The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 126: Li Yuanli’s fear

 the Whitebeard lost!

The strongest man in the world, the only one who could stand before the King of Qin, failed.

As soon as the news spread out, the world lost its calm, and everyone was shocked. Beyond every one’s expectation, the world fell into silence.

The sudden rise of the state of Qin swept away the fallen leaves with the autumn wind. After defeating the Navy and taking over Kaido, he defeated the white beard.

Is there anyone else in the world who can stop the young King’s momentum?

In the New World, in the new Marine Headquarters.

Sengoku and Garp were frustrated; they had no choice. They all know the power of the Whitebeard. As for his fall, it has been evident since the beginning of the battle.

The power of the young King has been known to all who have experienced that war. It was an unstoppable terror like he was a God.

“King Qin.”

After two words, Sengoku shut up.

He was called the wise Admiral Fleet Sengoku, but at this moment, in the face of crushing power, he has nothing to do.

“What about the world government?”

After a while, he shook his head to dispel confusion in his head; he asked the Marine next to him.

“No response, but.”

After a moment’s hesitation, the Marine stopped talking.

“Say it.”

Sengoku sighed, already expected a bad thing.

“It seems that there are conflicts in the hundreds of countries that joined the world government.”

Said the soldier in a low tone.

“I knew it!”

Slammed his forehead, Sengoku’s headache rose to the extreme.

Think about it; After long years that the world government was trying to stabilize the world, now everything was burning.

“What a tough guy.” Sengoku sighed again.

In his whole life, he has never seen such a person as Qin Yi. If he wanted to conquer this world by himself, Sengoku never knows if they can stop him, but this mighty man has such reinforcements as Madara, Hashirama, and Kaido! Behind him.

“What should I do?”

he was murmuring, Sengoku was confused, but there was no way out of this nightmare.

At this moment, The Wano Country.

Qin Yi was sitting, thinking about what to do.

“With the defeat of whitebeard, the situation in this world has been settled!”

“As soon as I got to Portal, I can start the king’s way, integrate civilization, and upgrade the level of the king’s world.”

“Then, I’ll enter the world of The Legend of Sword and Fairy.”

That is the plan he has set at present. Of course, it must be carried out according to the current situation. At this moment, whether it is the reinforcements from the King’s world or the strength accumulated by the One-Piece world, it is enough to accomplish the task of unifying the world.

In such a situation, Qin Yi naturally doesn’t have to concentrate his energy here anymore.

“King Yuanli.”

Qin Yi said.

“Your majesty!”

Li Yuanli was drinking the particular Sake of the Wano Country. When he heard Qin calling for him, he immediately stood up and said.

“How is the situation of the three worlds under your control?”

Qin Yi asked.

“Your Majesty, the three worlds controlled by King Yuanli, are all mundane worlds. Now they are subjects to you. The fire of civilization turned to yours, and the overall strength of the world is overgrowing. Now, they have begun to learn ninjutsu and Technology and three kingdoms civilization. I believe that they will be able to form a large army and put it to use soon.”

Li Yuan said with a smile.

Li Yuanli had many advantages from obedience to Qin Yi. The most significant power of a king under the King is to be able to draw nutrients from the civilization of the King, strengthen their own civilization, and make themselves stronger.

Of course, the support given is controlled by the Greater King; in that case, it is Qin Yi.

“Very good. In other words, your strength has also been improved?”

Qin Yi asked in a grave tone, was staring at Li Yuanli.

“Yes, my strength should be the same as the three Admirals now.”

Li Yuanli said.

“Not so good.”

Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled and said lightly.

Li Yuanli was ashamed. Compared with Qin Yi, his qualifications, especially in cultivation, seem to be not so good. Of course, he should go beyond ordinary people by nature.

“I will give you Qin civilization without any restrictions so that you can enhance your own strength and do not slack off!”

Qin Yi said.


Li Yuanli said aloud, but soon he was puzzled again.

“I don’t know the level of the next world. Your Majesty will enter, with all due respect, your Majesty’s, it seems to be a terrifying world! “

Open up his world in an all-round way so that he can improve his strength quickly. This King’s boldness and courage shocked Yuan Li Wang, but at the same time, Li Yuanli figured out another reason. The next world That is about to enter is bound to span a large area and take significant risks.

Only in this way can Qin Yi need him to be more and more powerful.

“Star level 5.”

In the next second, Qin Yi whispered, Li Yuanli freaked out and jumped spontaneously.

“We need to become stronger faster!”

Qin Yi said with a smile, that made Yuan Li forehead sweat.

“Are you kidding?” his expression became stiff and asked.

“No, Not a joke. Do you have a problem? do you have any opinions?”

Qin Yi looked straight down.

“Your Majesty, that’s Start level five. It’s three levels higher than our civilization level! To know what these three levels are! The gap between the ordinary world and the star world, maybe up to five or six times of that gap!”

“That world is much stronger than the civilization we are in now!”

“Such a huge risk!”

“Your Majesty must consider it carefully!”

Li Yuanli trembled and said.

If the King enters a strange world at the same level, it’s good to say that they will not lose too much even if they have difficulties. But a peculiar world that is three levels higher can cause a genocide.

This is too careless, too reckless! It’s also not in line with the King’s rule of survival in the universe. Being careful, like walking on thin ice, is the way for them to improve their strength.

“You are afraid? Yuanli!”

Qin Yi looked down and said sharply.

“Your Majesty, it’s not fear. It’s really dangerous!”

Li Yuanli argued.

“Do you know the level of the first world I entered?”

Qin, Yi suddenly asked.

Li Yuanli was so sluggish that he doesn’t ask.

“It’s Star level 1, oh no, maybe more strictly, it’s Star Level 2!”

Qin Yi said with a faint smile.

Li Yuanli was utterly shocked. He looked at Qin Yi strangely and was shocked.

First world, Star Level 2?! It’s hell, no, it’s not just hell! It’s Asura!!

Madman, the King in front of him, must be a madman!

“This is a preparation period before we go to the target World. Get ready, Yuanli. I don’t want you to go in and get killed.”

Qin Yi suddenly smiled and walked away in Li Yuanli’s trembling eyes.