The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 20: Black Scythe (Part 2)

As soon as Ryu Min landed on his feet, Hwang Yongmin threw a punch, but it missed and only cut through thin air.

Despite throwing a series of punches, Ryu Min dodged them all with his agile body movement.

In the meantime, he occasionally landed a few punches to the jaw and the body.

“Why, why, why do I keep missing?! Why?!” The feeling of getting hit without being able to retaliate made Hwang Yongmin’s blood boil.

“This bastard…”

“Stop swearing, it’s getting annoying. I’m sick of it.”

Suddenly, Ryu Min’s close-range hook hit Sang-cheol’s ear.


Yongmin’s head was spinning as he collapsed to the ground.

He could not get up anymore.

“Yong Min!”

His friends realized too late that something was wrong and drew their weapons. In particular, the one with a bow protested.


But Ryu Min was not the one to be hit by a blind arrow.

He dodged it lightly and ran towards him.



Once again, the arrow missed him and only hit thin air.

“Looks like you were lucky enough to find a bow while hunting.”


Suddenly, Ryu Min was standing in front of the enemy with a sickle raised above his head.

“But meeting me was not unlucky.”

As he swung it down, the arm holding the bow was severed.


“That bastard…!”

“Kill him, you son of a b****!”

Yongmin’s friends rushed in to attack, but Ryu Min remained calm and simply scanned the area.

“Now is the time.”

As soon as they got closer, Ryu Min swung the sickle downward.


The person standing in front of him was hit and fell down screaming.


“Sh*t! My leg!”

The person following behind him was startled and stopped.

At that moment, Ryu Min flew through the gap between them.

“Do you really have the determination to wield a weapon and fight?”


Without waiting for an answer, Ryu Min’s sickle immediately traced a curve.

Thwack! Thwack!

The arms of the four opponents who were gathered together slipped off like butter.



It didn’t take long for Ryu Min to subdue them.

“As expected of the death’s seal. Even with armor on, you can cut off arms in one blow.”

Ryu Min used the death’s seal before he started wielding the sickle.

The damage had doubled, and even the arms of the armored enemies were sliced off with a single stroke.



Looking around, the battle had already ended.

Their arms and legs had been cut, and their pride had been shattered.

“Too easy.”

However, Ryu Min did not put his sickle away.

The fight was not over until he was satisfied.

Puk! Puk!


“Haaauuugh! I’m gonna die…”

Ryu Min struck their arms and legs with his sickle as they writhed in agony.

Despite their agony, he did not stop his assault.

“Stop whining. You won’t die that easily.”

He had no intention of killing them.

‘They’re just trash that will fall off by themselves when it’s time.’

However, he intended to instill fear in them so that they could never climb up again.

Ryu Min struck their arms and legs again and again with his sickle.



Even though they writhed in pain like they were about to die, they wouldn’t die.

He had adjusted his damage so they wouldn’t die since he can also see their health bar.

Finally, Ryu Min passed the howling thugs and stood in front of Hwang Yongmin.


Hwang Yongmin, who had closed his eyes and was lying down, trembled weakly.

“Pretending to sleep won’t work. There are no exceptions.”

Ryu Min’s sickle moved.


At that moment, one of Hwang Yongmin’s arms was cleanly cut off.

“Ugh, aaaaaaaah!”

“Don’t be so dramatic. That’s not even painful.”

It’s not a bluff.

Ryu Min had lived through worse pain than having his arm cut off.

All because of the Hwang Yongmin gang.

The daily torment from the thugs was an unbearable pain for the victim.

Ryu Min’s sickle moved again.

Hwang Yongmin, whose other arm was also cut off, let out a pitiful scream.

Watching that gruesome sight, An Sang-cheol gulped down his saliva.

‘To cut off the arm of a defenseless opponent…’

It might seem cruel to others, but An Sang-cheol was not one of them.

Instead, he admired the ruthless efficiency.

‘The Black Scythe… a man worthy of being on par with the Boss.’

He had previously thought the Black Scythe was all talk, but now he knew better.

The Black Scythe was more than qualified.

And his skills were undeniable.

‘With that kind of ability, he’s hardly likely to refuse our proposal.’

An Sang-cheol was inwardly impressed with the top-ranked player.

After slicing Hwang Yongmin’s thigh a few more times,  Ryu Min glanced over at Sang-cheol, and then approached them with an indifferent expression.

Though he was an ally, An Sang-cheol couldn’t help but feel tense.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… thanks to you.”

“Now you don’t have to worry about being jumped by these bastards again. As you can see, they won’t be able to move. They’ll probably just have to resort to voting or something.”

“Um… thank you, Black Scythe-nim.”

An Sang-cheol bowed his head, and Seo Arin followed suit.

“Thank you so much for your help. But, aren’t they going to die like this…?”

“Why does it matter? They’re not even worth saving.”


Seo Arin fell silent at the cold words.

On the other hand, Ryu Min bit his tongue inwardly.

‘She’s too soft. She’s not even a saint, so why worry about these guys’ lives?’

She’s worried about the lives of those who had tried to harm her.

‘The reason can’t be just to maintain an image as a public figure.’

But from Seo Arin’s perspective, it wouldn’t be easy to condone murder.

‘No matter what, I achieved my goal.’

He had made An Sang-cheol owe him a favor.

There was no need to worry about them anymore.



The guys who had their limbs cut off were groaning like they were about to die, but there was no need to pay attention to them anymore.

‘They won’t die. They have enough stamina to last until the end of the round.’

When time passes and the round is over, they would come back to life.

‘It’s not like losing limbs in this world means losing limbs in reality.’

As long as they had their lives, they could return to reality unscathed.

‘In my heart, I want to kill them here and now, but I can’t do it yet.’

Killing them would be meaningless.

There was no great animosity, nor any benefit to be gained from their deaths.

‘It’s not like they’re monsters dropping experience points.’

If he were going to kill them, he had to make use of them first.

‘They still have some use. Hwang Yongmin and the other thugs too.’

At that moment An Sang-cheol politely asked a question.

“Black Scythe-nim, if it’s not too much trouble, may I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Why did you choose to spare them? In this world, killing someone like them wouldn’t be a problem.”

The ominous words made the thugs listening flinch.

Unlike Seo Arin, An Sang-cheol seemed to hope that these guys would be killed.

‘As expected of Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man.’

Ryu Min answered without hesitation…

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