The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 5: Getting Her Attention (Part 2)



The goblin, who had lost both eyes, fell to the ground writhing in pain.

Ryu Min immediately flew through the air and plunged his dagger into the goblin’s neck.


[You have defeated a goblin!]

[Experience points +4%]

[Gold +10]

[Level up!]

[Quest progress: Goblin 75/100]

[Remaining goblins until quest completion: 25]

Ignoring the level-up message, Ryu Min immediately rolled his body to the side.


The dagger plunged into the ground where he had just been.

He quickly jumped up.


He pierced the chest of that goblin and turned to find his next target.

A constant stream of unrelenting movement.

There was no room for a moment of carelessness.

Ryu Min’s eyes rapidly scanned the situation.


The goblins backed away with fearful expressions.

All the goblins nearby had been killed.

So he could finally let his guard down for a bit.

“I can take a breather for a moment.”

Ryu Min, who had regained his composure, opened her status window.

He had already leveled up to 4.

Ryu Min’s fingers moved quickly as he allocated his stat points.

“For now, I’ll go all-in on Agility.”

With each level up, 2 stat points were granted.

After reaching level 4, Ryu Min decided to invest all of his points into agility. As a result, his agility, which was previously at 3, had now skyrocketed to 9.

“Agility is the most important stat right now.”

Out of strength, intelligence, agility, and luck, agility was the most necessary for the moment. Allocating points to agility not only increased evasion rate but also attack speed and movement speed.

Ryu Min turned his head towards his allies, who were about 30 meters away from him. And watched as the Goblins and humans were entangled in a chaotic battle.

“Help me, aaah!”

“Die, you monster bastards, just die!”

That side of the battlefield was a mixture of red and green blood, creating a gruesome sight. And on this side, Ryu Min was alone with a pile of Goblin corpses; as if it was a completely different world.

“But it’s inevitable. These people are facing goblins for the first time in their lives.”

It’s not easy for anyone, no matter how old or experienced, to kill goblins. They are terrifying and intimidating creatures. When it comes to actual combat, people tend to freeze and become immobile out of fear.

Ryu Min understood that fact. He, too, had run away multiple times during his first encounter.

“But running away won’t solve anything.”

It cost him two regressions to realize that running away may buy him some time, but it wouldn’t change the situation.

“The angels will release the goblins, and we’ll have to fight them one way or another.”

Moreover, even though they were in a grassland that seemed to be spacious at first glance, it was actually surrounded by invisible barriers in every direction.

“It’s like a rat trapped in a box. Even if we can evade the angels’ gaze, we’re still trapped.”

In order to escape this hellish situation, the only way out is to complete the quest. However, only half of the members who succeed in the quest can return.

“The system sends back only the first ones who complete it, so staying put is a disadvantage.”

It’s better to take down as many goblins as possible than to run away.

Although it wouldn’t be easy to kill 100 goblins alone, Ryu Min thought it wasn’t an impossible task.

“However, it’s not an insurmountable task. Having more people means the attention is spread out, which is good.”

To put it nicely, it meant the attention was dispersed, and to put it bluntly, it meant that there were many people who could act as meat shields.

“People will start to feel it sooner or later.”


Ryu Min threw a dagger to hit one of the goblin’s foreheads with precision.

Of course, teamwork is the answer, but it doesn’t increase the kill count for all the contributors.

Only those who contribute greatly can increase their kill count.

“Still, two heads are better than one.”

Humans have another advantage besides that.

Goblins are not half the size of an adult and are even smaller than the middle school student brought here.

In terms of reach, humans have the upper hand against the lich.

“Although humans don’t have weapons like clubs or daggers like the goblins… “

Ryumin’s gaze falls to the ground.

“If we had weapons, the situation would be different.”

For now, the weapons scattered widely on the ground are what they have.

It was what the goblins were holding before they died.

“But even then it would be difficult for them to fight like me.”

Ryu Min and the others have one thing in common.

Their basic stats are the same, they all started at 3.

Regardless of whether they are muscular or thin, all humans start with the same stats and conditions, regardless of their true physical ability.

In other words, it meant that other people could move like Ryu Min, but…

“It won’t be easy. It takes a lot of experience to become this proficient.”

Unless you are an assassin from a movie, it’s hard to move like Ryu Min.

Moreover, now he is even more agile than before because of the agility boost.

“Well, now that we’ve caught the attention of the angel, shall we finish it up?”

As Ryu Min moved up the field and the nearby goblins start to back away.

He couldn’t help but grin, and then immediately picked up one of the daggers on the ground, and shot it without aiming.


It hit one of the goblins’ chest, while the others got startled by the sight of their fallen comrade writhing in pain.

“Aren’t you coming to me?”

The goblins kept backing away.

Ryu Min picked up another dagger and threw it, and another goblin fell.

However, the Goblins kept backing away shivering, Ryu Min watched them for a bit and then sighed.

“If you’re not coming, then I’m coming to you.”

Instantly, he closed the distance and unleashed a flurry of sword moves.

The green blood splattered in all directions…

As soon as he defeated the last goblin before him, Ryu Min was met with a flood of notifications.

[You have defeated a goblin!]

[Experience points +4%]

[Gold +10]

[Level up!]

[Quest progress: Goblin 100/100]

[You have completed the first round of the quest!]

With a hundred goblins defeated, Ryu Min was enveloped in a translucent column of light, a protective barrier that isolated him from the remaining monsters. “The first round was easy,” he thought, relieved that he had made it through.

The barrier’s appearance meant he had cleared half of the quest, as failure to complete each round within a certain time frame meant immediate disintegration.

“It shouldn’t take longer. Everything is going according to plan. I did go a little crazy with the goblin slaying, not only to gain the attention of the angels but to claim that top spot,” Ryu Min admitted to himself.

And it seemed that his efforts had paid off, as a congratulatory message popped up on his screen.

“[Congratulations! You have completed the quest in first place for this zone!]

[Congratulations! You have completed the quest in first place for the entire world!]

[Your nickname will be included in the rankings.]”

“Being the first to defeat them definitely helps,” he thought, knowing that the faster one completed each round, the greater his ranking will be.

Plus, rewards were distributed according to ranking, with the top three players in each category receiving the most coveted prizes.

“Rewards are given according to your ranking for both the zone and the entire game, with claiming the top spot in the latter normally grants the highest rewards,” he mused. “And I, out of 1.8 billion players, am the first to complete this quest.”

A moment later, another message appeared before Ryu Min, detailing his rewards.

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