The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 23: The Voting Results (Part 1)

“Come under my wing?”

Jo Joong-sik nodded at Ryu Min’s question.

“Yeah, submit to me, and I will show you mercy.”

Jo Joong-sik twirled his dagger in his hand, making it clear that he meant business.

Ryu Min couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, finding the situation somewhat amusing.

“Ha, what’s so funny?” Jo Joong-sik demanded, clearly annoyed.

Ignoring Jo Joong-sik’s stern expression, Ryu Min instantly opened his inventory.

With a swift movement, a massive sickle appeared in his hand, making Jo Joong-sik’s dagger look like a toothpick.

Jo Joong-sik swallowed hard, feeling a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead.

“Where did you get that weapon?” he asked, trying to mask his fear with a snarl.

“Kneel,” Ryu Min commanded, his voice ice-cold.

“If you admit your mistake and kneel down now, I’ll let you go,” Ryu Min added, his voice as sharp as the edge of his weapon.

“You little bastard, don’t you understand the situation? I’m gonna be the next representative of this area!” Jo Joong-sik spat, his bravado returning, albeit a bit shaky.

“Is it hard for you to understand what I’m saying? Or do you need some blood spilled to calm your anger?” Ryu Min retorted, his sickle glinting in the dim light.

Jo Joong-sik found himself at a crossroads he didn’t expect to be in and swallowed his curse.

“Damn it! I didn’t think he’d have that kind of weapon!” he thought, realizing he had put himself in a dangerous position by provoking Black Scythe.

It wasn’t even a sickle, but a massive, towering weapon that looked like it could take down a bear.

“I was prepared to fight, but with this measly dagger…” Jo Joong-sik’s thoughts trailed off as he bit his lower lip, his confidence waning.

“Why don’t you answer me? Since we’re having a conversation, you must know Korean, right?” Ryu Min asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Damn right I do! I’m Jo Joong-sik, the boss of the Jo Joong-sik faction! There’s no thug in Seoul who doesn’t know my name!” Jo Joong-sik boasted, brandishing his dagger.

“Ha, you think I’ll kneel to someone like you?” he taunted, his eyes flashing with defiance.

“Come on, fucker. Try to attack me with that fancy weapon. But you better be ready to die.” he warned, taking a fighting stance.

Ryu Min laughed inwardly at Jo Joong-sik’s bravado.

“Whether it was before or now, he’s always full of himself,” Ryu Min thought to himself.

“Should I stop playing around here?” he mused, his eyes flickering with amusement.

He had no intention of killing Jo Joong-sik, let alone hurting him.

He needed someone to become the representative of the area and use him in the next round.

“If I show off my strength for no reason, more votes will go to me than to Jo Joong-sik,” Ryu Min concluded, his mind made up.

He only needed to show enough strength to not fall behind.

Moreover, just like it has happened in previous regressions, it was time for the angel to appear.

And sure enough, the angels appeared right on cue.

[Have you all gathered? humans?]

“Lucky you,” Ryu Min said as he quickly stowed away his scythe in the inventory. There was no need to draw attention to himself.

“Next time, find me earlier if you want to die.”


Jo Joong-sik let out a sigh of relief as Ryu Min turned away.

“Haah…I thought I was a goner.”

It was a sigh of relief.

“Honestly, my pride is hurt, but at least I didn’t die. Bluffing seemed to have worked a bit though.”

In reality, Jo Joong-sik didn’t want to fight the Black Scythe.

“Phew… I am safe for now. But if the others vote for me to become the district representative, I won’t have any reason to be afraid of him anymore.”

He would have the power to control others like slaves…

While Jo Joong-sik was plotting revenge, the angel laughed.

[Kikikik, so humans. Have you discussed who you’re going to elect as your representative?]


The players remained silent.

It was hard to tell if this was a discussion or a threat.

The angel had already been watching everything that happened up until now, and she has also seen the corpses scattered throughout the field.

[Kikikiki. It seems that you haven’t just been talking for the past three hours. The number of participants has dropped from 5,143 to 4,988!]

More people had died than they had thought, but not all of them had died in the quarrel.

Some had died by monsters after entering the forest.

[Whether humans live or die is not my concern. Shall we proceed with the vote as planned?]

The angel’s wings fluttered and the same message appeared before the humans.

[Now, we will begin the vote to elect the district representative.]

[You may cast one vote per person, and the player with the most votes will become the district representative.]

[If there is a tie, the tied player will be put forward as a candidate, and a revote will be held.]

[To vote, you have to look at the person you want to vote for and think of the word ‘vote’ in your mind.]

[Players who do not complete the vote within the time limit of 5 minutes will be eliminated from the round.]

[Voting time limit: 00:04:59]

As time was given, the players murmured and glanced at each other.

[Look at the person you want to vote for?]

The players’ gaze naturally shifted to Jo Joong-sik.

“Of course, they’re all looking at me. Heh heh.”

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