The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMPL Chapter 28: Bless (Part 1)


Juri couldn’t believe her current situation as she sat in a steak restaurant, having lunch with Ryu Min. It felt like a dream come true.

“To have a meal and converse with someone I like… It’s a moment I’ve only fantasized about. Can this really be happening to me?”

The reality of it all hadn’t quite sunk in, much like when she was first dragged into this otherworldly realm.

“Are you enjoying your steak?” Juri asked Ryu Min.

“Yeah, I’m. I really like it,” Ryu Min replied.

“Then let’s dig in,” Juri said, her voice tinged with shyness.

For a while, the only sounds between them were the satisfying cuts into their juicy steaks.

“I should say something,” Juri thought to herself, feeling the weight of the occasion. Although it was just a simple meal, it felt like a date, and she found it difficult to find the right words.

“This won’t do. How can the person who invited the other remain silent? It will only make the atmosphere awkward. I need to summon my courage.”

Breaking the silence, Juri took the initiative to start the conversation.

“How did you manage to win the lottery jackpot? They said you won it five times in a row.”

“Oh, that? It was revealed to me in a dream. I was lucky,” Ryu Min explained.

“Wow… So, you must have made a fortune,” Juri marveled.

“Do I even need to worry about money for the rest of my life? No. But I still need to worry about my life, though,” Ryu Min chuckled.

“Oh! Right. I’ve been curious about something. How was your first round? Was it tough dealing with those goblins? I had quite a hard time,” Juri shared, recalling her own struggles.

Though initially difficult, Juri managed to find her voice, and the conversation flowed smoothly. Their shared experience as players created an unspoken bond, making time fly by unnoticed.

“What zone are you in?” Juri asked.

“ESKS45-5,” Ryu Min replied.

“Oh, I’m in ESKS122-7… What a shame. Looks like we won’t be able to meet in the other realm,” Juri said with a tinge of disappointment.

Ryu Min couldn’t help but smile inwardly, assuring himself, “Don’t be disappointed. We might meet in the future, who knows?”

As the number of survivors dwindled, the zones will naturally merge, allowing them to meet even if they were in different areas.

“What level are you?” Juri inquired.

Ryu Min pondered briefly before answering, “Ten.”

“Really? I’m also level ten. Have you chosen a class yet?” Juri asked.

“Not yet. How about you?” Ryu Min replied.

“Fortunately, I was able to obtain a job change item. It granted me the Buffer class…” Juri revealed.

Ryu Min felt relieved when he heard the term “Buffer.” Things were progressing as he had foreseen.

“A Buffer? Sounds like a class that generously gives buffs to others. Like granting buffs in a game?” Ryu Min inquired, deliberately feigning ignorance.

He chose not to mention that he was well aware of the Buffer’s skills. After all, this way he could receive buffs from Juri.

“Oh, would you like to experience it firsthand? I have a buff called Bless that enhances your stats,” Juri offered.

“Really? I’d love to try,” Ryu Min eagerly accepted.

As anticipated, Juri began to cast the buff, and Ryu Min’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.


A radiant cluster of light emanated from Juri’s hand and permeated Ryu Min’s mind.

In that moment, a message materialized before him.

[Skill Bless Effect: All stats increase by 50%.]

[Duration: 02:59:59]

Bless, the main skill of the Buffer class.

A miraculous buff that elevates all stats by a whopping 50% for three hours.

“As expected, the skill effect is absolutely amazing, fitting for a unique class,” Ryu Min marveled while gazing at his status window.

His stats had received a remarkable boost, rising across the board.

“It’s already impressive, but it will become even more powerful in the future.”

When a player’s rank increased, the effectiveness of acquired skills also advanced by a level.

His own skill, Seal of Death, followed the same principle.

“When she reaches the maximum level, the skill’s effectiveness will double.”

In other words, the 50% stat increase would surge to 100%.

To put it simply, Juri’s growth would also benefit Ryu Min.

Because he could receive her buffs.

“Of course, that’s assuming Juri reaches the maximum level.”

It wouldn’t be a difficult task.

By saving Juri and growing together while receiving buffs, they would naturally reach the maximum level.

“For now, it will be challenging to receive buffs since we are in different zones.”

Even if he received buffs right before entering this otherworldly realm, the buffs wouldn’t persist.

Injuries suffered in this realm didn’t affect their physical bodies in reality.

In essence, the pre-receiving buffs trick wouldn’t work either.

“Still, I’m grateful that I will be able to receive buffs as desired.”

From the beginning, Ryu Min’s intention in approaching Juri was to receive the Bless buff in the real world.

“That way, I can increase my chances of obtaining the Random Gold Pouch.”

The Random Gold Pouch, received as the initial class change reward, was an item that gave a random amount of gold.

Since it was distributed randomly, luck played a significant role.

The higher the luck stat, the more gold it would yield.

“What will happen if I maximize my luck with the Rune of Slaughter and then use the pouch…?”

He might acquire a more substantial amount of gold than he initially anticipated.

“Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks for the buff, Juri.”

“Hehe, if you ever want a buff, just let me know. It’s no trouble at all.”

“Got it. But I have one question though…”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“Why did you invite me here? You mentioned having something to tell me.”


Lost in the conversation, Ryu Min forgot to address the important matter.

Juri’s face flushed with embarrassment.


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