The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 24: Round 2 Ends (Part 1)

★ Round 2 Subquest Results ★

[Overall Ranking]

└ 1st place: Black Scythe (Level 16 Reaper) – Time: 00:39:42

└ 2nd place: Celestial Demon (Level 10 Dark Knight) – Time: 02:36:15

└ 3rd place: Dumb Idiots (Level 10 Shaman) – Time: 02:37:17

[ESKS45-5 Specific Area]

└ 1st place: Black Scythe (Level 16 Reaper) – Time: 00:39:42

└ 2nd place: None

└ 3rd place: None

Everyone who saw the final results was blown away.

“Wait… Black Scythe got 1st place?”

“And Black Scythe is the only one who advanced in our area?”

And his advanced job was no ordinary one.

“A Reaper? What kind of job is that?”

“It sounds insanely powerful!”

“That’s why he was wielding that huge scythe, huh?”

Jo Joong-sik, like everyone else, couldn’t help but let out a curse.

“Damn, of all people, it had to be Black Scythe.”

The power of authority doesn’t apply to those who have advanced.

Looks like the plan to eliminate Black Scythe is a lost cause.

[Round 2 rankings were based on who completed the subquest the fastest. Turns out, the top advancer in our area is the player named Black Scythe.]

The angel, who had been composed, couldn’t hide their surprise.

[Whoa! Not only did he secure the 1st spot in this area, but in the entire competition? And all in less than 40 minutes?]

While Ryu Min advanced in just 39 minutes, the 2nd place took a staggering 2 hours and 36 minutes.

What a massive gap.

The angel was taken aback by such a speedy record.

“Wow! Black Scythe, you’re amazing! Being a Reaper, the only class of its kind, and even having a nickname that matches it!”

The angel genuinely admired Ryu Min.

[Tell me, Black Scythe! How did you come up with such a cool nickname? Did you already know you’d become a Reaper?]

Even with the angel’s piercing question, Ryu Min remained unfazed.

‘The angel has no idea how one becomes a Reaper. They only know it’s the only class of its kind.’

If Ryu Min were to mention that he obtained the advanced item by killing the angel, it would be a major shock.

“To be honest, I had no idea that my class would match my nickname so well.”

“Then, is it just a coincidence that you became a Reaper?”


Ryu Min gave the same response as before.

The angel’s reaction mirrored the last regression.

“Ohh! I see. So, this is what they call destiny? Hehehe! That’s interesting.”

The angel’s smile revealed her genuine amusement.

She probably won’t ask any more questions and will just move on.

‘And she’ll start talking about the power of authority.’

As expected.

“Guess what, everyone? Only one human in this specific area has a class. And that means he’s the only one immune to the power of authority. Hehehe.”

“Huh? Immune to the power of authority?”

“What do you mean, Angel?”

People asked the angel with surprise.

“Hehe, since I’m already talking, should I spill everything? Humans with a class are not affected by the power of authority. In other words, the area representative can’t control Black Scythe as they please.”

The people were astonished, but the angel wasn’t done speaking yet.

[Moreover, the power of authority can only be used ten times. Area representatives can’t wield unlimited power. Hehe.]

“Only ten times?”

“That’s how it works?”

People’s gaze naturally shifted toward the area representative.

Jo Joong-sik’s expression was one of utter perplexity.

“Damn it! That crazy angel! Why did she tell them?!”

Jo Joong-sik glared at the angel as if he wanted to kill her.

It was clear that the angel had deliberately revealed his secret by speaking with such a mischievous smile.

“Well, then, shall we reward Black Scythe, who advanced the fastest?”

According to the angel’s signal, a message unfolded before Ryu Min’s eyes.

[Congratulations! You have achieved 1st place in this specific area’s quest!]

[Congratulations! You have achieved 1st place in the overall ranking!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the overall ranking and in this specific area.]

[As the 1st place reward in this specific area, you will receive the ‘Choice of Lesser Rare Armor’!]

[As the 1st place reward in the overall ranking, you will receive the ‘Special Reward Selection Box’!]

The rewards were granted through the inventory.

Ryu Min immediately used the items.

[You can choose one of the following Lesser Rare Armors.]

“Please touch the desired reward.”

└ 1. Medieval Knight’s Plate Armor

└ 2. Skilled Hunter’s Leather Armor

└ 3. Well-ventilated Wizard’s Robe

‘No need to hesitate. The choice is obvious.’

Ryu Min instantly picked option 2.

Option 1 would slow down his movements due to its weight, and Option 3 had almost no defense.

Option 2 was the most comfortable to move in and also increased agility, which suited Ryu Min the best.

Next, Ryu Min used the Special Reward Selection Box.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

“Please touch the desired reward.”

└ 1. Triple Experience Buff (Limited to Round 3)

└ 2. 3,000 Gold

└ 3. Information on Round 3

‘This is the same situation as Round 1.’

Without any hesitation, Ryu Min chose the experience buff.

There was no reason not to choose the experience buff in Round 3, where many monsters would appear.

◀ Round 2 Ended ▶

[Overall Ranking]

└ Survivors: 873,500,205

[Specific Area ESKS45-5]

└ Survivors: 4,988

[After a while, your soul will transition into your original dimension’s body.]

[Round 3 will begin on March 1, 2022, at midnight. Congratulations on surviving. We’ll meet in the next round.]

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