The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 45: Done

On the stage, the mermaid was shy; her long blond hair covers some of her cute blushed faces and her sexy body twisted in the Aquarium.

In the Auctioning House, the audience stunned by her beauty.

“Then…” Taking a deep breath.

“Let’s start bidding!” the host shouted.

The voice was loud, spread to the whole audience through the microphone, and echoed in the Auction House.

The people were crazy about her beauty, but they couldn’t do anything but shouting from excitement.

No matter how much these mortals bid, the main rule here. No one dares to compete with a Celestial Dragon Man, never!

All of a sudden.


the gate behind them smashed.

This strange atmosphere, people turned around and looked at the back door in astonishment.

After a while, they saw five standing figures.

“Who are they?” The host shouted.

A man wears a warrior armor stepped in steady. Because of the quiet, everyone heard his steps.

The people felt a heavy pressure inexplicably.

“Celestial Dragons, here we are!” After a few steps, Madara said, was folding his arms and glancing down.

“Now, you can stand up!” Overbearing, brutal, he made everyone tremble.

“He’s here looking for the Celestial Dragons!”

“Oh, my God, that murderous look, what is he going to do?”

“This is a bad day…” People were whispering and were shocked.

They have never seen such a scene of someone shouting for the Celestial Dragons in all their lifetime.

All the people in the audience were looking at the front row.

The four Celestial Dragons sat side by side, and it seemed that they were still very calm.

Madara looked straight at them.

“Is it the Celestial Dragons?”

he suddenly jumped up, followed by a flying leap in a blink of an eye he was steadily standing in front of the four Celestial Dragons.

“You are the Celestial Dragons?”

When he saw the four people carefully, he looked grim.

Just four ordinary people? Even their physical quality is weaker than ordinary people!

“You who are you? Dare to call our names! “When the celestial Dragons saw Madara, the serious killing intent made them tremble.

“Although it was the first time I see you,” Madara said with a murderous look.

“But you are terribly disgusting!”

He took his kunai, then waved it…


The kunai flashed, It was almost instantaneous, and it had been covered again.

At this moment, seeing the falling of the Nobles bodies made the audience trembling.

The blood flowed down from their necks, wetting their clothes, dripping into the ground, creating a stream of blood.

“Died, died!!!” The host shouted in horror.

“The Celestial Dragons died!”

The whole audience was shocked. Some of the pirates were sitting there were shocked by this man.

It’s amazing! Somebody came here mainly to find the celestial Dragons and cut their head!

Who the hell is this guy? He dares to do such a thing.

“Weak as a chicken, this was disappointing!” Looking down coldly at the four celestials dragons in front of him, he said.

Ace was standing at the door; his mouth was open, did not know what to say.

Quickly and without hesitation, That is really his Sensei, seems to have learned something.

“I must be like my Sensei, a fearless man!” As he watched Madara do all this, Ace was thrilled at the moment.

“Quick, call the Marine!”

“Something serious has happened!” In the corner, the Celestials Dragons guardian said.

“Also, be sure to stop him from leaving. It’s best to catch him!”

“This person must die!”

A team of black-suited guards rushed out from all sides of the auction house and rushed toward Madara.

Ace leaped.

“Sensei, I’ll take care of them!”

With a loud roar, Ace rushed into them with a fist fire.

Madara watched the scene coldly.

“I heard that Celestials Dragons are strong!”

“I am Uchiha Madara, and I am here for a challenge.”

“any strong men here!”

All the people here were shocked.

“Is this man crazy? He killed the Celestials Dragons and didn’t escape. When the Marine arrives, he will die!”

“Madman, what a madman!”

“We have to go away right now. When the navy comes, we will be in big trouble!”

The pirates hiding all around got up quickly, and ran away. They look at Madara as if they saw a madman.

The guards of the Celestials Dragons were less than five, and Ace could easily defeat them.

Subsequently, Madara, Ace, and the Generals gathered together, and they were going to go out.

“Help, save me!” Just then, the mermaid in the tank was crying and screaming.

Ace was surprised and jumped onto the stage to carry the fisherman out of the fish tank.

“Sensei, does this a bomb collar around her neck?”

Madara was silent, leaped and just pinched, the collar bomb was easily crushed. In this scene, the hiding host covered his mouth in surprise.

The news spread quickly. In the Marine headquarters, Sengoku’s face had changed dramatically.


He hit the table hard.

“What did you say? Four Celestial Dragons were killed? !”

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