The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 128: New World!

The unification of the Three Kingdoms shocked Qin Yi.

For the first time, he realized that the kingdom was not only himself. As long as he built a strong base, his ministers and generals started snowballing and carry on their own activities, take over more worlds, and enhance their strength.

“Your Majesty, the world population of the Three Kingdoms, is not large, only about 30 million, but it is rich with all resources and all kinds of minerals!”

“Cao Cao suggested that his majesty use their world as a reserve granary and resource place for Kingdom’s rapid development!”

General Yang said with a smile.

“Since you are the real conqueror of this world, I will remember you’re great achievements!”

“and, you will be the supreme commander in charge of everything in the Three Kingdoms world, give you great power!” Qin Yi did not hesitate to reward General Yang.

Qin Yi did not intend to be the direct king In the Three Kingdoms world and integrate into his own country with the King’s Way. For one thing, its civilization overlaps with the world civilization of Dragon Emperor World civilization, and it is much more backward. Even some of its martial arts civilization overlaps with the three worlds of Li Yuanli, even lower. Second, as General Yang said, the most appropriate way to deal with such a resource-rich place is to make use of it.

Third, with the development of the king’s world, more and more people will enter the world. Under such circumstances, it is also very useful for him to aggregate the use of these worlds to reward his subjects and to enjoin the power.

It’s like the ancient emperors to their subjects. If they have any merit, they will be rewarded, and If they have any ambitions, they will be punished. Isn’t the same for him, isn’t the essence meaning of paying to make the rivals satisfied and push them away?

These words were in his hands, dissipating authority, has no impact on himself, but he could raise their zeal, why not?

“Thank you, Your Majesty! I’m going to explore the specific resource data of the Three Kingdoms and report them to the National Bureau of Statistics and the Resource Bureau for their use! “

General Yang said with great joy; he was extremely energetic.

“good luck!”

Qin Yi waved and saw that General Yang could not wait. He smiled.

General Yang turned and walked out of the palace.

With the departure of General Yang, the palace became empty. After frowning and thinking for a moment, Qin Yi’s right hand suddenly rose slowly.

Then, he pointed out gently with his index finger.

“King’s Way!”

He said.

All of a sudden, a ferocious black dragon came out of his body. In a blink of an eye, it had already flown to the sky. After a roar, its body became bigger and bigger. With the rapid expansion Of its body shape, its figure quickly became unphysical and eventually disappeared.

the king’s power surged out from Qin Yi’s body, agglomerated turn into a dragon, and went to the horizon.

At this moment, over the whole Grand Line in the pirate world, there suddenly appeared a very long and strong black dragon.

The dragon scales are black as ink, shining with a dark glow. At this moment, the sun was covered by the behemoth dragon, making the sky dark. All the people looked up at the sky.

“What is that?”

“See the behemoth in the sky!”

“What the hell is it? “

People trembled, and their eyes were full of fear.

All of a sudden, the Dragon vibrated suddenly. At this time, people at both ends of the Grand Line could see clearly.

“Its head is at Jaya, and its tail is at Laugh Tale!”

“What a terrible black dragon whose body length has reached the total length of the Grand Line!”

They shouted; they were shocked and speechless.

At this moment, the black Dragon roared.

“King’s way!”

Then, the black Dragon roared up in the sky, and his whole body exploded under the violent shaking, turning into a colorful, shining petal rain.

When the colorful rain fell, moistened all things, and integrated into their bodies, everyone was surprised to see such a strange world.

It was a vast world, ten times larger than the Grand Line, with no end or edge, its order was beyond their imagination, with a unique and strange style of architecture, made them shocked.

There is no doubt that under the king’s way of Qin Yi, the two realms began to merge.

At the same time, the power of the king in his body has increased again, and the power he controls was expanding more and more.

In the king’s world, the void stars began to expand rapidly, under his control.

A large sea area began to appear. The windless zone, the kings of the sea, the strange creatures, and the magical Islands were all born rapidly under the spread of the king’s power of Qin Yi. He did not change the nature of the Grand Line, but copied its characteristics and copied this unique channel into his own world.

“It’s like adding a zone of adventure to my country.”

“My people can explore it and have fun in the future.”

With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Qin Yi said softly.

After two hours of the king’s way. When all was done, the growth of the king’s power stopped.

At the same time, at the end of the great channel in the king’s world, Laugh Tale Island, in the center of the Lake, a strange tree with many strange and colorful fruits grew and grew to a height of 1.5 Meters before it was stable.

“Devil fruit tree, from now on, this tree will grow fruits with magical ability. After eating it, you will gain some power!”

With a smile in his eyes, Qin Yi said slowly.

After the king of the world, this demon fruit tree is a new civilization!

At this time, the fire of civilization had become larger and more vigorous. In the center of the fire, two trees can be seen vaguely, representing the civilization of Ninja and The Pirates.

Sitting on the Dragon Throne, Qin Yi sighed slowly.

“Star Level 3!”

After the level of civilization is in the king’s way, it has jumped again, reaching the third level of the Star-Rank.

“a new ability is also awakened.”

In the blood, the new king’s skill information was introduced into Qin Yi’s mind, which made him glance.

After careful observation, Qin Yi laughed.

“Good, fascinating skill, which will help me a lot in the future!”

Slowly his eyes changed, the vertical pupil appeared, looking far away, it is the king’s eyes.

At this time, he saw through the world; a huge, spiritual world appeared in his eyes.

“Then, it’s time to explore a new world!”

“Immortal sword, I’m here!”

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