The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 88: Kirigakure

The appearance of Uchiha Madara and the unexpected change of Qin Yi has caused an unpredictable feeling to Tobirama.

Just after a stable period of time, it seems that there will be another bloody storm.

The Qin Kingdom.

The three legends arrived at the village.

“Collect his cells, hand them to the institute, and treat his injuries.”

While walking in the streets of the village, Qin Yi quickly ordered.

Madara nodded silently, but there was no resistance.

“By the way, get him to our world, let him stay there before he joins us!” Qin Yi ordered again.

a smile appeared on Madara’s face.

Qin Yi stretched his waist and said.

“Then, the next step is to bring the country of water into our pocket!”

Madara stared and said: “is conquering the country of water, make you enter the next world?”

Qin Yi stunned, then smiled and nodded: “Yes, as long as my kingdom succeeds in a world, I have the authority to travel to a new world.”

“then! Do it as soon as possible!” Madara whispered coldly, and he walked forward, carrying the Hashirama on his shoulder.

After a while, Madara disappeared gradually, and he was already entered the king’s world.

“Madara, such a bad unpolite friend!” Qin Yi smiled.

However, he also believes that when Hashirama see the other world will change him.

After a month, in the Qin kingdom, a large number of ninjas have been a crowd.

Qin Lin, Fang Lan, Yang Yi at this time has been called the three Senin of the Qin State, their strength has advanced by leaps and they are already equal to the power of a Kage.

“How is the army gathering?” Qin Yi was standing in front of the army and wearing an army.

“Uzumaki clan, Hyuga clan, the Village of the Waterfall, and our soldiers have all been assembled!”

“The total number has reached 9323!” Qin Lin stood at the forefront, stepping forward, and her right fist was on her left chest, and she shouted.

“it is good!” Qin Yi nodded, and he glanced at the people in the place. Although his voice was not loud, everyone heard him.

“I don’t need to say much. You, who joined the country of Qin, have already know the extraordinariness of our country!”

“As long as the country is strong, each and every one of you will become a strong man!” ”

“And the country and I are not eager to train you. For that, it is even stronger!”

” it is an important moment for our Kingdom to complete the transition.”

“if we occupy the country of water and win this war, our country will undergo earth-shaking changes, and you will have a better future.”

“If it’s not in this world, in the new world you will see unlimited power!”

These words made every ninja present on the scene look up.

Those who standing here, some of them Chunen, Genin, and Jonin… Ninjas at all levels have different powers. But at this moment, their thoughts are the same. When Qin Yi told them personally that they could not grow stronger in this world even because of their limited talent. But there is still hope in the new world!

the biggest difference between Qin and the other countries is the hope and the positive energy that he give.

Later, Qin Yi looked at the direction of the country of water with clear expression.

“So, soldiers, it’s our time!” He roared,

At the time, the captains of the various ninja squads are all shouted.

“Go ahead! to Conquer the country of water!”

they took big boats and set sail.

Although Qin is not far from the country of water and it is not close, but to just run on the water, this is a risk Qin Yi wouldn’t take it.

Soon, Qin Yi and everyone took a wooden boat and headed for the country of water.

On the boat, Qin Yi stood in the forefront. Behind him were the three generals, the Uzumaki leader, the Kage of the Waterfall, Kakuzu, the Hyuga leader, and Gandalf.

“Madara Does not come?” Qin Yi asked out loudly.

“Mr. Madara said that he believes in our strength, such a small war, he will not bother.”

“Oh, he should be with Hashirama at the moment,” Gandalf said with a smile.

Qin Yi shook his head.

Three hours later, the boats came ashore one by one, and the seaports of the country of water were immediately in a panic.

“go go, the primary goal, the fog village!” Qin Yi’s roared.

The command was quickly conveyed, and then a series of squads leaped quickly at the coast.

Standing at the bow of the ship, Qin Yi looked at the huge island in front of him and sighed. This vast land is more than ten times of the Qin State, and cannot be seen at a glance.

However, he couldn’t wait!

The next second, he jumped out of the wooden boat and everyone followed closely.

one hour later, Qin Yi and others had already seen Kirigakure.

The large space in front is covered with a thin mist, the visibility is only about tens of meters, and the line of sight is very bad.

The soldiers of the Qin Dynasty have already rushed into Kirigakure, and the war between the two countries has already begun.

“they do a great job!” Qin Yi smiled, and his body covered with a layer of purple energy with the power of the seven tails, even if the tail beast did not obey yet, he can still use his Chakra.


The majestic Chakra pressure, gradually rising, the seven long tails behind Qin Yi floated up. The energy of purple forms a feather around its body and then quickly transforms into a beast that looks like a big Oni face.

“Mizukage, let me say hello to you first!”

He Laughed, then looked up, and at the top of his head, a little dark light gathered.

A Bijudama appeared.

the tailed beast ball rushed out of the sky, draws an arc, and then falls heavily into the village.


The explosion caused an earthquake rang through, followed by a strong wind, sweeping in all directions.

He didn’t know if the mist is natural, or artificial fog, but it will be blown away quickly.

The whole of Kirigakure is clear now. He leaped high and rushed into it.