The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 18: Changing Job (Part 2)


Ryu Min dismissed Seo Arin’s proposal without a second thought and continued his hunt for hobgoblins.

“Collaboration? I’m already busy enough. There’s no need to consider it.”

He could easily catch monsters alone.

There was no reason to join forces.

“Still, it’s not bad that Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man lives on my floor.”

Although the future had changed, it was not at a level where he had to worry.

The future connected to branch lines could change at any time.

As long as the main line doesn’t change, it was fine.

“When I return to reality, I need to confirm if the man who was with Seo Arin is indeed Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man.”

The confirmation method was not difficult.

He just needed to find out if the name of the man, who may or may not be Seo Arin’s bodyguard, is An Sang-cheol.

“If he is An Sang-cheol, I can approach Ma Kyung-rok more easily.”

However, he would not do anything immediately.

It was not yet time to contact Ma Kyung-rok.

That was why he rejected the proposal.

“What’s important now is to level up through hunting.”

Ryu Min returned to the forest.



The hobgoblins ran towards him, but they couldn’t even touch him.

They were easy to handle due to his agile movements.

Their death was inevitable.

[Current Kill Count: 60/100]

[All stats are increased by 60% due to the Rune of Slaughter effect.]

Since the beginning of the hunt, his stats had increased by 1.6 times.

“The Rune of Slaughter is definitely useful if I just stack the stacks.”

At that moment, five more monsters appeared.



Although they were just good experience points for Ryu Min, he couldn’t help but smile as he saw the noticeable increase in his stats.

[You have defeated the Nols!]

[Experience point 3x buff is applied.]

[Experience point +7.2%]

[Gold +20]

[Current Kill Count: 65/100]

[All stats are increased by 65% due to the Rune of Slaughter effect.]

[You have leveled up!]

[You have reached level 10.]

[You can now use the store.]

[The job change condition has been met.]

[You have received a hidden sub-quest!]

Ryu Min immediately checked the sub-quest.


└Change job before voting time.

└Find and acquire a job item!

└If successful, you will receive a 50% discount coupon for today’s item!

Most players would be wondering about the job item and how to acquire it.

They would probably think: Find and acquire a job item? How do I get it? What’s the benefit of getting a job?

Since there was a job category in the status window, most players should be aware of its existence.

“However, some players might not know about jobs yet.”

Nevertheless, getting a job was always beneficial unless someone was foolish.

“The age between 15 and 29 is the prime time to be familiar with games.”

The problem was that most players knew about jobs, but did not know how to acquire a job item.

“At first, I was lost too. I thought it was random when catching monsters.”

Of course, getting a job item as a drop from monsters was really rare.

However, job items were generally easier to obtain when certain conditions were met.

“For example, to become a warrior, you need to catch 30 monsters within an hour after raising your strength stat to 10 or higher.”

To obtain a job-change item, one must perform actions related to their job. For example, a berserk must hunt for a certain period of time with bloodshed, and an assassin must successfully ambush monsters from behind multiple times.

This means that a person’s job reflects their personality to some extent.

Ryu Min obtained the job of a hunter in his first regressions. He had obtained it by repeatedly tracking and running away from monsters in the forest.

“But I no longer need to be a hunter.”

He didn’t need to obtain a hunter’s job-change item either, as he had already obtained another one in the previous round.

Ryu Min took out the Angel’s Blood from his inventory and recited the activation word.


Light burst forth from the Angel’s Blood, and a message appeared before his eyes.

“[You have used a job-change item. Please choose carefully as you cannot change your job.]”

“[Do you want to change your class to ‘Grim Reaper’? Y/N]”

Ryu Min didn’t hesitate to answer the question that required no consideration.


At that moment, Ryu Min’s body shone in a golden light. The intense light was enough to blind him, but it lasted only for a moment.

The message appeared in his mind as if nothing had happened.

“[Congratulations! You have changed your class to Grim Reaper.]”

“[As a job-change reward, you have obtained the ‘Scythe of the Grim Reaper’ and the ‘Rune of the Grim Reaper.’]”

“[The obtained rune is automatically inscribed into the player’s body!]”

“[You have learned the Grim Reaper-exclusive skill, ‘Seal of Death’!]”

“[The next skill can be learned automatically when you reach level 20.]”

He received a weapon, a rune, and a skill as job-change rewards.

However, that wasn’t the only good news.

“[Your rank has increased from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Trainee.’]”

“[You have completed a sub-quest!]”

“[You have received a 50% discount coupon for today’s item!]”

There are several ranks in the game: Beginner (Lv1), Trainee (Lv10), Regular (Lv20), Expert (Lv40), Master (Lv60), and Grand Master (Lv99).

Ryu Min’s rank increased from Beginner to Trainee as a result of his job change.

Ranking up had various benefits. New job skills were acquired and existing skills were strengthened. Lock features could be released, and players could wear better items than they could before.

“However, if you don’t change your job, you’ll be stuck at the Beginner level forever.”

That’s why changing jobs was an essential element for growth.

Many rewards were received, but the message was not yet over.

The first job-changer reward was yet to be obtained.

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