The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 23: The Voting Results (Part 2)

As expected, a lot of people were looking at him, mainly because he threatened to kill anyone who didn’t vote for him. But, there were still some people avoiding his gaze.

“Hey, you over there with the round face!”

“Me? Uh, me?”

“Why aren’t you looking at me? You didn’t vote for me, did you?”

“No, no, I did.”

“Don’t lie to me. I’ve been watching you, and you’ve been looking elsewhere!”

Jo Joong-sik spent most of his five minutes pressuring people to vote for him, even threatening them, all in the hopes of gaining just one more vote.

After five minutes, the angel spoke.

“Time’s up. We had a total of 4,988 votes, and fortunately, there were no stupid humans who forgot to vote. Shall we count the votes?”

A transparent window popped up in front of everyone, displaying nicknames and numbers like a real-time voting chart. The numbers kept climbing until the results were announced:

<Results of the District Representative Selection Vote>

1st Place: Life is a Documentary (2,412 votes)

2nd Place: Black Scythe (2,077 votes)

3rd Place: Black Flame Dragon on the Right Hand (249 votes)

4th Place: Puffed Up Bread (6 votes)

5th Place: Cute Baby Bird (5 votes)



Jo Joong-sik frowned. He had expected overwhelming results.

“I only got 2,412 votes? And ‘Black Scythe’ came in second?”

The difference in votes between him and ‘Black Scythe’ was only 335, a rather close gap that left Jo Joong-sik dissatisfied.

“I told these guys to vote for me, but they secretly voted for ‘Black Scythe’ instead?”

Jo Joong-sik glared at those around him, but there was no way to tell who voted for whom.

“Well, I can’t do anything now that the results are out.”

Jo Joong-sik smiled. As long as he won the election, he didn’t care about how close the results were.

“I’ve become the district representative, just as expected. I now have the powerful authority to control these weaklings like slaves!”

Jo Joong-sik’s gaze turned to Black Scythe.

‘You beat 5,000 humans no matter how strong you are.’

If he ordered people to kill Black Scythe, even if he fights back, he would eventually die.

‘You bastard. You’ll regret not killing me. Hehehe.’

While Jo Joong-sik was inflated with anticipation, the angel announced the results.

“Alright, it’s been decided. The winner, Life is a Documentary, is the district representative!”

No one was happy with the results, as most people only voted for Jo Joong-sik out of fear.

The only one smiling was Jo Joong-sik himself.

“Hehehe, now everyone has to treat me with absolute respect, or else I’ll use my authority to kill you all, you son of bitches.”

His announcement was like that of a dictator, and the faces of the people darkened with shadows.

“Then, as the zone representative, I will grant ‘Life is a Documentary’ the authority to control people.”

Soon, a message appeared in front of Jo Joong-sik.

[Congratulations, you have become the district representative.]

[You have obtained the unique power of the representative, the Power of Command.]

[You can check the details in the skill section of your status window.]

“Hehe, finally.”

Jo Joong-sik opened the status window with a sly grin.

There was a new skill added to the list called “Control Authority.”

He chuckled as he read the information.

[Temporary Skill – Control Authority]

-Effect: You can force players to obey your commands.

The affected player cannot refuse the command under any circumstances.

Usage limitation is 10 times, and then the skill will disappear after all uses are consumed.

You can only give one command to each player.

Note: Players with jobs are immune to this skill.


Joong-sik’s smile faded as he read the details.

“What’s this? I can only use it ten times?”

He had thought that he would be able to command others as much as he wanted.

“Well, it’s still a powerful skill, but…”

He was disappointed to find out that there was a limit to its use.

“What’s the last line? It doesn’t work on players with jobs?”

In other words, those with jobs were immune to commands.

Of course, Joong-sik had no idea how to obtain a job, so he didn’t feel like he should worry about it.

“Well, everyone else is in the same boat.”

If used properly, he could control the situation with his newfound power, as long as he kept the penalty a secret.

Best of all, he could eliminate his unwanted competitor, the Black Scythe.

“That damned bastard. I’ll command him to give up all of his items and commit suicide. Ah! Wait, it says only one command can be given to a single player?”

Joong-sik’s mouth twisted into a grin.

“Then I’ll threaten him to give up all of his items first and then command him to commit suicide, that should work. Of course, even if he gives me his items, I’ll kill him anyway. Hehehe.”

The thought of being able to eliminate his hated rival made Joong-sik laugh involuntarily.

But his laughter was short-lived because the angel revealed unexpected news.

“Okay, everyone. You’ve voted, so it’s over, right? Well, no. There was a hidden quest this round.”

“What are you talking about?”

“A hidden quest?”

Ignoring the bewildered onlookers, the angel fluttered its wings.

<Sub Quest>

└Change Jobs Before Voting Time Ends

└Get the Job Change item and acquire your Job!

└Reward: Receive a 50% discount coupon for today’s items!

“What’s this?”

“A sub-quest?”

People were surprised by the sudden appearance of the quest.

They couldn’t believe there was another quest.

“There was a sub-quest hidden in this round. When you reach level 10, the job changing window will appear… Did you not know? Kehehehehe.”

“Well, how can we level up when there are no monsters around…?”

Someone complained and the angel looked annoyed.

“No monsters? The forest is full of monsters. Hunt in the forest to reach level 10. You can obtain the items you need for the job change by defeating the monsters.”


People sighed, realizing how much time they have wasted.

“Darn it, we weren’t supposed to argue and waste our time here!”

“We should have just gone to the forest to hunt…”

“If we had done that, we could have completed the sub-quest and received the reward!”

They all sighed with regret, but it was too late.

“Don’t be too disappointed. Anyone can change their job when they reach level 10, so just aim for it in the next round!”

The angel tried to comfort the people.

“Moreover, there are only 80,000 people who managed to successfully change their jobs in the entire world, which is less than 0.01% of the total 9 billion survivors!”

“80,000 people?”

“So many people have changed their jobs…?”

Although it was a small number compared to the 9 billion survivors in the world, it did not sound small to the players.

They felt inferior knowing that there were 80,000 people who had higher levels than them.

“Oh, by the way, there’s one job changer in our area too.”

People were surprised by the angel’s words.

“There’s a job changer?”

“Who is it?”

[Shall we find out who it is by looking at the sub-quest results?]

After a moment, the result of the sub-quest appeared and people’s eyes widened.

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