frightening…”

“Maybe it’s because he customized himself well. It would be difficult if we think of him as the face of reality.”

“I guess. Mr.bodyguard has also changed his face…”

Seo Arin sighed deeply as she looked in the direction where Black Scythe had disappeared.

“I hoped to team up with the top ranked player, but it didn’t go as planned.”

“See, what did I say? I told you, someone like him, with such a strong sense of pride, wouldn’t make a good ally.”

“That’s true… but I thought it would be better to team up because it increases our survival rate.”

“If we had managed to get the Black Scythe on board, it would have been better…”

“Forget it. Let such a sick human being life and die on his own. He would only be a hindrance if we tried to put him in a team.”

“But it’s still a shame.”

“It’s a shame indeed. We wasted our time following him for nothing.”

Joining forces to survive in this harsh world was not an easy task.

“But I didn’t know there would be monsters in the forest.”


“Doesn’t the Black Scythe have any interest in the vote? They’re probably discussing who to choose as the representative at the starting point…”

“He probably thinks it’s difficult to be chosen as the representative, so he gave up on it from the beginning.”

Seo Arin nodded in agreement with An Sang-cheol’s words.

Since only one person out of five thousand would be chosen, the competition would be fierce.

“Well, let’s go back too. Maybe we’ll get a lot of votes just because you’re a celebrity?”

An Sang-cheol turned his head and said so, but Seo Arin didn’t plan on moving.

“Um… how about hunting during the remaining time we have instea?”

“What? Hunting?”

“Yes. Black Scythe has already given up on the vote, and there’s no way it would be us, right?”

An Sang-cheol nodded at her reasonable words.

“Well, that’s not a bad idea either.”

“Then let’s go, Mr. Bodyguard.”

The two of them entered the forest, weapons in hand.

They had given up on the chasing Black Scythe.

They didn’t have the confidence to persuade him, and they were afraid that they might get killed by his sword if they followed him again.

But what they didn’t know…


That someone was chasing after them too.

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